How The Baby Boomers Will Lose Their Retirement Nest Egg


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  1. I'm definitely hoping the trap door doesn't give way until I exit the states. I feel very strongly that it will set off this year with hyper-inflation. When the dollar is worthless, only the upper 1% will have access to necessities like – private security, municipal water, fresh food. The rest of us will have to fend for ourselves while staving off the nomadic,hungry, heavily armed gangs.

  2. Thanks for the video, enjoyed it.
    This Boomer retired at 58, we dug ourselves the fuck out of debt, holding cash, stocks and PM's.
    The debt jubilee will be here soon, all our banks are readying and planing on it are you?….I am.
    A chance of a life time is coming…. are you positioned for the beat down of PM's them a massive run up and up as soon as all the weak players are devastated and our trillions in inflation has no where to go……Hit Hint..

  3. August 1971 …
    The recession begins as the System abandons sound currency for money printing .
    The purchasing power of our Medium of exchange is deminishing over time . … That is a recession all day every day .

    When will this 40 year recession end ? How ?

    Let's put it this way ,
    The federal Reserve will not be around to see it . So they have nothing to do with the outcome .

    It's going to look different …
    Currently , The Federal Reserve represents 100% of the Value of the Medium of exchange . No Central Bank … no Central Bank Iou's … No Minimum Wage , in fact ,. No wage at all . This course is an error in judgement that is self resolving . They can't. Make us want or be loyal to the Central Bank . So we will invariably choose a medium of exchange that is a store of Value over Time in which to sell our time .

    My Time is worth more than J Powell's Iou's And I Know it .

    Your time is worth more than J Powell's Iou's and you know it .

    Why is their a Financially motivated third-party between us ?

    " Imagination "

    Thanks for all you do kind sir .