How To Lemon Drop Baby Boomer Acrylic Nails + Real Time Speed & Talkthrough


Hey lovelys hope you enjoy the video thanks so much for watching!! Products used below:


(Sponsored) Products used:

#10 oval kolinsky brush
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(Purchased By Me) Products Used:

ASP Dehydrator
Tammy Taylor Nail Primer
Tammy Taylor Pinkest Pink
Artisan Yellow Acrylic

ASP Clear Acrylic
No lift nails nail liquid
Drill bit from
80/80 Blackwood File
100/180 Sponge Buffer from Organics Nails
IBD UV/LED top coat gel Unichrome Powder
Enail Couture Cotton Candy Cuticle Oil

Song: Valence – Infinite [NCS Release]
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  1. I'm so jealous of this! I've been practicing a couple times a week and can't wait to get this good. I'm still trying to master applying the acrylic. Progress has been made but I've still got a ways to go. I don't know how much of it is my skill or the quality of the products I'm using.

  2. Now you said that the stuff can cause contact dermatitis, I have been wondering why a lot of people in the videos, looked as if their cuticle area was sore and inflamed. Your the first person who addressed this and if I was in your a and wanted my nails done, I would go to you because you obviously know your stuff and you explained about the dermatitis. I think I would trust you more than a lot of the other people on here. I would imagine that there is a certain degree of stress on the nailbed due to the length anyway but you are the only one I've seen who explained this.

  3. No, you're perfectly eloquent, I just think that you are more up-front about any problems that may occur and you explain yourself really well. I think your customers are lucky to have you doing their nails as I am sure that many people who do nails are not as qualified and experienced as you. I would hope if I ever get mine done, that I get someone as honest and good at their art as you. I have medium long natural nails and I do a little bit of nail art using a variety of colours and glitters and use net and stuff for texture effects. ..I tend to match my eye makeup or my lipstick effects with my nails. ..I've got lime green fading into orange with an iridescent topper today but it depends on my mood and if I have broken any as I make jewellery and that's why I don't get my nails done…but after listening to you, I would check out the salons, if I have a special occasion and if they don't make the same points as you I will give them a miss.
    It's really nice to see people with integrity like you.