How to Profit Off of the Baby Boomers


A young man logically concludes the Baby Boomers have the most wealth and money, but how do you profit off of them. Cappy comes up with some ideas.
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  1. Female baby boomers are the worst. "Have a baby! It doesn't matter if you're single and not financially stable. It'll work itself out!" " It's okay to have sex with a lot of men. That's why there's birth control!" "Travel now. Saving money doesn't matter." ~70 year old 4 times divorced bitter woman.

    This video is great.

  2. I've thought about his. Make communal housing where old people go to live until they die that is not an "assisted living" facility with staff. The residents have to help take care of each other, the younger 60 -70 year olds look out for the older 80-90 year olds when someone is sick, healthy ones help out the feeble ones, etc. Like a commune but they all have their own private spaces and several large communal spaces where they can congregate. This eliminates the tremendous cost of assisted living and provides them with social interaction to combat loneliness and the fear of dying alone. Lots of little old ladies out there that need male help around the house that can't afford it. Old hotels or motels could be bought cheap and fixed up and rented out at a reasonable cost.