Joni Mitchell on the “Failure of the Baby Boomers” on Q

Sitting comfortably with Jian in her Bel Air home, Joni Mitchell encapsulates the latter half of the 20th century and how it saw what she describes as the failure of the baby boomer generation.

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  1. First, she's not a Boomer. She's born in 1943. A war child/Silent Generation. And like so many people of that era, she carries a strange chip on her shoulder about what follows. She sang a song about not being able to get to a Baby Boomer event. As a Boomer, I wish all the people who weren't there, wanted to be there, might have been there, etc., or think as children of Boomers you had some generational experience reflective of the 1960s, please shut up and lead your own lives. And to the dick wads in Gen X who think they were cheated by Boomers, well, you're waaaayyy off base. The great majority of early Boomers, born 1946 to 1954, didn't have Gen Xers but Millennials. Certainly in the educated cadre. But you wouldn't know that because first you cried in your baby formula, now you're crying in your craft beer. Boo-hoo-hoo. Be something. Try not to be people attempting to blame others. And, in case you want to malign Boomers for "taking everything," you better check the stats. Boomers created way more wealth than the so-called Greatest Generation who were losers until the short, easy war (for Americans, anyway) called them to the fore. They wrecked the 1920s, they certainly wrecked the 1930s and after the war they were conformist, commie-hating bigots. You think Baby Boomers turned the houses on people in the South? You think Boomers shot down great political and religious leaders? You think Boomers started the wasteful war in Vietnam? Idiots. Wake up. Gen X = the bellyache generation. Nothing more. Back to Joni. Well, sorry we didn't finish off all the business we started. What an ass, sitting in her Belair home – one of the most exclusive enclaves in the WORLD – and critiquing people who actually tried something instead of sitting around making money off of a cultural movement. She's a pig. Always was a self-absorbed jerk.

  2. Being listed as the last baby boomer, cool? Who gives a f. Although I am listed as. An asshole too Although, I am. According to whom thinks this shit. New drugs? F off. Were here for ever. Dallas, f that dump! San Antonio is home. One point wins it. So does one shot. Shut up neighborhood loud mouth!

  3. This guy Jian is really annoying with his constant cutting off so he can pitch his next scripted question . We want to hear what Joni has to say . I'm surprised she didn't throw her hands up and terminate the proceedings , which speaks of her grace and good manners .

  4. She's wrong about Dylan – he wasn't blaming the US GIs for the Vietnam war. Quite the contrary. The song she quotes is called "The Masters of War" and he's damning the war profiteers and cynical politicians. In another part of the interview she basically calls him a no-talent bum So wrong. So wrong. The bitterness of old age perhaps…?

  5. We were all led to believe the boomers were the peace and love generation.  The fact is that the only reason these kids were out carrying signs and sitting on the lawns at Haight Ashbury is because they were bored and had no responsibilities whatsoever.  Baby boomers are the first generation ever on the planet who literally had nothing to do growing up accept to watch TV and ride their roller skates.  Previously, women and children were occupied with running a house, a farm, a family business, etc.  Suddenly, in the 50's we had machines to do everything.  Women were bored and had no connection to life anymore.  Children were sat in front of the TV with frozen dinners absorbing commercials for products all day long.  They weren't expected to do anything anymore.  They weren't taught anything.   Parents would contrive meaningless "chores" as a form of discipline, but it back fired because these children felt put upon instead of feeling they served a real role in life.  When they hit their teens, they were unleashed on society to "rebel."  When they got bored with their manufactured discontent, they turned back to their consumerism roots and went wild with greed and narcissism.   That tube is the "most awesome god damned force in the whole godless world" and the baby boomers were the first generation to be totally mind controlled by it.

  6. Frankly, due to the Vietnam experience, the baby boomers gave the world 30 years of unprecedented growth; prosperity; and peace. Unfortunately, I have seen conflicts between the baby boomers and Gen. X that resulted in loss of productivity and layoffs.

    Even though, Gen Xs, who are in policy making roles now, have access to relevant technology, the technology has a potential of being misused due to Gen X's upbringing being so different from the rest of the world; his/her outlook being so parochial; and he/she does not appear to be knowledgeable. Besides that, they also appear to be heavily influenced by evangelical mindset.  

  7. love her talent. best female voice of all modern times. but her political and social analysis is a bit shallow and full of cliches. why wouldnt it be? the entertainment industry and los angeles and canada have had an effect on her. she has been surrounded by liberals and nihilists all her life.  she did not and does not have or take the time to read and think through the issues of which she speaks. perhaps if she read david mamet's book, the secret knowledge and a bit of frederick hayek and thomas sowell, she would hesitate a bit before opining and perhaps would be a bit happier. her smoking is killing her. such a shame. 

  8. Why are people so anti-white?? 


    At what point would anti-whites allow whites such as this the right to protect their ethnic interests, to not be displaced in their country and have their society destroyed– all just so they can look good for the camera.  Moral grandstanding and PC prudery aside, one would not dare argue for the converse–that would be called Genocide.

    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    Nobody's flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  9. Hmm. She is right of course, in many ways.  The Baby Boomers have failed miserably, because she should know better.  On the other hand, she sounds a little out of it to me.  The Vietnam War was not a problem because the young people at the time "blamed the soldiers," you know what I mean.

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