Here's Why You Must Never Quit


Here's a quick lesson on why one should never give up if someone tells them "No".

I love to use sports analogies … and here's a good one that I heard by Jim Rohn, I'll just add my twist to it.

In major league baseball, if you bat.300 or more, you're guaranteed a multi-million dollar contract. What does.300 equate to? It simply means that every ten times at bat, you are out seven times. To put it in terms of the business world … out of every 10 people that the player speaks to, 7 will reject him / her and only only 3 will tell them yes.

Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees, recently signed a 10 year 300 million dollar contract. What was his batting average? It was.314. In other words, every 10 times he faced a pitcher, he was rejected 7 of those times.

The bottom line … Yes 3 times + No 7 times = 30 million dollars a year. I would like to also add the fact that you must become proficient in your field … study the craft and above all … develop yourself. Personal development is the key to any progress.

When you learn to look at rejection in practical terms … you should not be disappointed with the word "No".

Rejection is not an easy thing, but remember the reason the word "Yes" exists is because of the word "No".

Remember, it does not matter whether you're in a Multi-Level marketing company, as I am … or if you're in a corporate environment, or if you simply want to do volunteer work, this principal applies.

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