Finding the Perfect "Money Tree"


A healthy growing money tree is really a business that you can do full or part time from your home. It has to be a business that will provide you with significant daily cash flow, a business that you can do with your skill sets. But most of all it has to be a business that is fun to do. I am not suggesting here that you will find a money tree that grows by itself producing huge amounts of cash deposited directly to your bank account. I know that the Money Tree Business is part of the One Hundred and Sixty Seven Billion Dollar, yes BILLION DOLLAR industry called network marketing. Before you dismiss reading the rest of this article, take a minute and finish reading, it could be a life changing moment that you will remember forever.

Make sure you answer the following questions honestly before you commit to any business. If you don't, you will be wasting your time and hard earned money, not to mention the frustration and bitter taste left in your mouth. Here are Seventeen questions that you need to ask yourself when evaluating an income opportunity (money tree):

Is the company solvent?
· How long have they been in business?
What experience does the management team have?
Does the company provide a product or service that people really want?
How easy is it to buy?
Is it good value for money?
Do they provide good customer service and support?
· How do they market their product or service?
Do you have to cold call and sell?
· How do they compensate there associates?
Can anyone do this business?
· What kind of training if any do they offer?
Will you get help from your sponsor?
· How long will it take to start making money?
Do they provide income stats and disclaimers?
Can you make good money and have fun?
Do you really want to do this business?

You see at the end of the day there are hundreds of income opportunities. To speed up your due diligence process, I suggest you make a short list of what interests you. First of all do you want to be involved with a product or service, or perhaps one that is both a product and service like the one I am in.

Check out the business that the person who sent you this is doing. Is that person someone you would like to partner with. How much help will they be in your success, is their success linked to yours? I believe in income streams and love the "Money Tree" I am growing. Click on my Blog for tips on wealth, business, branding and customer service.

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