How to Name a Newborn Baby


This article enumerates the steps involved in selecting a baby name. Also it helps to correct the name by giving numerology guidelines. While selecting a baby name both astrology and numerology principles are to be applied.
Based on the date of birth, time of birth and birth place a horoscope is made for the baby. In that horoscope, we have to find out the star position of Moon. There are 27 stars as per Hindu Astrology. These stars are further sub-divided in to four quarters each. Thus we can locate the exact quarter in which the Moon is placed in a horoscope.

All Hindu Almanacs have guidelines to choose the starting letter of the baby name based on the star position of the Moon in the baby horoscope. Thus we can get various names starting with that recommended letter from internet. Out of these names we can filter and short list for the next step.

In Numerology, based on birth date, we can find out the baby birth number. For example., Those born on 1,10,19,28 will have their birth number as 1. Similar to other dates also we can find out the birth number.

Then we can apply the number equivalent to each of the alphabet in the short listed names and arrive at the total name number. Thus we can correct the name by changing the alphabets suitably so that we get the total name number similar to the baby birth number.

We can thus choose a baby name by applying both astrology and numerology principles. We have given below the number equivalent to each of the English alphabets for your ready reference.

BKR = 2
CGLS = 3
DTM = 4
EHNX = 5
UVW = 6
OZ = 7
FP = 8

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