Learn to Blanket Train Your Baby


When you have a baby, sometimes all you need are some moments of silence. Especially when that silence is required in some situations like when you are in a plane, at the church or maybe in a bus. You can teach your baby to be silent in those particular situations, by blank training him. I will show you in this article a method that has done wonders for a lot of mothers that now have no trouble with their baby's crying.

Here are the steps that you have to follow

First you have to choose a baby blanket that should be pretty comfortable. I recommend that the same baby blanket will be used for every training session. If you do that, he will develop a reflex and when he will see that particular blanket, will know that it is his quiet time. Now that you have chosen the blanket, some baby toys are required; toys that your baby loves would be great, but make sure that they are silent toys, such as plush teddy bears. You should have different ones, because the baby might get bored with the same toy, and also you will be using these toys only during training sessions.

Blanket training should begin at an early age. The baby should spend each day on the blanket a couple of hours. But when he will grow older, the blanket time should decrease, because babies get bored very fast. Also, I think that more important for his health is for the baby to take walks and discover new things then sitting all day long on a blanket, is not it? You can try putting him to sleep on the blanket too, by singing or talking to him.

This training method should be repeated for a long period of time. Remember that the baby can not understand what you want him to do at a very early age, so you will need to be a patient with him. He will want to crawl from the blank when he will be able to do it. Put him back on the blanket and let him know that what he did was wrong and in time he will understand what you want from him.

Tips about baby blanket training

  • Be consistent. That is the only way that results will show. Your baby will not learn to stay still on the blanket when you want him to do over night, so be patient.
  • A one year old baby is more difficult to train then a few months old one, so start the blank training at an early age.
  • Results may vary depending on the baby's personality.
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