Economic Collapse By Demographic Decline, The Truth About The Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis


Economic collapse is inevitable due to the demographic decline in the US. The social security and pension systems we designed were made for a growing economy. Now with less than projected sales and growth we look for the source. When asked recently to compile my thoughts on the greatest risk our economy faced. The truth is the demographic trends that have been underway for some time place the current economy beyond sustainability. With the largest generation moving into retirement we are now seeing a massive transfer of wealth. Many believe social security isn’t going to be there for them when they go to retire. In fact studies show most Americans are unprepared for what retirement might mean for them. The collapse of the economy is inevitable and the current struggles about interest rates have little bearing on the true risk of economic collapse posed by the baby boomer retirement crisis.

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  1. I tried explaining to my parents about the economy collapsing it's blatantly obvious they seem to get upset and frustrated whenever I talk about it or whenever I play any video and they walk pass they start getting upset they don't want to hear the truth like most Americans we don't want to hear the truth they don't want to hear the good times are coming to an end

  2. I like this channel but you put too much emphasis on the generic numbers of the charts. What needs to be addressed is the income inequality. Everyone’s 401k were demolished right before retirement. Every 8-10 years there’s a recession. This cycle catches literally every generation that is ready to retire and forces them to work longer. NOW, we have pensions under attack due to “unfunded liabilities”. Sounds alarming and is a great catch phrase. But think about it… everyone in a pension is not going to retire at once with full benefits. Most pension funds are funded over 3-4 times more than what our Precious Banking System requires. Banks only have to have 10 percent in reserves! Crazy right?! Also the Pension system is the middle class economic engine. Retiree’s on pensions usually travel and spend. But the Banking industry will tell they spend less? Maybe the ones that spend less are in 401k’s because they are more at risk with stock market fluctuations, unlike pension funds. Pension funds do have risk but have certain restrictions on investments that are considered less risky. Then the final hammer to the head of the middle class is to pay less people less money to do MORE WORK. It’s Corporate Welfare transferring wealth from the bottom and middle class and then distract everyone with politics and it being unpatriotic to be against CAPITALISM. Which this system is not, it use to be called IMPERIALISM. Currently called ELITEISM (if that’s a word;)

  3. Who are we in debt to? We bailed out the banks. Who do we owe all of this money to when we fund the majority of the United Nations and money is not based on gold anymore or the fact that they manipulate the market. Who is it on planet Earth that we are in debt to? Where did this magical debt come from that we all have to pay? I never lived by credit so why do I owe anybody anything? Seems to me that were paying to live on the planet. Perhaps we should tell these Wicked corporations that we don't want their Commodities anymore and go back to living from the lands and provide what we need through our own hands instead of making somebody else rich and living on money that we don't have to begin with. If I get everything I need from the elements around me that comes from the earth instead of Manufacturers and corporations or government services then nobody can say I owe them anything or even need them for anything. If you want your power back then stop pulling yourself up to their table.
    Do you want to know what it's going to look like when you finally retire? You're going to live in Pack and Stack smart Apartments and be on work brigades with an RFID chip in your hands pulling a hundred hours a week for your Universal basic income and if you step out of line or even complain then your social credit score or points we'll go down and that will start cutting in to your Universal basic income because you will have to pay fines to get it back up to a high enough score that you can use any of the services. Learn to walk away from the system or this is your future

  4. Dear sir, there are very simple fixes for social security, actutarilly 10 % increase in taxes across the board, and 10% cut in the entire budget it is that simple. Your numbers accurately reflected, but you did not mention a lifetime of paying into the SS Fund, so it is not a benefit. That we have been dutiful responsible and paid our taxes is not now our problem, it is now yours. Hang those who spent our SS money on wars, deplete the families finances completely, of the guilty politicians EVEN IF NOW DECEASED. We paid for the white mans welfare system of employment in the defense industry. Millions of people. 1/3 of the federal budget goes to defense ? Why ? You see anybody walking into Russia recently ? We are not the problem.

  5. the problem with social security: The feds have raided [stolen] the money several times. We are paying benefits to illegal aliens who have contributed nothing to the system. We have too many US citizens drawing who never paid into the system. We have millionaires on social security. people scamming the system. Drawing money from a now dead mother/father. This is not a system that can survive. So they dole out a meazly 1% COLA every year or so.

  6. At age 6 we should teach sheet music & calculus. And we should force 7 year olds to buy a piece of land, and at 8 years old how to build & frame a house. Not enough time is spent building a house when your young. Once you can read sheet music and perform rudimentary calculus, and own a piece of land, and a house by the time your 13, then life will be better for you.