Letters: Baby boomers must fight against tyranny


I am 70 years old, part of the baby boom generation. I received a note from my sister, who is of the same generation, worrying about the future direction of this country. She sees the possibility of the end of democracy, and the establishment of a totalitarian state.

Here is my answer to her.

I disagree. As long as people like you and me and our friends stand to power and call bull—-, this country will never become a totalitarian state. If we collapse, retreat and do nothing, what will inspire that younger generation to stand tall and vote their conscience? If we are not willing to lead, whom can we expect to follow? Yes, we, as a generation, have lost our spark. We need to reignite it, to claim our support, for the more humane future we all envisioned.

Wait for the midterms. Stand tall. Help locally. All politics are local. Stand tall. Vote your conscience. Support, and actively work for, people you support.

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