Economic Vampirism – How Boomers ROBBED Gen X (& Millennials)


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Intergenerational THEFT via Boomer Ponzi Scheming Economic Vampirism

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  1. My dad,who would be considered a baby boomer if he was born in the US, always said that nobody ever gives you something just because. If they do give you something, it's because they want you to return the favor.

    The baby boomers really did have it good if they were ignorant of such realities.

  2. gen x and millennialist, you ignorant sluts! You dare blame baby boomers for your inability to think? Yours is the first generations that have all the world's knowledge at your fingertips.
    I've been contributing into SS for 35+ years and have another 11 years before I see one dime of all that money. I will never collect near what I put in unless I live to be 100.
    Also, this post only shows the top cities of the world that have crazy land values, try Phoenix, Tucson, Charlotte etc., you can get nice homes for $150,000-200,000 and taxes are low. Stop being the victim generations.

  3. Overseas investment in our property market is what is driving up prices here in Australia… I know let's blame the baby boomers!

    Government taxes/levies/rates/fees are raping everyone's income… I know let's blame the baby boomers!

    Big business is using off shore companies to avoid paying taxes (and the Government doesn't care)… I know let's blame the baby boomers!

    Retirement ages have been moved to 70 years, more older people working longer, less jobs for young people… I know let's blame the baby boomers!

    Anyone else see a trend here? yeah it's called transference OR simply people can't help but blame their woes on others, a trait no less endemic in the Millennial

  4. Seems we have a whole generation with no understanding of the zio-nazi banking system which was foisted on the population of the US in 1913, without the public 's knowledge or consent. The 'national debt' is bogus. All such debts are phony, worldwide. If every country is in debt, to whom do we, as a planet, owe this money….Mars???

  5. Vent your anger at those responsible and if you think that's your parents or grandparents, you must be part of a wealthy banking family. Any Rockefellers or Rothschilds out there ? Schiffs? Warburgs? Oppenheimers? That's what I thought…..NEXT!!

  6. The whole Banking System would implode overnight IF all debts were paid. It is called Fractional Reserve Banking System and collateralized
    Mortgage Swaps are just one part of it. Do Not be naive this has nothing to do with different Generations it has to do with
    the day the Petro Dollar was implemented, and The Solomon Brothers bundling Mortgages into one Instrument. Please watch 'The Big Short'
    PS..Inflation is a scam, it is based on items you only use once in a while, such as toiletries, toothpaste etc. not Housing or food,
    real Inflation rate is 11 %, 400 percent in 25 years, Plane tickets only 10%, why because you use food and housing daily, not plane tickets,
    but even then Inflation is a made up concept, how in the world can merchandise from Walmart made in China by workers making
    an unbelievable small sum per day sent to us by ship and then sold to us create inflation…it is impossible
    but the profits of the top1% are through the roof. The way they get you to not look at what The Central Banks Policies are, is through
    conquer and Divide and that is exactly what is going on in this video!

  7. I'm thinking Japan hasn't joined the mass-immigration bandwagon for obvious nationalist interests.
    But they are a client "bitch" state of the U.S. They historically lost WWII to the U.S., the U.S. has large military bases right on Japanese soil, and can influence and impose blackouts and censorship on their media.
    If the U.S. wanted to, they could flood Japan with tons of immigration — it would ensure another repeat of WWII never happens again.
    But, I believe the U.S. is holding back (for now), as playing up Japans nationalism helps play off the asian countries with one another (and their historical conflicts and wars), and furthers geopolitical engineering to the U.S.' advantage.
    I believe South Korea may also be under U.S. influence — for much the same reason.

  8. I pondered this many times years ago. Older generations voted that their government get into debt to fund public programs, their pension funds bought all the government debt and future generations pay for their spendthrift gone by while they quietly retire.

    Add to that: future generations want less and less children or cannot afford them, so voting power is reduced with each generation. Older generations have all the money and voting power.

  9. 1) 70 years ago US population 141,388,566 now US population 322,762,018 that extra 181373452 people need a place to live that's why housing price is sky rocketing 2) 8 years of QE (money printing) also helped the housing price with interest rate around 2.5% borrowing cost is at historically low 3) there is not enough land — everyone wants a house, but we can't create more land

  10. Did the Boomers actively do this or was it merely what happened? In any case, Generation Z (2004-'24) seems set to become known as the Weak Generation, with their vast rates of autoimmune disorders, autism, etc. to such an extent that very few will be able to reproduce. Meanwhile most couples seem to prefer having a dog to having a child; admittedly all that most can afford.

  11. I enjoyed this video as I have all the other ones you made. My only bone of contention is that I don't think using "baby boomers" as something of a monolith is either helpful or accurate. What is true of American children, born of upper middle class families during the post war years is not true of children born of working or middle class families from the UK, let alone much of Europe. I'm what is called a baby boomer and I have three children, all of whom are Generation X. They have enjoyed lives with opportunities that I couldn't have imagined and they are all much better off than I from almost any perspective. I live in what they consider a state of poverty. Compared to owning your own house. having a great car and travelling to exotic locations twice a year, then I would indeed seem penurious. It's not fair to make statements about such diverse groups as we find in generations. You are pointing at those who had the opportunities and sadly the greed to make a mess of things. I take great solace and pride n the fact that I was a very loving and devoted son as well as a father and husband. Let's not start a generation war based on generalizations that are not applicable to so many.

  12. It's not all despair, although I agree emphatically with everything in this video. The key is to know how to outsmart the boomers and leverage advantages we in the younger generations possess that they don't to ride the predictable wave of Boomer selfishness.

  13. Another bubble set to collapse very soon is the college/university tuition bubble. I am surprised this wasn't mentioned at all in this video, as tuition increases that came since Gen-X' & Millennials' coming of age in the 1980s to 2000s have severely outpaced inflation.