Fox 5 News Report: Generation Y vs. Baby Boomers


I represented Generation Y in this debate. Our generation is leading the change and going global faster than any generation. The news report states that 35% of our generation is not in college and a large number live at home with their parents. That is misleading because we do not choose to live with our parents or not attend college. Some of us cannot get jobs upon graduation or pay for college because of the economy. The baby boomers got us into this economic mess and our generation has the duty and burden to save our country. Baby Boomers can’t create the mess and blame us as we are suffering from their mistakes. We will have to work even harder to raise our kids, pay for their college tuition, and provide the same standard of living that the baby boomers enjoyed. The sad truth is that some of the boomers are also caught in this mess and we must all work together as a country. All the generations need to stop pointing fingers and start working together as Americans to steer the country in the right direction.

We have a good start… Google. Facebook. Paypal. Enough said.

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  1. From a Gen X'er raised by boomers – don't turn your back, Y's, cuz they'll rob you blind.

    Boomers were raised to beat communism – nothing else.
    How do you beat communism? By consumerism, of course.

    Go back and watch the TV these boomer basketcases were brainwashed by…
    It's no wonder they're naval gazing narcissists, even when their belly buttons are buried wrinkles and rolls.

  2.  baby boomers have destroyed any form of old age benefits after having contributed far less than they'll need. After the single largest population increase the planet has seen, they've gone out of their way to contribute far less than any prior generation ever has In terms of putting away for their own future, let alone for future generations and this twat-on-a-stick has the gall the Y generation slackers because  "INSTANT GRATIFICATION".

  3. This guy is obviously full of shit y'all but think about this… Someday one of us is going to be sitting in the same chair Allen Levine is sitting in spewing out the same bullshit he is because we'll be old and out of touch with the youngest generation. It's a rotating cycle that never ends haha. 

  4. the baby boomers (only the earlier ones, not the ones who are practically gen xers), are the most entitled generation in history. they had everything handed to them by their parents, whined and threw it in their faces by protesting and doing excessive drugs and then had it made in the corporate world and changed all the rules there. what happened to pensions, job security, patriotic corporations that kept jobs in their home country? ask a baby boomer because they got rid of all of it!

  5. if gen y had the same opportunities they would be considered the best gen ever it's very hard to earn money when there is no money to be had. last time i looked gen y did not create the system as it is.The  boomers were the most initialed not to mention the worst parents ever did more drugs than any other gen and still run there mouth about a situation they can not understand.If they were so smart they would have figured out a way to not use all earths resources. why don't they try working hard only to find they are working for scraps left by a greedy older gen that bitches about having to put new hard wood floors in there second home they can't see past there noses assholes!!

  6. the douche bag in the beginning of the video for the baby boomers, theres no team work , well me and my biddies at 18 years old kick the shit out of the republican guard in Iraq in 20013 in 2 weeks, but it was the baby boomers who were the generals and higher ups that kept us and brought us there in the first place

  7. People who don't see this coming generational war are blind.  The baby boomers are the greediest, most entitled parasitic generation in human history.  The typical boomer walked straight out of high school and got a job with no experience that paid roughly 40-50k a year when adjusted for inflation in today's dollars.  These are the people who unleashed feminism on society and destroyed the family with  no fault divorce. The boomers abused every drug on Earth, yet saw fit to imprison millions of people for using the same drugs they did.  They shipped all the "bread winner' jobs to china, busted up the unions and ran up 17 trillion in debt.  The baby boomers refused to workout and treated their bodies like trash, yet now they have the audacity to ask for younger people to pay to subsidize their healthcare.  The boomers essentially stole their kids and grand kids future.  The used up 3 generations of wealth in one generation.  College educated people are expected to work for minimum wage according to boomers while they got everything with a high school diploma.  The boomers are going to the grave proving just how arrogant and self centered they are….they are willing to bring America down and destroy society because they are not willing to accept the costs of their decisions.

  8. Love how the person they are asking as a professional commentator on the issue is the owner of Mario's Pizza House, yea that's where you find motivated, intelligent leaders of America, working part time for minimum wage after putting 30K into a college education and fighting overseas…..

  9. Yea its easy for ppl to gang up on an individual and that's what's happening here. Look you have one man in a nice expensive suit. And a man in a cheap ugly suit. One man who had high ambitions an open mind. And accomplished what he set out to do. And another man who Runs a pizza shop. Who is very closed minded.and prob only got the pizza shop because he saw an opportunity.

  10. I'm "entitled" to a gov't that doesn't go to war on false pretenses and then end up wasting 3 trillion on most things including filling up Dick Cheney's old company, Haliburton. I'm "entitled" to being treated like a human being, not as some replaceable clog or screw. I'm "entitled" to a the truth…OLDER GENERATION SCREWED USA UP and WALL STREET SWINDLED EVERYONE ELSE, and gen-Y is blamed?

  11. As if the past generations never did that. I'm not making excuses here. All I'm saying is that there is little difference between generations from a psychological perspective. The flaw of this theory that all of a sudden today's generation becomes a generation of slackers. If the past generations were so competent, then we wouldn't have this problem.

    EVERY generation was viewed the way today's generation was viewed at one point. Study media on youth from the past and you will see.

  12. We are changing,you may be a boomer but I'm talking about the boomers who became yuppies & I'm talking about how the baby boomer generation destroyed the fabric of society. I have a great love for the greatest generation,my father was born into the silent generation & he faced real hardship. In the mountians of V.A,my uncle is still around & he agree's with me about the baby boomers.

  13. I blame the baby boomers for the social ill's they caused my nation & the rampant consumerism that is part of the reason why this country. Is in so much debt,and ofcourse they are the first generaton to fall into decadents,Steffon said it much better about the boomers. Then I could say!

  14. This baby boomer was using The Greatest Generation as an example of comming together for a war, wtf. WWII was NOT the baby boomer's war; Vietnam was. A lot of these boomers who bash the Y generation were former hippies in their day. There' was nothing more selfish than a spoiled upper middle class collage grad. who hated the "materialistic" culture their parent's busted tale to provide them and decided to go live out west on the land that they knew nothing about. I have them in my family, btw.

  15. Truth there. Making a better life for oneself is a great thing to do, as well as learning from ones own mistakes. It just seems crazy that people tend to ignore the mass exodus of production jobs to other countries. This trade imbalance, and the current system of unimaginable amounts of debt cast on the people just to keep the music playing will not last forever. Will the next generation be better off than the previous ones?