Do Millennials Have It Worse Than Baby Boomers?


Every generation has its stereotypes – from Baby Boomers to Millennials. The never-ending complaints about millennials being selfish, entitled, lazy and narcissistic as well as the caricatural image of Baby Boomers being unable to adapt to new technology and changing values. Do these images hold any truth? From college tuition and the workplace to priorities, values, and traditions – the real difference between generations might surprise you.



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  1. Don’t they have millenials/Generation Y from 1980-2000? The cut-off is having been alive to experience 9-11. There’s an overlap in ages with Generation Y and Z (around up till 2005 according to a few websites).

    The studies using the cut-off dates of 9-11, the use of mainstream internet/technology being common in all settings, and the 2008 Depression as the main markers.

    I think Generation Y and Z have a bit more financial issues/other worries like you said vs in the 1940’s-60:s:

    1. Tuition costs can be as much as a house vs. Tuition in the past (ONE class can be over $1000 in private schools/University)
    2. Contract workers vs. Fulltime (companies tend not to give full rights like they used too in order to turn a profit)
    3. High cost of housing vs. Low Pay (they haven’t raised the minimum wage in ALL states since the 1970’s)
    4. Student Debt (usually due to high cost of school and dorming)
    5. Global Warming (overall our seasons are hotter than in the 1950’s)
    6. Still recovering from the 2008 Financial Crisis/Depression
    7. Low minimum wage is as low as $8 in some states
    8. Bachelor’s Degree does not guarantee a job anymore
    9. We are still at War with other countries in the Middle East over oil/still using bombs over there, and could start a war with North Korea (over their misiles).
    10. Species Extinction of many endangered animals by 2050
    11. Deforestation of the Amazon (has fucked up the ozone layer)
    12. Robots (production arm robots) are taking over ALL factory jobs all over the world. Almost all factory jobs in the US are run by robots or production line machines. If you watch “How it’s Made”, many thing are automated/have only a few human workers, it’s mainly run by robots on a production line in big factories.
    13. Traffic is horrendous in big cities (vs. in the 1940’s-60’s you could drive right through big cities vs. 2 hour traffic).
    14. Overpopulation (it’s getting too crowded in many countries, we are already at 8 billion).
    15. Rising oceans, flooding many places will be underwater. We already lost some smaller islands in Hawaii
    16. Rivers, lakes, are drying up all over the midwest, south, and west US = more water rationing like in CA
    18. Health Insurance is not always guaranteed by your employer/Medicaid gives you only minimum care
    19. Owning a decent sized house/renting in big states is too expensive
    20. Getting married/kids is delayed or not done at all, because it cost a shitton vs. raising a family in the past (which you could do on one salary before)
    *There’s def more than this though 🙁

  2. $100,000 of high interest rate debt for school loans, having to have your children raised by daycare centers which costs thousands per month, the cost of living increasing and inflation not evening things out, the continuous going back to school after obtaining a degree, all sorts of requirements for your children that were not required 50 years ago etc. Almost every single child has a behavioral disorder now days and is put on expensive medications along with expensive therapy sessions. Having to work multiple jobs and not having enough time with the children you brought into this world. The depleted social security and retirement funds that most likely will not be around when we retire years from now. I think it is easy to see which generation will suffer the most.

  3. The guy that lives below me is 65 years old and a boomer, his whole day literally consists of smoking weed, walking to the drive thru and getting a 12 pack of beer to drink for the day and listening to classic rock really loud in his apartment until he passes out on the couch…he does this every day and I'm just not real impressed