How Boomers Were Taught to Hate (Themselves)


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  1. Ya but regular people dont see the subtle statments in movies or anything else for that matter. The boomers hate themselves for thier whiteness? I thought it was the millennials, i dont see to many older people saying this shit. If you are part of the left and that atmosphere then thats where it comes from.

  2. They’re not “Woody Allen” Jews, they’re SECULAR ANTI AMERICAN SOCIALIST/COMMUNISTS who happen to be Jewish. There’s a monster difference. Case in point, Hollywood may be “run by Jews”, but it’s quite nearly 100% Pro Palestinian. Lots of factions at war here.

  3. I lived in the U.S for a year in Georgia State for education. Being the home of "rednicks", I was really shocked of what I found. I was never harassed or bullied or felt I was not welcomed by those "evil racist whites". I never expirienced culture shock cause those evil white Georgians accepted me to their homes and families so I never felt alone. They even helped me when I rented an apartment to live by providing me free furniture and kitchen stuff. They never treated me as an inferior or criticized my religion (Islam). The hardcore religious people tried to convince me to convert to christianity but I was never bothered by that cause their motive is to save me from hell which is a noble and appreciated motive regardless of whether their or even my beliefs are right or wrong. They never pressed me to convert or even criticized my religion. I thought was unlucky to go georgia especially that my friend went to New York. I went back home having many great friends who help me till now 10 years after I left the U.S. My friend was depressed most of the year due to social isolation. I still hate the U.S administeration but the great people of Georgia taught me that people are people in any country and when a government is evil, not only people of other countries are suffering from that government but more likely its people as well.

  4. There is an added motivation for this film when you consider that the antichrist is prophesied to be of Jewish descent. This film, from that view, is like the planned NWO in miniature – the antichrist inflicts his "benevolent" plan of prosperity and justice (ie. communism that brings "just" wages) and the world falls in love with him. He undermines Christianity in favor of "enlightened" secular humanism. Families are dismantled or dysfunctional, and marriage to the state replaces real love and marriage. Thanks for all of your great videos.

  5. Had a guy in the city tell me one time I was cool cause I wasn't racist like most typical Red neck people from the country. That struck me as ignorant most of the people I grew up with were not racist. Whites, blacks, and Hispanics all grew up together in the same schools and churches. We love jews cause they were gods people and Jesus was a jew. I don't know where they get the plantation stuff, there are not any plantations around where I live they're all long gone years ago if there ever where any around my town in the first place. All of this kind of stuff people think about country folks is just kinda stereotypical.

  6. I found an inspiration in Norma Rae, as a young woman. Now, as a older, wiser, person, my eyes see differently. Hollywood truly has been sculpting minds for many, many years. The more I watch with a different lens, the more, I see. This illustration of subtle direction, was well played. I’d love to see more of such work. Clear, concise, and subjective. Good job. Thank you.

  7. Wow, what a condescending load of poz shot straight to the eyeballs. It's amazing to see how much poz there was even in those days. Here are a few other pozzed up movies from yore:

    -Deliverance (interestingly enough, not a product of the tribe as far as I can tell)
    -Harold and Maude
    -Silent Runnings

  8. I noticed he shook her hand with his left hand. In cultures with no toilet paper, they wipe their ass with the left hand, so its considered rude, disrespectful to use left hand. Maybe it was a subtle insult. Or shaking with your right hand is to show no weapon or peace. So it could be a subtle “no peace” in the movie.

  9. Well done white people have been so poorly represented far to long funny how us dumb whites created the greatest society in history and yet we are portrayed as the greatest problem with the world its Christian whites that should be proudest of our history but sadly we have lost our faith in God and now we will suffer for it

  10. Excellent synopsis!
    They place identifiable characters and cultures then spark it with prejudice. That line about horns clashed with the fact southern boys became men when laying down their lives to save the Jews in prison camps.

    Another script rings sadly true today –
    Broadcast News held same plot. Dumb good looking white guy needs jewish guy to make him a success.
    Now the Christians (Blacks included) sell their souls & liberties appearing as Broadcast fool's for short term greed.

  11. I decided to watch an old movie the other day… black and white film… don't remember what it's called. It was a pretty good story line. But it didn't take long to find out that the only evil guy in the whole film turned out to be a German soldier wanted by authorities for war crimes in Germany. He killed a man; someone he knew in Germany who had become a Christian. He wanted the evil German man to turn from his evil ways… and ended up dead for fear of being found out. Even his wife's dog was killed because he sniffed out the body. He even planned to kill his wife. They portrayed German soldiers as men who just can't seem to help but be ruthless killers. At first I wanted to stop watching it. But I decided to keep watching it to really see how much control Hollywood has had on us. And they have. They've created our heroes for us. They've rewritten history. Public school indoctrination has gone right along with this doing the same exact thing.

  12. Sally Field’s character is a metaphor for Liberal American women who are “with her”, vote Democrat, wear vagina hats, and in their naïveté, betray their families, their culture, their religion, their race, in favor of the smarmy (((outsider))) who rolls into town, or appears on her TV screen live from NY or LA. Sally Field is just as repulsive in real life as her character in (((Norma Rae))). She set her own son up with another man….a mother enabling her sons sodomy. Here it is.

  13. The ignorance and hate started long before the vintage cellulose creation, that met your criteria to critique, no, it started in the mid to late to 1700's when the FAKE Jewish showmen, grubbed pennies, for worthless elixirs and cure's, just like the pharmaceutical companies of today, as they descended upon america.
    Marion Morrison a.k.a John Wayne made a fortune pretending to be someone, he wasn't well, except a well known racist.
    The movies allowed him to fight, shoot or kill the people's he hated in real life.
    Do a review of D.W. Griffin's 1915 cinematic extravaganza, about unrequited love and how a Great Country was saved from total ruin.
    Look where it is Now.