John Stossel – The Baby Boomers


Author-humorist P.J. O’Rourke discusses the baby boomer generation with Stossel.

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  1. The problems we face are cultural, not generational. Pointing fingers at the behest of some self-serving media wank is merely helping them to flog their poorly researched books and other "journalistic" clap-trap. We have infested this planet with almost 8000 million (8 billion) self-entitled meat bags who call themselves human beings. While humans are merely incidental to life on this warm mud ball we refer to as the Planet Earth, we seem to still exist under the delusion that our species is the actual point of life itself. Our ideologies and religions all proceed from this false assumption. This single miscalculation blinds us to reality and may well garrantee our failure to survive.

    As we all publish books, websites and endless articles and "opinion pieces" about who is to blame for the mess we have made of things, our slide toward extinction continues to gain momentun with ever increasing determination. I can promise one thing with almost complete certainty. We either open our collective eyes and ears and start taking personal responsibility for the gastly mess we have made or we can all go merrilly off to our collective graves on a poisoned and dying planet, as we continue to point the finger of blame at this group or that generation. It is time to stop being such a bunch of whinny twits and do something.

    Are you ready to to see manditory population control? Or does your ideology or religious beliefs preclude such a notion?

    Are you ready to give up your car in favor of manditory mass transportation?

    Are you ready to give up almost all of your technological gizmos?

    Are you ready for the end of unbridaled capitalism?

    Are you ready to accept the notion that instead of being some god's wonderous creation, you may well be part of the greatest evolutionary miss-step in the past three and a half billion years?

    Are you ready to watch your children and grandchildren choke to death in a poisoned and over heated atmosphere as the last humans finally die off, (perhaps giving this tiny and much abused planet a chance to return to its pre-human splendor)?

    Are you ready to become a citizen of the Planet Earth or would you prefer to continue on as a member of your particular tribal affiliation, (referred to these days as nation states)?

    Or are you still pointing fingers at others as you admire the holy sunlight emminating from your own "divinely created" smelly and self-obsessed back passage?

  2. These baby boomer cock sucker narcissist off shored millions of American jobs in the 80s when I was in high school just to make their portfolios fat with cash.  They destroyed the economy for generations x and y.  They cut taxes in the early 80s and destroyed programs their parents gave them for the next two or three generations.   Now the economy and Federal government are both going to collapse soon and these baby boomers are responsible for it. Some one tell asshole Bill Clinton that service economy jobs don't support a house hold or even help buy a house. NAFTA is the work of the baby boomers.  Sell outs to the end.

  3. My dream is to see most of these scumbag boomers homeless and under a bridge. Also remeber, boomers not only screwed Gen x and y, they screwed their own. Look at thr myriads of Vietnam vets that didn't get any help and were spit on when they got home. These hippie mother fuckers who turned into todays Tea partiers fucked it up. Under the bridge with them, strip them of their SSA. Fuck you, and thanks for taking all of our jobs and money. Time to return the favor.

  4. Baby boomers created a general nastiness and sociopathic direction in the US from the top down. Honor is dead as well as all those other "old fashioned, out of date" sentiments. We can thank the boomers for that. Look at the total lack of humility of the last three presidents! The first showed how they could bend the laws for themselves, the second wrote the to get what he wanted and the third doesn't worry about laws at all-just does what he wants. SHAMELESS  

  5. I never met a boomer who was wise and willing to give life advice that did not involve material importance and fucking your fellow man over for a buck, let alone any advice at all. WW2 and Korean generation the opposite. A young person could always rely on their guidance, more or less. Many "old people" and vets of that generation were so disposed of by the worthless boomer children and had a sense of social responsibility that they were eager to interact with young kids in the 80s/ 90s. The movie "Gran Torino" is a pretty good example. Now Gen X ,Y, Z. . .are stuck with these fucking useless nitwits that cannot use a computer and expect you to work Christmas Eve for a nickel, and call you arrogant and "entitled" for wanting to spend it with your family; add the quadrillions of dollars of global debt, political and social dysfunction, a lack of technological understanding, wars, PC, multi-cult-uralism, NSA spying, the police state, repukes and libaturds, the marriage of capitalism and communism, destruction of free enterprise, bankers, corporations on & on & on on. . . Karma is going to be a bitch for these boomers.

  6. Hey baby boomers, I'm sorry that politicians lied to you when they said these programs were a right and that they were sustainable.  I feel bad that our predecessors didn't know the Constitution enough to say "No" at the time.

    Well, now that it's all failing, do you boomers want to bankrupt future generations just to fulfill these politicians' promises, which never should have been offered or accepted in the first place?

    It's long past time to start means testing these programs and working to phase them out.  If we stay on this path, we are sure to meet our ruin.

  7. Let's get it straight. It is the EARLY Baby Boomer generation that is full of selfish dickheads. The goal of this generation is to screw the LATE Baby Boomers so they can keep their benefits. You can see it the increase in SS retirement age scam.

  8. Fuck these dumb ass hippie scum baby boomers. They wrecked the country. And now this 66 year old idiot wants to get out of all the gay shit they pulled in the 60s? Those are the fags that pushed for all of the anti-white male fuckcrap. Fuck this bitch. I hope some illegal alien doesn't feed him when he's in a retirement home. 

  9. Baby Boomers kids are the Gen Xers and yes our parents, God Bless them, created us latch key kids. We grew up being treated like little adults; we knew our parents issues, money problems, dramas, etc.  This generation didn't really shelter us a bit; they were mostly gone, doing their own thing. We had to grow up quick, at least I did and everyone I grew up with did as well.

  10. eNNNHH WRONG! Baby boomers didn't go all the way to 1964 from 1946. It would have most likely been to 1960 or 1962 AT THE VERY LATEST.  I'll grant no later than 1962 because if you were 10 years old in 1972 then you wouldn't really remember msot of the late 60s hippie faggot music even if the early 70s were lame as fuck. So people from 62 onwards can have a pass since 10 onwards is about when you really remember(ingrained) music and bands names anyway. The 70s generation is another generation all it's own. The blank generation really. Then late 70s and most of the 80s is gen x. 

  11. Ya know, everyone keeps saying that the amount of baby boomers will break social security and medicare because there's not enough money to pay them all, because there's so damn many of them. But, it's not like they sprang into existence at age 55, haven't they all been paying into these programs all these years?!

  12. Truth be told it was a split generation. The vast majority sleeping as soundly as their parents and not quite knowing what to make of the rebels who may have been 10 percent of us but got all the attention, especially of corporate marketing. However, that 10% had disproportionate influence on both the generation that spawned them and all that followed.