For Baby Boomers – A Car is a Luxury That They Can Do Without!


Yes, that is true depending on just where you live, and where you work, and how you and your family uses the family car …

Many have talked about the price of gas in Western Europe and how much more it is in comparison with that of the US, but they do not tell you about other options they have for transportation. If you look at the size of a Western Europe and at the size of our New England states you will find that they are both about the same. Also, you will find that both have good transportation sources. Now look at most of the states west of the Mississippi and you will find a different transportation requirement. If you live in place like Montana, Idaho, North and South Dakota you will definitely have a different need for your car or truck.

Baby Boomers have definitely come to a crossroads in this country when it comes to our vAhicles, car specifically. With the price of gas, and the impact that it is having on us all, boomers need to think about our transportation requirements. We can buy a new car with better gas mileage and greater reliability. Or we can buy a used car with fewer miles on it and possibly greater reliability than the car that we are driving.

Boomers, would it surprise you to know that most of the car on the road today has better than 80,000 miles on the odometer and are better than 9 years old? It seem that American's are keeping they car longer then ever before. Now there are still are a number of Baby Boomers driving gas guzzlers. There are a number of factors that play into the reason for keeping the vehicle so long, but two definite reasons are price or expense of a new car, and the price of gas.

Buying a new car is out of the question, the main reason is the expense of having to make car payments for the next three years plus. Add to that the new car depreciation going out the door of the dealership. You could buy a used car. You have read the ads reading "used cars for sale", and you have seen the vehicle setting in someones front lawn indicating "used car for sale by owner". According to the National Automobile Dealers Association "it's important to buy a used car with a reputation for solid dependability, it's even smarter to buy a used car that is less popular with consumers, meaning it has depreciated more rapidly".

Consider domestic brands Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge. The reliability of US autos have improved within the last 10 years. Think about these brands that are getting high scores for reliability; and can save you quite a few dollars when it come to parts and repair in the future. Remember when looking for used models, the domestics can cost much less for a very similar product, making them when worth a check-out. You might want to know that Consumer Reports routinely grades the domestic premium brands as among the most reliable cars in the world. It should be noted that you should have the used vehicle checked out by a third party mechanic. Uses your local Crag's or Angie's list to provide this service. Even better Google "Used Car Certified Mechanic" for your local area or state.

As of today June 24, 2008 at the Moto Mart in Freeburg, IL (A quite suburb, Baby Boomers community, 30 miles east of St Louis) a gallon of reg gas is $ 4.13 a gallon. Now what idiot in his or her right mind would pay these high gas prices? That would be anyone trying to get to work or run a family an even a retiree. No one knows what gas prices will be a year from now. No one knows just how much of the family budget dollar will be eaten up by the price of fuel. An if you are on a fixed income the high gas prices are even worst.

One way that you could possible decrease the price of gas is to increase your gas mileage. Use a Hydrogen Generator to run your car on a mixture of both Gas and Water. Water electrolysis is the basis of this technology, and has been around since 1803. The Idea using water fuel has been in existence since that 1990's. Thousands or people have converted their cars to run on water and are achieving amazing results.

Before you put this out with the trash think of this. None of the above information on buying a car is necessary. Your car is not the problem, it is the cost of fuel and not knowing how much it will cost in the future. That is your main problem. Google for the information on Hydrogen Generator (HHO Car Kits) or for using water for fuel. Just read the information and check out the bulletin Boards. An excellent way to try the system is to get together with a friend, buy one those cheap used cars and install the system. Then run the car to see if it works … I know you can't teach old dogs new tricks!

Put this information in the back of you mind until the tough times hit …

The purpose of a car is not to get you from point A to point B. The purpose of a car is to get you from point A to point A and any points in between. Oh no! Where does your car set most of the time?

Again, Thank you for your time.

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