Millennials vs baby boomers: ‘I’m offended’


Generation Y has been branded insecure, lazy, shallow and ambitious far beyond their talents, and even ‘the worst generation’.
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As part of a Guardian series investigating the economic plight of young people, a variety of millennials from British students to an Estonian musician and a Canadian charity worker read some of the insulting things written about them and respond.
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  1. ok this was absolutely hilarious and very entertaining! Which has absolutely nothing to do with me being a millenial and wanting to be friends with every single one featured here. So I'm sure my anonymous comment must mean a lot!
    Seriously, i loved it. Thanks!

  2. My father got a well paying job without any higher education, he was given the training to progress to his current position. He has regular hours and was protected by unions. He has a gold plated work pension, paid sick leave etc. They paid for his higher education when his job required it. He got on the housing ladder and benefited from decades of house value rises.

    If he was born more recently, it's safe to say he would have led a very different life.

    Employers expect you to fall out the sky fully trained and with references. They don't know how you will get all the training and experience needed, but demand it anyway. University qualifications aren't special, despite all the debt you accumulated to obtain them.

    You're expected to accept a "flexible" contract, were you work at their convenience and can be fired on demand. Union power is almost none existent. If you try to stand up for yourself against any injustice, the zero hour contract allows them to deny you an income while keeping you employed; preventing you from signing on for financial aid or seeking another job. If you sigh on, you voluntarily made yourself redundant so get an automatic sanction.

    There was no work pension until recently due to government intervention; which is nothing compared to my dads generation. No paid sick leave. House prices are completely unaffordable, including the rental market. You may end up at a food bank despite working full time because your rent gobbled up your paycheck.

    Yet this is the "privileged" and "lazy" generation apparently. They're accused of lacking a work ethic, while simultaneously being pushed into conditions their parents would never consider acceptable. If this happened in their generation, the unions would never stand for it, but of course union power has been squashed so there is no one to stand up for them any more. They just get a increasingly shitty deal and are told to be grateful for it.

  3. Millennials suck. Passive little peace mongers. The baby boomers aka hippies. Just spread stds and became Real Estate douchebags. All that freedom fighting and love just to become the fascist you fought. Great job Baby Boomers you suck too. Gen X are the adults now and the crazy fuckers who are gonna control the world.

  4. Huh.
    Baby boomers fucked up the economy, irreparably damaged the environment, and had the larger instances of racism and sexism. Homosexuality was illegal. Basic civil rights didn't exist. (See US, where African Americans were allowed the vote, in 1964 – the same era the "Baby Boomers" Ended. They presided over the worst of the paedophile scandals – and didn't believe their children when they were abused – which was what allowed the huge levels of abuse to take place.
    It wasn't that some teachers, priests, and officers were able to abuse children. It was that these children weren't believed when they needed something to be done.

    Gen X wasn't much better.
    Had the best economy, housing industry. They could leave uni and walk into a job. And ignored the paedophiles.
    Their education was free. And once its done, they'll work far less then Gen Y will – for a better pension – and the things they wanted to buy cost far less. Which of us is Lazy?

    If you're chief complaint of Gen Y is that they are easily offended by other things, and when they are offended (Instead of ignoring it) say: "Hey, what you're doing is wrong – stop being a dick" – even if you think that what they define as "Wrong" is needlessly over the top?
    Then I'd say things are a significant improvement.

    The End result, is that Gen Y will end up working harder, for longer hours, for a longer time, for less money – most won't be able to afford a decent rent, much less own a house, and will be left in ridiculous debt as a result.
    And why?
    Because a bunch of tossers in Gen X fucked up the global economy – and the environment to boot – and plan of dying before it impacts them.

    So lets not go around calling Gen Y lazy, arrogant, or entitled, shall we? They're going to be the ones cleaning up the previous Gen's mess.

  5. This generation, millennials, have a different definition of patience that is almost unknown. The way they interact with electronics is new to humanity. The attention spans are worse than any childhood of the past. Plus, gen X came up with and passed on this "all about the kids" philosophy that brought the level of selfishness up among millennials who seem to think people owe them something. I've heard millennials say "why did you have me if you didn't want to deal". This is new to the earth. Gen X grew up thinking "we are so grateful to be here. Whatever we want we have to get it". Baby boomers worried about sex and crime with with generation X because they educated us poorly about that. Millennials act more like children well into their 30s more.

  6. baby boomers and gen x-ers will always paint my generation as lazy or incompetent simply because it then shifts the burden of blame from them to us. All of a sudden we're not hard done by our elder's economic missteps and greed. We're simply just not good enough to make the cut.