Millennials Are Way Poorer Than Baby Boomers Ever Were


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  1. Grandpa burned down the house and is now blaming junior for not being smart enough, strong enough, hard working enough to put out the fire that he started. We researched the methods other fire departments have begun using to fight these fires effectively and squash them for good… But grandpa says those are socialist s***** firehouses, so we can't use their methods.

    Tile is right… Grandpa needs to shut the f**** and move side.

  2. The capitalists at the top are the ones causing this. Even when America massively exploits third world labour there is still massive poverty in their country. There is no bargaining to be done with the capitalists as they will look for any opportunity to heighten their profits. The only real solution is to get ride of the parasitic middle man and instead have the economy run the way it should be "from each according to his ability to each according to his work".

  3. A select group makes their fortune based on free/minimized labor, pass laws/legislation to ensure only THEY reap the benefits from their illicit gains, then blame the new generation for not "lifting themselves up by their own bootstraps"..  Yup!  It's official.. Millennials are the new black people. 😂

  4. To the topic I respond, Very true but Millennials have way more opportunity to create their own wealth and have better access to information that helps create wealth…they can do it better and faster but unfortunately…they are weaker, they have weaker values, a weaker worldview with a convoluted understanding of themselves and the truth that gives us the perspective we need to protect our humanity.

  5. I'm 21 and a college student. I work full time making slightly above minimum wage and I'm also a full time student. I make 20k a year and honestly I'm happy with everything I have. My studio doesn't have a kitchen, but I've dealt with it. The only thing I would like is a slightly bigger apartment with a kitchen. I would be happy with a one bedroom apartment. I don't need a house. I'm also not in any student loan debt because I go to a state school and receieve pretty much full financial aid because I'm low income. No need to go to a fancy school and be in debt. That being said, I am a socialist and believe that student loan debt should be abolished for everyone.

  6. The only hope for Millennials is an international Communist revolution! Capitalism doesn't have problems. Capitalism is the problem! BTW, I'm a Baby Boomer who owns three condos in three countries. I'm well off, but I wouldn't consider myself wealthy. So, my critique of Capitalism is not sour grapes. Finally, I emigrated from the US in '98. America, love it or leave it. I left it! The USA has become a third world shithole. I only visit the US every few years. Every time I do, I see more businesses and houses boarded up and Americans looking shabbier and, of course, fatter.

  7. do not let your people stay poor for too long, because with generations of poverty, the youth grow in frustration, until eventually you have a whole country resisting you who are angry young and poor and if you don't make their lives better, they will have a revolution.

    the leaders response when given this advice.
    "let them eat cake".

  8. In other news, the sky is still blue. :/ Baby boomers have spent their time voting in conservatives, corporate shills, and establishment politicians.
    The fact is that unless we vote in politicians that actually understand our modern problems, this will not change. Sad part is, many millennials still buy into the myth that they’re poor because they don’t work hard enough. The fact is our parents and grandparents could have a full time job and live comfortably. We have to have at least a full time job (if we’re lucky enough to get a full time job despite our education), make money on the side (either selling old stuff or having additional jobs), be frugal, and keep on getting educated (because a bachelors degree is slowly becoming meaningless) all in a 7 day week. #bernie2020

  9. Education is the main problem here. Kids are being told that if they go to college and get a degree, everything else will take care of itself and nothing could be further from the truth. Kids are receiving very bad advice. Graduating from college today with a mountain of debt and a degree in English Literature will qualify you for a job at Home Depot, if you're lucky. You'd be in a much better position to find a decent job if you went to a vocational school and learned to be a diesel mechanic or a HVAC technician…and you'd have a loft less debt. Employers today are looking for people who know how to do something and many of the degrees being handed out by universities today don't do that.

  10. I always tell people: do not indebt yourselves for getting a useless degree. It’s better to have no degree at all than to have a degree on African studies or gender imbalances whatever. The debt you accrue and the lost revenue during the study period far outweighs the benefit of the degree. Plus, being educated means nothing, a person with a master doesn’t know more than one with the same amount of time of professional experience. In fact, it’s the other way around.

  11. In 1989, I got a VERY modest one-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica, complete with a mini-bathroom and a kitchenette, for $250 per month. Over the course of the 1990s, the rent went up from $250 per month, up to $1,650 per month.

    Meanwhile, my pay went up from $36,000 per year, all the way to $36,000 per year. I did NOT get a raise during the entire course of the 1990s.

    I can relate to Millennials, even though I'm 53. I'll never be able to own a home, and will never retire. Now, I'm being encouraged to "go back to school" to get into debt. Nope.

  12. Um, so is every generation after the boomers….
    This is what happens when you vote away your democracy and build an authoritarian system of government in its place. The things that make people's life better are the leftist political policies that build a democracy and destroy authoritarian systems of government.

    Wall to wall poverty is a necessity for rightwing governments and is the natural outcome of applying rightwing laws and policies.So, this is pretty much a duh situation.

    People voted for this. Boomers overwhelmingly voted for this. This was done to us by boomers.

  13. As far as millennials being the most educated generation in history, I have heard of them not being able to pass tests designed for middle schoolers 100 years ago. They might be the generation with the most degrees in history but they also put themselves into heavy debt getting advanced degrees in fields that don't reward them for it (and you could have found that out before you tried to go into that field). I question their common sense and whether the standards of education have dropped throughout the years. In the world we do very poorly in math and science. I've seen a few high school graduates who can't do real world math without a calculator.