How Parents Of Baby Boomers Felt About Their Kids


As many of my subscribers know, this is a clip from my 6 part PBS documentary series, making sense of the 60s. I loved talking with experts and authors and parents who raise kids at the time where I was a kid. I learned a lot. Most of this section is about the experience that parents had in white middle-class America. Another section of my documentary deals with the experience that black parents and black kids had.

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  1. 1:22 "has come an awareness that Children are real people" lol… That quote makes you realize how disrespectful most 'adults' were to their kids in the past (and still today) that children weren't even seen as 'real' people capable of any cognitition, and were just seen as property. Imagine how far these generations have put us behind in scientific advancement by not recognizing the intelligence of their child. It's been shown that children are capable of having literal genius level IQs and have mastered college math classes that most adults can't, etc.

  2. I like watching old video footage and photographs because people's faces always look different from today or other times. People in 1950's pictures have a different "type of face" than people in 1910's pictures and so on. Almost like every decade humanity gets a graphics patch.

  3. 6:27 It's funny, if you Google "you can't get a man with your brains," the lyrics to the song she's talking about show up in a PDF file of a Smith College newsletter from 1958. And the song does start out with that verse about not getting a man with your brains, but as the song goes on, it turns into a song about how you don't NEED a man when you have brains. It's brought up in this video as an example of women not being given opportunities at the time, but the song actually ends up being about how you make opportunities for yourself through learning!

  4. Exactly. Girls can enter any career now versus then and they still choose low income jobs and lame majors in college and then complain about wage gaps. Oh you should have seen the wage gaps back then when women could only work like 4 diff jobs

  5. I’d never thought about “my generation” until i saw someone lay it out as such: I graduated high school in 2008, which means 9-11 happened when I was in elementary and the longest war in American history began. By this time the political class of corporatist was settled in and their system of lobbying was established so political changes were made more difficult than ever. I’m 2008, the year I graduated, the Great Recession happened, the worst economic down turn since the 30s. Wages had stagnated and didn’t keep up with production nor account for productivity, its calculated that of minimum wage had kept up with these factors it would be about triple it’s current wage of $7.75 to $21.50. College tuition raised by over 1000% in the last three decades with a corresponding student loan debt of OVER $1,000,000,000,000 (a trillion) in the US alone. Previous generations did not have their individual sovereignty violated by the fed and state governments with the war on drugs, which now accounts for I think 1/8th of all prisoners on earth being imprisoned in America for drug related charges. There is a corresponding pharma epidemic in the US that has led to the deaths of more people than automobile accidents and smoking combined. There is also the environmental issue of climate change, which was directly spawned from the excesses and short sighted greed and wastefulness of past and current generations. There are some very positive trends, but those trends are generally irrelevant to the average American. We are still in the top 1% of the globe economically. Violent crime is at an all time low. Literacy is at an all time high. Democracy has spread to more countries than ever, wars are at an all time low (hard to believe I know). And I thinks Steven Pinker said we have only recently reached a new era for human civilization where there are now for the first time more people killing themselves than there are people killing eachother. Not sure what to make of that, but I’d certainly rather choose my own death than have it forced upon me by someone else. We also have dank memes and technology in the average pocket and home in America that makes Cleopatra and Caesar look like phillistine hobos. So, it’s a wash haha

  6. Hi David, another great presentation that brings me back to "safer" times and enables me to understand the different path that my own children took despite being raised by Baby Boomer parents. Could you please, tell me when this interview was produced. Thank you again for sharing your library with the community, Ciao, L

  7. In the 50s, if only the MAN went to work, you could survive and prosper. It was an entirely different economy in the cost of living for all the basics was very cheap. This is something they never take into consideration when they try to compare themselves to today's millennials. Both parents working 40 hours a week is not enough to keep up in this rat race for much of the pay level jobs available. Not to mention the cost of healthcare today. I'm a baby boomer and I would be scared to be graduating from high school or college today, hoping to be able to make it on my own, so therefore I never blame the millennials it's like comparing apples to oranges

  8. So what I get from this is that 50s America had seen unprecedented wealth and opportunity, and that the kids who grew up in that became entitled. Coupled with extra leisure and income, parents also became more concientous of their kids' upbrining and turned to physchology for answers. But this new suburban way of life left a lot to be desired and created a generation of young adults bereftof clear direction and immersed in a cultural existencial crisis.

  9. Unfortunately, both generations sold out in a sense. The country was put on a terminal path for collapse through decades of self-centered and shortsighted decisions in which the following generations, X millennials etc, have had to ride down without the benefit of any intact controls to alter its course. A corrupt political system, core values just as corrupted, and a financial sector so bloated in the debt of a fiat currency run wild and "imaginary" Wall Street wealth there is no hope of ever recovering.