How Are Millennials Different From Other Generations?



Right now, Millennials are between the ages of 15 and 34. This year, they are set to outnumber the baby boomer generation, which is in decline. Are Millennials set to take over the world?

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Millennials and the Future of Electric Utilities
“In the past several years there has been intense discussion over the future of the electricity industry, centering on how existing utilities will adapt and evolve as they confront numerous transformational challenges.”

Marketers Are Sizing Up the Millennials

“Millennials have been called a lot of names. Narcissistic, lazy, indecisive.”

American generations through the years
“Though there is consensus on a general time period for American generations, different sources use varying dates to mark their beginning and end.”

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  1. I am pissed to be part of the Gen Xers (early gen X late 40s) because we were the generation of latch key kids — we took care of ourselves while both parents worked, we did not have the tech of today and, I personally believe we had two great decades — the 80s and 90s. That said, I am pissed because we are the ones raising this generation, including myself. I have a son — he is of course a millennial, but does not act nor can he stand the majority of his peers. He is indeed in the minority, but he and I believe that is a good place to be. I know many of you are the same and I do not mean to sound like I am painting with a wide brush. That said, WTF are wrong with you Xers raising a bunch of PC pussies?

  2. The most lazy generation ever! but the most manipulated and lied to generation , unfortunate this generation is in the dumpster , you cant buy yourself a education , you need to study hard and work hard for it , and if you find yourself with no job then maybe you should have been smarter and picked a different field, ohh yea blame the rich!!(Berny sander supporters ) Millennials don't take any responsibility , millennials need to be more like (The Greatest Generation) hahaa joke WE NEED MORE YOUTUBE CHANNELS!!

  3. I was expecting Gen Z to save the world from a doomed Millennial dominated planet… than I saw Gen Z is glued to Minecraft commentaries, Pewdiepie and they literally eat glue.
    as a failed Millennial I was told I was hopeless because my attention span was about 45 minute… those Gen Z fuckers, they can't even play a video game for more than 5 minutes. they are doomed, and now when I'm in a position where I begin to hire some of them, booooooy do they make terrible employees!
    btw Gen X is the real self masturbatory circle jerk of the generations, they even call themselves the "forgotten generation", yeah real hardcore buddies, you were pessimistic about the American dream? pfttt… we Millennials realized it was horse shit the moment we stepped in middle school. everything we need to do is imagine a really poor Adam Sandler with a lot of debt and understand what real typical Gen X material really is, yeah… stay classy!

  4. The greatest generation fought in ww1, the Silent gen fought the nazis, millennials didn't start until 1985 and ended in 2005, and it's only early mid millennials (1990-1998) who are increasingly liberal and less religious, the rest of the millennials are quite diverse.

  5. LOL I'm so glad people think of my generation as weak. It means I can knock people over without them even expecting it if they try to cross me. If people underestimate you, they're unprepared for what you can dish out :D