Medical Assistant Job: Outlook, Description, Demographics And Openings


In today’s economy where unemployment has reached unheard of heights it is important to go into a field of study in which the job outlook looks promising. Jobs for medical assistants fit this bill and have a promising future through the year 2020 based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Most of the top five jobs projected to grow in the next decade are in the health field and at 31 percent growth the jobs for medical assistants are anticipated to grow faster than the national average. This is the result of the aging baby boomers who continue to require both preventive and curative medical care given by doctors. The expanding practices of doctors require the services of medical assistants to perform both clinical and administrative duties. The duties performed will depend on the location of the job and range from answering the telephone and redirecting the calls, welcoming patients and getting them ready for the doctor, maintaining patient records, filling insurance forms, handling billing as well as clinical tasks. The training required will depend on the office needs, however most offices will hire an assistant with at least 2 years training and some work experience. The assistants on the whole will be used to perform as many duties as possible in place of more expensive personnel such as nurses.

With the job description constantly changing for these workers they are becoming indispensable for any medical team. These changes continue as most doctors’ offices catch up with the electronic age and their records become digital. So assistants must be knowledgeable in electronic health records (EHR) computer software and its security measures. Lawsuits have made keeping patient records confidential a priority and they can only be discussed with other medical personnel as part of the treatment process.

Most of these jobs are occupied by women almost 95 percent but more and more men are beginning to enter into this field. This is the result of the high demand for these assistants and how their job description has evolved. It is no longer about keeping patient records some of their work now even involves exerting energy.

Across the country there is a high demand for these medical assistants but the cities that are very popular in terms of job availability are Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Phoenix, Chicago and San Antonio. Even though competition for these jobs is higher in these cities you can always find a job as long as you are qualified. Some websites that have openings for these jobs are, Career USA and Medical Assistant Net but once you get online you will see that if you are not picky the list for these job openings is endless.

This job has both emotional and financial rewards and the training period is not too long just two years and at the end there is a job waiting for you. Working with other people dedicated to helping others can help you build relationships that can last a lifetime and also this is a job that can act as a stepping stone to another career in the medical field. So whether you choose to remain a medical assistant all your life or use the job as a ladder to greater things you cannot lose. The medical field, the medical assistant job in particular has a bright future.

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