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It doesn’t take a fashion maven like Iris Apfel to clue you in to the latest reappearance of retro style. And it won’t take the Hubble Space Telescope to spot it either. Big bold earrings are back.

What makes something old new again is that the Millennials and GenXers donning them have no memory of Cyndi Lauper and the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” behemoth-bijou earrings.

BIG earrings.roundpeacock.betsey.johnson.JPG

Abstract peacock earrings by Betsey Johnson, $58

“I remember when big earrings resurfaced around 2000, and that’s when my love for them started,” said Kevyn Winters, a 30-year-old artist expecting her first child this spring. She recalls the squelching of her fashion spirit during her high school years when the dress code specifically banned earrings longer than chin-length. Today, Winters’ free expression favors earrings four to five inches long.

“I have no size limit when it comes to earrings,” said Winters, who likes that her simple pregnancy style can be enhanced with bolder accessories.

For baby boomers, these resurrected lobe ornaments come with memories of the era of glitz and punk: the big-hair, big-shoulder styles of Alexis and Krystle Carrington in the TV-drama “Dynasty,” the music scene when Madonna was “Like a Virgin” and the once sought-after designer fragrances: Opium, Obsession and Poison.


Mod Resin Bullseye Drop earrings. Rachael Adamiak, $250  

In the ’80s, bold earrings were known as chandeliers, shoulder dusters or just big bijou. Today, they’re just called statement earrings. They are long and linear (in the Oscar de la Renta spring show, tasseled versions fell a couple inches below the clavicle) or colorful and wide (bright floral shapes at Rodarte) or space age and sculptural (shiny metals in fluid or geometric shapes from Chanel and Armani).

But one of the biggest advantages of this retro fashion is that matching earrings are no longer required. Mismatched, or just one dressed lobe (as favored in the Valentino spring collection) sharpen the edge on this jewelry trend.

BIG mismatched.earrings.tiger.betsey.johnson.JPG

Tiger earrings (mismatched) by Betsey Johnson, $58

Not everyone will decorate their earlobes to the max, but the bigger-is-better trend is likely to grow for women in search of a new trend or a fashion flashback.

Chin-length might be daring for some, while others will take the opportunity to go to all lengths, making accessories, as Michael Kors once called them, the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.


Mod Resin Chandelier earrings by Rachael Adamiak, $310

Earring Trends

BIGGER IS BETTER: Outlandishly long dusters, dramatically oversized closer-to-the-ear shapes, sculptural designs to frame the face.

PLAY HOOPS: Faux tortoiseshell and crescent shapes as an option to circular hoops.

COLOR PLAY: Bright and bold styles in metals (gold is back), enamel, plastics and woven materials.

COASTAL CUE: Shells, beads and coral — all things beach are the new bauble for your ears.

ONE EAR: Wear an eye-catching earring on one lobe for cutting-edge asymmetry (now you and a friend can split a pair), or mismatched your earrings.  

AMEN: Thank the fashion gods that you have fresh fodder for new selfies.

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