Got A Problem? Try The Baby-Boomer!


A commercial for your favorite generation!

Starring Courtney Paige Barnett & Elizabeth Hayhurst!

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  1. Re edit this. Those first 3 cuts happen in the space of 1 second at the start of your piece. The viewer has no time to orient and the pace of those cuts is break neck. It doesn't chill out til the 8 second mark where you arrive at an editing pace that is more appropriate for the type of parody you're doing (commercials). Pace the front half like the back half and this becomes way more watchable. Let the piece breathe a bit and it'll play better.

  2. I used the baby boomer and it told me it was my fault for killing the laundry industry and that I should get a job and be happy with the fact it's not a living wage and my benefits are next to nothing and can disappear in a heartbeat, but I'm ungrateful for wanting more than the scraps they left behind after they salted the earth and ruined the economy.