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  1. Loving the transitions. I've started my transition, but my hair is too soft and keeps coming down. But, I will succeed. BTW, continue sharing your knowledge and do not allow no one to stand in your way. We hear you and believe that people are listening.

  2. Damn u on the yard(southern u)? Love ur videos. You always bring some knowledge, wisdom and understanding to the table. It's well appreciated. It's alot of masculine energy on YouTube and not enough coming from the ladies. Without the balance of the feminine energy, the game all these dudes giving on YouTube is pointless. Keep doing what you doing it's well appreciated.

  3. Thank You truly for your piece on Black Men. There are constant attacks,both subtle and blatant coming from every angle at all times and we are expected to keep our composure and never show weakness.. And everyone in society expects us to fail..if i go to jail tomorrow,a whole lot og people will be saying "I told you so"..i get called a "thug" by people who dont understand that i am wearing a hood in the rain because i am cold ..no one stops to think that my children call me daddy and i am their super hero…then we have many black women talking down on and to black men like we are worthless…and if they do date us,they call the white supremacist police on us the moment their is a conflict…cuz thry know the wgite supremacist enforcers know how to deal with us…by turning us into slaves…dont forget the big bad "child support" phenomenon… Your right…its enough to make you want to shed a tear..checl my video "Angry Black Man"… Keep speaking Queen,i Have a very special video for all the Black strong women,coming soon?✊

  4. As someone whose seen many more than twice the sunsets as you, it's not as much as about 'faults' as many put energy into. Young folk you live in an age where the convenience, opportunity and access is virtually unlimited.(more than those who came before you). And be advised others of non Black origin(and some non Amerikkkan Blacks) are on a tear or a race derived gauntlet to compete with you in every fashion. Hopefully it be you and not they who shape the future.(One shapes the future and all others are 'employees' lol). In this time of hyper econo ethnic protectionism, it may be revealed that generational 'comparing' of issues and succumbing to one's own possible shortcomings as the fault of others may not be in one's best interest. A 'skewing' of priorities as such. Hopefully irrespective of one's outlook on 'faults' Young Black folk are in a militaristic mission to stake their claim! you deserve it, no excuses! Go and get what's yours and crush anyone, anything, anybody, any way shape and form who is stifling your productivity, progress, success and dreams. You've no time to ponder generational 'faults'. Believe me when I say this. These other folk(non Black) like it when you do as they will soon need someone to be their employees and be their economic 'vassals'. Is that your goal?

  5. Excuse my intrusion, and you can delete my comment if you want.. I'm just very impressed at how advanced your mind is at 22 years old. Sure, a lot of 22 year olds are sharp, but this is way advanced as far as the things you are connecting on so many levels. Usually that kind of insight doesn't even BEGIN to click until after 25 years old, and it takes around 4 years or so to fully come together in a maturing adult's mind. I think the term "millennials" or "baby boomers" in the title is what made this video pop up on my feed. I just wanted to comment that I think the 60s marked the true divorce of the black family.. and that is more slowly spreading into every American community now more and more. I read the Moynihan report and found that black marriage and child legitimacy was very high before then, and in the 20s it was even higher than the white demographic. It slowly slowwwwly declined up until the 60s, and then took a quick nose dive down fast after that. Other problems cannot be effectively and long-term fixed without the family structure. Idk if you believe in God (and no biggie if you don't) but I pray for us all because idk what else to do. I hope that concept isn't of offense to anyone.

  6. We don't blame your generation at all,I was born in the 60s and as a young adult we were dealing with the same issues as today but we did'nt have social media and this age of information that we all have today my generation was in the dark on soo many social and economic issues.Not to point fingers at my parents but they did not teach my generation the importance of Black Economic Independence. My generation was and is caught up still in drugs alcohol and we owe you an apology for abandoning you young people but there is a light at the end of the tunnel with commentary like this….Good Job Woke Black Woman.

  7. I'll pay back my student loans either when I get into the career I rightfully deserve to have or when we receive some form of reparations. It's ludicrous to be in a form of financial slavery because one desired to better their education TO AVOID BECOMING AN ECONOMIC SLAVE w/o any signs of a way out.

  8. This young lady just got me all in my feelings. love that she is so young and can see so clear. she is the future. gotta respect that. Thanks for being the change we want to see. Im only 8 yrs her senior but if my head was where hers is at, at that age my goodness. we gotta support our youth amd build them up. amd do whatever we can to pave the way so their road is treadable. much love goddess. keep speaking the truth and u will always be free.

  9. This young lady is so intelligent.  Wise beyond her years.  How can Black men and women deal with this society?  I just heard about the White man that went to New York and killed that Black man.  So sad.  We can help each other by working together.  If not on a large scale, by helping each other in our households.  Can we cook healthier foods, help out our elderly, disabled and homeless Blacks?  Black men, travel in groups if you can and watch out for each other.  Women we can take the time to listen to Black men and not put them down.  We Blacks in America have to do like the older Blacks did and band together. I pray for all of us and Brothers please do not give up.