Jay Dyer on Baby Boomers, Disney and DARPA


Jay Dyer returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss Baby Boomers and his review of Annie Jacobsen’s book The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America’s Top-Secret Military Research Agency. We talk about the degree to which Americans born between 1946 and 1964 were subjected to mass media, mind control and psychological warfare and why so many of that generation remain resistant to truth. We then discuss the history of DARPA and the agency’s role in constructing the New World Order.

Jay Dyer is the host of Jay’s Analysis and the author of Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film. Jay is also the co-host of Hollywood Decoded.


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  1. Cognitive dissonance, petro dollars and an unquestioning acceptance of a glorious WW2 narrative created boomers. They barely questioned the systems and traditions in the 60s. Then they gladly accepted petro dollars without question for ALL of their high earning years for decades. Since they've ALL been paid in petro dollars for decades they can't admit they got conned by their government for 50 years into useless wars. Plus in their mind it worked, they are convinced everyone else is just lazy. They can not admit the America they built will not last due to all the trickery they either fell for or they did themselves. Hence the anger and hyper militarism they promote now. In short they refuse to ponder the fact that nothing worth keeping in America is getting passed down because they accepted and gained from dysfunction for decades. It's a generation built around trickery not merit, hard work or innovation. That bothers them, they just can't admit it, yet.

  2. My husband and I are in our 60's and there is no rabbit hole we have not been down. He started waking up in the 70's when his friends in Special Ops told him that everything on TV and in Newspapers was bullshit. Believe me there are many Boomers who are in various stages along the red pill path. Most of them realize now that something is not right. It is a process and everyone takes their own path.

  3. Whenever ive tried say this stuff to my boomer boss its 'toxic negativity' as she chain smokes another coffin nail and religiously tunes into CNN to get her two minute Trump hate fix. Her hero is Gloria Steinem and she straight faced believes women should control the world cause we'd have no wars then dontcha know and they all need payback anyway. Both her sons are an alcoholic and schizophrenic respectively (4 marriages) and she loooves TV. Millenials are spoiled too, everyone just needs to get a job (she works 7 days a week just trying to keep her head above water at 66). The disconnect can really make you feel nuts with the most entrenched if you aren't on solid inner ground yourself.

  4. Lol. This is pretty funny. Why doesn't anyone ask Jay about his connections with Corey Goode and David Wilcock? I make a lot of jokes about people who buy the lie that we have Alien bases on Mars and stargates. Making fun of David Icke and sphere being alliance is fun… you can Google sphere being alliance and see why many of us make Blue Chicken jokes…

  5. For people that allegedly don't believe in souls, the elite seem to be going to every length to ensure they get a grip on everyone's. Even if non religious this can be interpreted as inner being or subconscious

  6. That's how I respond to my fellow boomers who sit around bitching about "snowflakes" and "soyboys" – I look them right in the eye and ask "What generation raised them?" I'm on the tail-end of the boomer generation so it easy for me to see the hypocrisy and also to understand how heavily propagandized we were. It takes real work to step out of the left/right paradigm and "the system" in general but some have succeeded. Many of them are actually pioneers of the truther movement. I do have to admit that most people my age and older just can't be bothered to question the narrative. They pop the pills their medical gods give them and watch TV news. They work hard to acquire more stuff and faithfully vote for their political team.

    When you guys discussed the chemicals to erase fear and morals I couldn't help but think of SSRIs. The happy pill that is handed out like candy in public schools.

  7. Jay/ Tim, podcast: Tropism and resulting chemistry
    2,4,5-T and 2,4-D herbicide, forestry and agriculture, developed in 40s
    Brown wrapper mags redistributed by scouts and national paper drives… Barber shop, ash tray stands separated comics from brown wrapper mags… both banned from the home (tree forts and garages excluded)
    While Father and Rosie demolished the Sanctuary, Dads prepped for the game…
    Least capable sent to summer camp, college and into leadership…cause nobody wants them mucking up the work site with "mind over concrete"
    Raised by the Riveter, Albigensianism and Careerism, the Managerial Sphere- spermatozoa to worm, Opportunity and the always pervasive win-win situations
    Victory over sportsmanship and the quest of fluid-promos, stocking ads, playgirl pics
    Bad batches, contaminated with the carcinogen dioxin, removed from the market, were sprayed on to the "battle jungle", Agent Orange
    90 percent of research is circularly canned, researched, cognitive gerbil run
    Ian Dury – Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
    Willie Nelson & Farm Aid/ Bankrupt-farmer*** opportunity and employment*** trucking, landfill operations/ doper filled prisons
    Doper sports, scandal, Papa Joe Chevalier, Bite me Wednesday, echo of Network, emoting by proxy
    "Parallel parking" by Zen & Feeling
    Head banging, mind over matter, facilitated by Bayer
    Ephrata Cloister, Shakers, Utopias, Snake Oil, Colonial Williamsburg, Mass Sterility
    Burger that made Amerika girthy was treasonously grilled in 1990, Moscow
    Wallowing life away,& 50 pills to deny your Creator.
    Time out for Mister Bojangels?