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  1. Ollies right. It's not hard to get a degree. It is difficult to get straight As though. I would ask to look at her transcripts lmao see how she reacts XD hey, i majored in Sociology and it was so easy. Literally got straight As. Got maybe one C for history of the USSR lol the teacher was a total narc. But seriously it's easy af to get a degree. I went to a top research school too, not some ratchet job lol some majors are easier than others though. Generally anyone with a degree in the BA programs probably slacked off. Probably the hardest majors are the hard sciences. Even then you just have to be good at math and memorizing. Most degrees these days don't require any real critical thinking skills. Schools are simply diploma mills. For instance I've never met a single engineer who could actually explain to me what they really do lol in fact, a lot of engineers don't even have degrees and are are just skating by in life making bank. You just need connections. we live in narc world where a piece of paper means more than hard work. Work hard and you can make it anywhere. Ollie built this channel from the ground up. You just gotta have an idea and good work ethic like him and you can make money from your passions. Most people don't even get a job related to their degree. I always tell people think hard about whether or not you wanna fork over that cash for a diploma. Are you studying because you're passionate about the subjects? Then go for it by all means! But to expect anything more than personal development from it is setting yourself up for disappointment and failure because society is rigged in favor of narcs.

  2. Lol Russia isn't even feminist anymore. They abolished the laws that say it's illegal to beat your wife. That country has gone down the drain. Once boasted the first female ambassador to the UN, first female astronaut, etc and this is what they've been reduced to. Now if women form a band and talk against the government they get arrested. Super progressive. This is what happens when feminism becomes mainstream. it loses all meaning. It's no longer about anti porn, anti prostitution, anti domestic violence, anti sex trafficking. This is what happens when a government co-opts your civil rights movement. They infiltrate and destroy. Divide and conquer. Give a little power to the few women at the top and they will sell out their sisters. True feminism isn't about being better than other women just because you have a PhD. It's about fighting for the equality of women who don't have the means to do so. Something liberals have given up on when it comes to Muslim culture and Jewish culture.

  3. Wanna know how i know the USSR wasn't feminist and didn't care about women's rights, only pretended to by giving a handful of women top positions? Kollontai, the world's first female ambassador to the UN, was an outspoken prostitution abolitionist. She petitioned the government several times to help poor working class women exit prostitution and no one listened to her. In fact, their first opportunity they tried to silence her by threatening to expel her from the party if she didn't marry her male partner. This supposed feminist USSR forces women into unwanted marriages. If you want you can read her speech about it, how no one in the party would listen to her pleas to get women out of prostitution and that its a parasitic job that doesn't instill any kind of work ethic or sense of dignity in women. She thought these women needed to be forcibly removed from prostitution and retrained to enter the work force with more dignified jobs. Did the government give a shit? Nope. They thought she would just shut up about women's rights by giving her a top position and when that didn't work they attempted to oust her and punish her when she tried to use her position to actually help the poor and abused. So yeah. Marxist men fucking hate women. Never let a Marxist tell you they are a feminist. Most are not. Very few will criticize their own behavior or politics. They tend to view women as fuck objects, especially the ones in office.

    You can read her speech here in which she basically begs the men in her party to do something to help women escape sexual slavery:

  4. When you grow up in an environment that causes emotional turmoil how can you study ? How can you concentrate ? Bad emotions can really makes us dumb.
    Even 2+2 becomes a chalenge when we are emotionally screwed. We need to heal first. The dyscalculia and dyslexia will go away after the healing.

  5. Listen to Ollie about the going back to school thing. Even for the right reasons, it can be very hard to do it in middle age. I tried it & regretted it, since I'm still paying off the student loan for one crappy semester. Being older surrounded by college-age 'kids' is actually not a fun experience, in fact I found to be very demoralizing & I had always been a good student earlier in life. There is no greater education in my opinion than direct experience in the industry of your choice. If you don't actually need a degree, I think it's better to just work. I regret the overemphasis of education in how I was raised, it did be no good because I have severe financial problems as no one taught me the art of using my skills/education for making money. I am jealous of people who got started working early in life!! When you control your money you control your life.