Millennials are struggling. Is it the fault of the baby boomers?


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  1. You're the only boomer I really like on the internet. Other than that us millennials grew up in the 90's and had to deal with the government you elected in. (Gen x is also at fault here) But millennials are trying to find their way and we've only really been given two options. Government or freedom. I'm doing my part to get my generation in line. But when I have to explain to my own boomer mom politics (and religion) yay single moms! It disapoints me as I have had to learn life through the system. I just thank God I was smart enough to see through all their bullshit.

  2. Millennials are struggling because of SOCIETY. Anything goes as long as it feels good. You can teach your children anything you want, but when they get out into the Schools and with friends, in Colleges, in real life, they are bombarded with fantasy. If we as an entire society have any blame it is because we allowed and allow it all. We make excuses as we complain about all that is right in front of our eyes. BTW, millennials do not want the jobs.

  3. Good Morning! We are living through a time that, despite what your religion is, we have read about, heard about, or been taught…we are in a "Good vs/ Evil" war. Anybody who thinks differently needs to put down the Kool-Aid and take a "Red Pill" or I'm afraid you're in for a rude awakening. The evil is showing itself in medium force, wait until the curtain gets pulled back an exposes it in full force! People will lose their minds.

  4. funny how some millenials think that things were just so cut and dried before they came along . when i started working we had reagans trickle down economics , that meant unless you had a silver spoon in your mouth jobs were hard to come by . then we wind up with bush 1 in office , bye bye jobs .. outsourced away . all the while there were no people running for office worth a vote . guess what im trying to say is that things have been screwed up for all of us for a very long time…

  5. Boomers could blame their parents, and their parents could blame their. The elites have been working on this for a long time. Better to blame those that pull the strings and really control things. Blame the politicians and elite who sold out this country, and the media who lie to us daily. Blame the clowns who have never worked for this country’s interest. Blame the educators who did not work to educate but to brainwash. (Boomers were brainwashed too, We were to trust the government and the elite as they were smarter than us and went to better schools.). Blame the elites who controlled the economy that boomers had to work ridiculously large number of hours, to afford the American Dream, the home in a safe area. Blame the elites for crashing the economy, so boomers lost their homes, their pensions and their 401 Ks and are dependent on social security. Blame those that push solutions to problems they created. Blame whoever, that said the way to prosperity is through a 100k higher education. The only thing I blame myself for is being brainwashed that I bought into the BS the elites, media and educators were pushing, and did not follow up on what my instincts told me. The tactic of blaming Boomers is just another way to divide, the country. It is the young against the old this time. Thank goodness we have the Internet now. There is a lot of garbage on the net, but there also is a wealth of good information.

  6. Keep talking the truth Martin. You are right. We told the Millennials in school that they were perfect and entitled to all that is good in this country. We didn’ t encourage them to seek or to self analyze. Then we force them to pay thousands and thousands for college that prepared them for a society that had no jobs. We took down all the trade schools and denigrated training for blue collar jobs. Then we took the blue collar jobs away. I didn’t. I preached against this the whole time. An army of one, me. This was so apparent when it was happening. I call it the “baby on board” generation. Remember those sick yellow triangle signs hanging in the windows of the vans the mothers drove these kids around in? These kids now adults, are lucky their parents will let them live at home. After high school my generation was pushed out of the house, in my family not an option to come home. My parents wanted us out of the house! BUT we had somewhere to go. It was affordable to have an apartment and support yourself and to live independently. I knew as a teen that no one would ever pay my way for anything but me. The greed of government has robbed the Millennials. And us as parents told them the lie that they were perfect as people. We never told them the truth of how life worked. We sold them a politically correct fairytale.

  7. This is a great video Martin, I wish this was broadcast on mainstream news outlets and everyone could hear it. I pray everyday for our country and all Americans, we are hurting. Thankfully Trump is President and trying to fix some of it.

  8. I was born in 1950 and when we tried to break with the system in the 60’s we were utterly destroyed by Johnson and Nixon and everyone who was worse who came after them. Now I’ve come to realize it was TV that finished the job of putting us asleep. My Dad was a Hard Working Patriot who fought in the Pacific when he was 19. He loved this country So Much and flew the Stars and Stripes every day. When he died at 92 he realized how he had been deceived by the leaders going back to Eisenhower. What a shame that the ones who made this country Great were trashed by the Banksters.

  9. Thank you very much for trying to take some of the blame on behalf of the boomers. As a Gen Xer, I've been frustrated for a large part of my life when pointing out obvious discrepancies in the world to older folks, only to be looked at condescendingly and told, "well, that's the way it's always been". However, now that we are all waking up, due to the information age, I don't think we can blame anyone (at least none of us peons!). The luciferian elite that have been molding this world are not stupid and they have a LOT of resources. I just thank God that we have been given an opportunity to learn the truth and fight back. Thank you for doing your part in that! I'll be joining in my own way as soon as I can manage it!

  10. Sounds like another way to divide the country to me. I read Democrats are losing Millennial voters. You should have included that article this this one. Connect the dots. Divide the country by race, by age, by religion or not, by gender…In the coming elections see more good looking young people with big hair running. The Dems will run candidates in the mold of Justin Trudeau, Kamela Harris and the like. Think how the country prospered under the young unknown but charismatic senator from Chicago…not. This article is just the beginning on the assault on the ugly boomers.

  11. I beg to differ. There is NO WAY baby boomers could have prevented the government from becoming corrupt. While it was becoming corrupt, it was not evident. Do you think the ones who corrupted it were broadcasting it? No… they were COVERING IT UP. It is NOT the fault of the baby boomers, who BTW, worked very hard, remained loyal to the country, and had BETTER MORALS than the millennials. Don't give the millennials an excuse to cry in their milk. I'm sick of them and you should be too.

  12. Dont be sad! We're lucky to be alive during this amazing time of THE GREAT AWAKENING! We ALL can't help it that we were duped by NWO! But we can start red-pilling NOW with the video "JFK Jr tried to tell the world who killed his father" about his magazine GEORGE. It's the ultimate beginner red pill for boomers. cuz once you realize the JFK, Bush, JFK Jr connections, eyes OPEN! Then the Clinton, Soros, Obama connections come easily… Also watch Khazarian Mafia to learn who Zionists REALLY are (Rothschilds aren't REALLY Jewish). Next is the biggest red pill of all: how the Romans high jacked Christianity & rewrote the Bible, especially Revelations, to control the masses… I'm still swallowing that one myself!

  13. It just sucks being a 26 yo woman and telling my own parents about how the government screwed them and they don't believe me. When will the boomers wake up cuz I'm tired of them thinking it's so easy to survive out here . Family unit has been destroyed and little girls can't even dream of their weddings because people aren't marrying anymore. No trust, no loyalty, no conversations, no friends, so much depression anxiety stress.. We don't want to live with our parents as adults, we have to! When my husband left I had to move back in with my parents to raise my son on my own. People aren't as independent anymore unless their parents are rich or they hit the jackpot. It's tiring.

  14. Ya know Martin I refuse to except responsibility! I'm fifty now! This shit started long before I was born! Thirty years ago I started telling people about the UN and agenda 21… I told people about the Corporatocracy that was forming and that the licensing and regulation of everything was wrong! I told people about the Fiat Currency and how it was an unrepresentated tax worse that what our founding Fathers went to war for. I was called anti-government and conspiracy theorist and worse labels and I was shunned and ridiculed and lost jobs and more for it… Now here thirty some years later many have, some in their own way apologized or admitted I had been right but its a little late now. A lot of harm has befallen me and many like me for it. There are many Americans that have kept watch and spoke out and were ignored or worse. No it's not my fault. I've lived here in Michigan all my life and watched this state go from a wonderland to a nightmare and it hurts.

  15. The source of the problem is that no opposition party, nor independent press exists. The only independent press, justifiably skeptical of government, is found only recently, on the internet. And that voice in the new public square is being shutdown without a whimper from the elected representatives. And I a host of puritanical conservatives on the Internet making naive claims that the Internet shouldn't have 1st amendment standards forced upon private Internet providers, regardless of their monopoly enabled by government.

    Another example of elected representatives enabling the postmodern neoMarxist cult think is at University of Texas. UT just announced the creation of a new "Studies" course, 'masculinity as a mental disease.' Not a peep from the supposedly conservative republican governor of Texas, nor elected republicans controlling both houses in the great pink hat wearing, pu$$y state of texas.

    As goes the indoctrination by the popular culture, the schools and universities, so goes the next generation.

  16. Things were made so much WORSE in this country when people allowed the crooked MEDIA to dictate to them that they should give Bill & Killary a pass after his impeachment over immoral behaviors. Then dumbass boomers elected the damn crooked bitch as a f-ing SENATOR!!! HORRIBLE!

  17. I disagree. Iam a gen x and the fact is these problems were going on before the boomers were born. This started around 1913 when the federal reserve was put into place. It didn't matter who the boomers voted for and it doesn't matter who the gen xers voted for the results would have been the same. Welcome to the world of the new world order, millieninals.

  18. Boomers were born into a world of sound money, few laws and relatively high levels of freedom, they bequeath to their children the most indebted nation in history, a currency not worth the paper its printed on, a massive police state and endless wars. The most insulting part, you never hear them take responsibility as a generation, none say "I'm sorry we failed you so badly" because they did. For the boomers "Every generation blames the one before" is the ultimate cop out, to find a generation so corrupt and degenerate you have to go back to the generation that led up to WW1 through the early interwar period.