Hippies In Baby Boomers – Researching Their Clan?


Many baby boomers would prefer forgetting that the watershed movement which was gave the definition of the personality of the generation of baby boomers was the frame of time dominated by hippies, for want of an apt word. That period of time, which looks to be somewhat antiquated and quaint now, had power that was tremendous during the mid sixties to late sixties, wherein, it carried the impact of large social change and also a very big shift in the morality and consciousness of the public with it. Therefore, even though it is a time which causes embarrassment for the boomers, it forms majority of the history of boomers and deserves respect for it.

The fact is that all boomers weren't hippies. The hippie movement, like many other cases, had a large media coverage, however, represented a small percentage of the population of baby boomers then. Very few people in that age group joined "tune in, drop out, turn on" group of hippies. However, as the hippies were a group of people who were eccentric, colorful, sinful and flamboyant, the interest of the public were titillated by them whenever there were public spectacles that were brought on by hippies.

Even though the hippies were less in number, their culture contributed to a lot towards changes in the society. That was partly because there was general discontentment due to the Vietnam War, and so, when this movement was linked with antiwar movement, there was a perfect mix that there was not distinction at all. It also brought very big changes in the youth culture that was created because of emergence of new style of music and changes in lifestyles and also the worldview which was promoted by the new leaders of culture and giving you the hippie movement's formula for becoming the large shift of the generation's social values.

Instead of just looking at hippies with little amusement and disgust, it would be better if this important past of ours is reviewed and the good that was left by this part was noticed. While from the outer surface it would look like the hippies are being associated only with use of drugs and free love, the movement, in itself was grounded for a tremendous sense of morality, value and social responsibility.

The youth movement held a mirror to the society at that time and demanded that it was looked into. Also, it held the public figures responsible for the actions that were done against the good of the public. It was, for sure, a revolutionary and made the public scrutinizing and demanding more than ever, which is actually good.

Threads of philosophy and ethics were very strong in the hippies' society. It was different from the America the world had gotten used to. It was based on fierce devotions to wrong and right the counterculture or hippie movement. Also, hippies and societies that were associated with it were known for fearlessness and uncompromising willingness along with their commitments towards their values. They put their selves on the line so that their values ​​were made into policies of the public. This element was the one that made the culture so famous. As youth movement was ready to make flamboyant statements that emphasized their ethical, political or moral outrage and demonstrate them, changes like never before can be bought about in the country.

The counter culture that emerged in the sixties put, in the people's hands, the power to change and agreed perfectly with what was wanted for America, by the founders and also a thing for which we can all be thankful for the hippies for returning it to our society.

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