Gen X to Baby Boomers: STEP UP!!!


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  1. The goal of education in the US has been to prepare citizens for participation in the management of their country. To this extent public funding should be used since the public is the beneficiary. Once students are prepared for their role as citizens, they should be prepared for their role in the economy. This can be done in trade schools, professional schools. Since business benefits from having good workers, it should fund this education, as is done in Germany, Australia which have good records in doing so.

  2. ob1kanob, to my ? how could clinton of been endorsed by the NEA? Another ? How could 12 to 15 upper class men, every one of which I asked, not Know the signifagnace of Memorial Day , the day after? To become citizens. You make me laugh, then cry. Have you ever read The Diliberate Dumbing down of America? Or any of Antony Suttuns work regarding "education" Sir your funny. Not worthy of tears. History is the key; Like a coin there are two sides.On one is the emage of the emporer struck with out blimish, the other depicks an entirly different sene. Such is the case with "history" After all the victor, our owners write it. who owns us. Gary