Don't just bash millennials — Baby Boomers don’t have a handle on their finances, too


Financial Post’s Awni Kalkat reports on why Canada’s millennials aren’t the only ones in need of a crash course in managing their personal finances

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  1. Effects of Edward Bernays consumerism, at it's best. Keep them wanting, keep them dumb. The carrot is fake, but the stick still hurts the same ?. I'm not surprised the information generation doesn't have a clue about things like mortgages, so few can afford to own a home. Let's educate them on what they can't have in life, maybe they'll try harder, right?

  2. i make good money, own a house on the west coast and still live with my parents and to grow my wealth……what i learned to to love saving money, love earning more (I still have a second job), love being frugal (I own a 10 yr old toyota) and being low key.