Learning To Live Life On Your Terms For Overcoming The Fear Of Aging And Death


The secure and real you is never concerned about overcoming fear of death and certainly knows that when you are through using your body for its intended purpose, you’ll peacefully lay it aside.

When I speak to groups of people in the Baby Boomer age range I seem to be asked quite often about overcoming fear of death, while those quite younger seem to more easily accept the terms of life in this world.

To help those who are afraid of death I like to ask them to consider a few things:

We all deserve to live life on our own terms, reaching goals and dreams with a life lived at full potential.

When you choose to embrace life without fear each day, you begin tapping into your power of mind and real inner strength takes charge over the ego, which is always in fear of something.

Being afraid of death can quite often be, that they are afraid that when their time has come they will find they really didn’t live life to the fullest.

The fearless you who is not afraid of death will move on within eternity, just as joyful as you’ve always been.

Moving on by letting go

The ego resists letting go and moving on from fear and is always thinking about overcoming the fear of aging and death, and merely can’t.

It never wants to be a part of or joined with Truth; thus it promotes belief-making.

The ego in us all tries and bring our mind to its promising, but never peaceful, thought system.

The ego will cry out as it chants: “You got ta believe!”

These are the beliefs that try to make us search for ways to overcoming fear of death, yet all along have us afraid of alternative and new ways of considering not only life in this world, but yourself and the Divine.

The ego-based mind tries to hang and make beliefs onto them, so your vision to the light of real knowledge about eternal life is obscured.

Isn’t much of humankind in constant conflict over right and wrong beliefs in just about everything?

One group may say, “Our way is the only way to believe” or “This religion is the very first rock the church was built on” or “This holy text is the only true word of God.”


These and many other beliefs keep our minds dividing and fragmenting its allegiance to separate kingdoms; but the actual commitment is only to confusion, self-doubt, and let’s not forget fear.

It really only matters at all to you, and the path of your true free will–which is what keeps you happy and at peace within yourself, and never having to worry about overcoming fear of death.

A Course in Miracles states, “When we look at the ego, then, we are not considering delusions but dynamics.”

Does it really matter which version of any religious scripture gives someone more comfort and understanding than it may for someone else?

The Holy Spirit’s interpretation of anything is the same as your true vision, rather than what someone may suggest is best for you.

Living at your full potential

You are not accepting the power of the Universe as it is intended for you if you choose not to accept this knowledge of yourself.

Any belief you accept, apart from what you truly know, is obstructing God’s Voice in you that guides you to life lived at full potential. When allow for this guidance you are allowing for everyday miracle manifestation into your life

Manifesting miracles in your life

There is no other body, or organized group of bodies, be it religious, political, or otherwise, that knows you as who you truly are.

A Course in Miracles further teaches us, “Everyone has experienced what he would call a sense of being transported beyond himself.”

This true essence of yourself is your holiness and it’s an experience you know, which is your Divinity and is whole.

By not accepting this power as yours, you are then seeing God’s creation as weak, and the weak are those who are afraid of death, and angry and therefore frightened.

This weakness is exactly what the dream of separation, or ego-based mind, is all about.

To embracing life without fear

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