Millennials aren’t interested in having sex. Here’s whose fault that is.


(LANGUAGE WARNING:) The media says millennials aren’t interested in having sex. Gavin McInnes of knows exactly who’s to blame. MORE:

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  1. I am not surprised. This generation is kinda plagued with gender confused weirdos, i mean are you really surprised that there is a low interest in having sex when they aren´t even able to identify their own gender nor what kind of gender they are interested in having sex with.
    My question would be how many of those gender confused not interested in having sex masturbate like crazy.

  2. What you did not mention was aides – and other sexualy trans mited desises, And practically every attractive female, Only went to gay, Dine – Dance – Clubs, Whine and cheese. You name it. Hectro's were left out. And that's all She wrote.

  3. Friend of mine that was accused of rape, last year, the incident that she mentioned, I was at the same party at the time, my friend drank, she didn’t, 4 months later she calls rape, gets the cops involved, friend was almost arrested, only reason why he wasn’t charged falsely, was because so many people backed him. Technically she raped him, because she was sober, he was not. She led him downstairs, not the other way around. Now I’m honestly kinda scared to get into even a relationship

  4. All you did is blame men for not wanting to be with these new age feminist hags. Because being abused by an overweight cow, who has been told she can do no wrong her whole life, really gets the ole' crank swollen for action….can't wait to plow into that flabby she-pig who complains endlessly and blames you for every problem in her life.

  5. Amusing. But still a bit blind to reality for younger people. Kind of like those old farts who talk about getting anjob 5 minutes after entering the country because they were motivated. That just doesnt happen anymore. Getting a job is 90% who you know, not what you know. Its why families who stay together have so much more success at it than those who bail after reaching adulthood.

    I mean back in the day you said hi to strangers on the street out of common courtesy. But now if you do that they look at you like you are a creep.

  6. I remember the 1970s. I was single digits years old but I remember it. I'll gladly get in a TARDIS and go to the 1970s to experience it as an adult. I would make more compared to what things cost, the women were more attractive, and the social rules were better. The cars sucked but the old 1960s muscle and pony cars were dirt cheap. The 70s…. when a 22 year old male HS teacher could date a 17-18 year old female student. You might want to recognize that the rules and conditions have been changed just a tad since then. Sure I might have to live without some gadgets but I would adapt easily.

    Even in the late 1980s men were being told in college that if they so much as hit on woman who didn't want to be hit on they would face ruination academically. As a TA men were instructed to never be alone behind doors with a female student. It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. It's a market and as the cost of women goes higher and higher and the quality goes down and down, you're going to have fewer and fewer men interested. It's like any market. If someone were selling your favorite food for $1,000,000 for a poorly made half serving with the risk that you could go to jail for possessing it would you buy it or walk away? Same thing here.

  7. In todays age, sex is more expensive than ever. Finding a partner means going to a bar to meet some stranger, using an app to find some stranger, or waiting around until you meet someone you like, which may take ages, and in every case it's basically playing Russian Roulette with your dick. There are some scary friggin' diseases out there, and because of that, every sexual encounter means a doctor visit. I love pussy, but I hate needles. I also hate discussing my sex life IRL. Pornhub is needle free. Because alcohol is the best bitch bait, the dating scene and the drinking scene are one and the same, with the only alternatives being religious enclaves and sober companionships. If bars don't appeal to you, there's always Plenty of Fish… meaning the app, of course. You have no other real world options to find a date.