Look Out World – Here Come The Babyboomers


So the Babyboomers are now entering the “golden years” and what does all this mean for them? Well hopefully it means the next several years are going to be full of fun and prosperity and their time to make the most of life.

Is this going to be possible though in the world that we live in today? Are the babyboomers going to be able to survive the recession? Are they going to be able to adjust to the cuts in health care? Are they going to be able to maintain their health in a polluted world?

All pretty grave questions, and perhaps to the point of being depressing. The world should not underestimate the baby boomers though because they are survivors. After all they have made it this far, and when one looks back in history they have come through some pretty tough times.

It is all not doom and gloom for this wonderful group of people. They have paved the way for the multitude of good things that the younger jet set of the world can now enjoy today. They are the pioneers to technology.

The babyboomers are the foundation that the world depends on for their words of wisdom.

There are unfortunately some people in the world today that think that the babyboomers are going to put a strain on the social system and are going to have a dramatic impact on an already weak health care system. These individuals should take a walk in the babyboomer’s shoes however and jog their memory, that if it weren’t for them there would be no reform in health care. It was their fight and lobbying that got the system going, albeit not perfect but that can’t be blamed on them. After all they don’t run it they just fought to get it here.

So I for one say, Hats Off To The Babyboomers, for countless jobs well done. You go ahead and enjoy your golden years, because if there is anyone that deserves a life of prosperity and happiness it’s the babyboomers of 2011!

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