Letter: How is it that baby boomers are so opposed to political protest?


For starters, I believe necco wafers to be a terrible candy. If I ordered a crate of history’s most successful sweets and they, of their own free will, decided they weren’t coming with, I would be ecstatic. I wouldn’t even question how a confection gained sentience, that’s how unpalatable I find them. This is why I don’t understand Trump’s decision to rescind his White House invitation to the Eagles based off of a few other players’ determinations that they would not participate.

Isn’t this how many people view NFL players anyway? As goods to be purchased and traded to play a ball game for the entertainment of others?

If this isn’t how you view them, how can you be upset when they act like what they actually are – real human beings with real views they are entitled to express. Half of the upset don’t understand what the protesting is about in the first place. There is nothing anti-American about it. In fact, exercising one’s free speech on a platform they normally wouldn’t have is one of the most American things I can think of.

For a generation that grew up with harsh protests against our involvement in Vietnam, I don’t understand how so many of them are against protests much more tame in nature. And while I am definitely generalizing an entire generation, I don’t care much seeing as my own millennial generation, as a whole, is blamed for everything from failing Applebee’s to decreased Homeownership.

You guys already won anyway seeing as the NFL has caved and will now be fining teams whose players kneel, a decision that allows them to profit off of a marginalized group of people’s slight dissent – a sickening thought for another time.

Nerpel lives in Fargo.

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