Do You Remember Baby Boomers?


Many wish they could be considered in the group of baby boomers but they cannot. The baby boomer era started right after World War II when our boys came back from war, well you get the picture. Being born between the years of 1946 and 1964 you are in the elite club of the baby boomers. We wanted to change the world, bring peace and put an end to all of the prejudices that were so ramp it then. I believe it still exists today but in different forms. We wore peace signs, denied the Vietnam war, and protested almost everything. Free love became quit popular.

Were the baby boomers right in their beliefs? Yes we were. Were they wrong in their beliefs? Yes we were. We were extremely rebellious towards the government along with the clothes we wore and our ideas. Did it help shape America, you bet it did. Sadly today's kids are looking back at us baby boomers and want to be just like we were, but they can't, it doesn't work that way. We are an exclusive group and no one can copy us and our beliefs.

Where are the baby boomers now, well we are still working hard, raising our children and worry about retiring. We held firmly to our convictions but maybe now not so strongly. We have mellowed through the years and maybe that is a good thing. We still believe in mom, America and apple pie. We still abhor war in any fashion; we still set the trends on what is listened to on the radio and even the clothes the young kids wear. We still have a large effect on the economy. We re being blamed now for the economic downturn because we are starting to retire. Once again we are being blamed for something, oh that's alright as we are made of sturdy stuff.

Through the generations people have watched the baby boomers to see what we will do, and well they should as we have developed so many things in the past, such as computers, air travel etc, and we now control most of the financial resources, and more than half of the spending. You out there keep an eye on us baby boomers, as always we are a force to be reckoned with and we have been worth watching. We have gone to school, tried many different things and still come out smelling like a rose. Peace.

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