Millennials Want To Change The Country But Too Many Boomers Are Holding Back


There’s no question that there are generational differences in the United States, but those differences have hit a new high in recent years. The younger generation is seeking fundamental, radical change in this country, while the Baby Boomers who run the country are trying their best to fight it. There is a lot to understand about what’s happening, some of it that is actually beyond our control. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this generational “war” and why there’s plenty of reasons to be hopeful for the future.
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The growing generational divide here in the United States is going to be on full display, not just in the 2020 election, but essentially throughout the campaign. In fact, rashly already seeing it right now what you have is you have the baby boomer generation who for the most part, again, not all of them, but for the most part, they’re kind of fearful of change. They are okay with the way things are, don’t think we should do anything too dramatic or radical to upset the system and let’s just kind of keep going with what we’ve got and we can make small tweaks here and there and find some common ground and just keep on sale and smooth. And then you have the millennial generation who say, you know what, and gen X, to be honest, uh, things are pretty much been screwed up since we were born. We’re dealing with these horrendous school shootings on a weekly basis, sometimes even more frequently than that. We’ve lived our entire lives already seeing the effects of climate change and you guys have done nothing to fix that and we’re just 12 years away from the worst effects of it. We can’t afford healthcare. We don’t have unions to protect us and fight for higher wages. We need to increase the minimum wage. It took you baby boomer generation only 306 hours of work at minimum wage to afford four years of college. It takes us 4,500 hours of work to afford a four year degree. So we’re saddled with hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt. So yeah, we don’t want incremental change. We don’t want to sit down and talk about things for years and years and then maybe do something kind of that fixes a little bit of the problem. We want to blow it up now. We want to fix it, we want to change it and the only way to do it is to just yank that bandaid right off and get it over with.
I am a millennial. I am on like the upper tier of that a generation. But technically by definition I am one of them. And I do agree with him on this. And again, please, it’s not all baby boomers. I see plenty of them on social media out there being activists in the media who want this same thing. But unfortunately the people who control the way things are right now, Congress, the Senate White House court systems, most of them are baby boomers and most of them are terrified of change. And part of the reason for that one, they make a lot of money the way things are, they don’t want to blow it up. But to fear of change is something that naturally happens to human beings as they age. There are plenty of studies that confirm this as age as we get older, our bodies, our minds do not, uh, there are no longer able to do the things they were used to do. And as such, people become a little bit more fearful. You know, I can’t do what I used to do. I’m more frail, I’m more fragile.

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  1. Great video fire bro! Yeah man, I as a millennial, need things to be change because without change we are stuck in the past forever. All I want from the baby boomers is to help us millennials take control and make a change for a better future.

  2. So many boomers stopped voting because they made so many excuses, "My vote doesn't matter", "My vote doesn't count", "All politicians are corrupt, so why vote?" Complacency is what got us into this current morass teaming with more asses. If you don't vote, you have no reason to complain. GO VOTE!

  3. You really think the parents of Millenials and Gen Z want to watch their kids struggle? Who do you think has taken out the $90 Billion in Parent Plus loans, kept kids on their health insurance, phone plans, and car insurance? Who is it supporting their kids well into their 20's and early 30's?

    We're all suffering at the hands of the 1%. Let's not attack one another.

  4. This 68 year old baby boomer is sick of the status quo. I am all in for Bernie Elizabeth AOC and anybody working for progressive values. Cannot believe that we still do not have Medicare for all. And I am terrified for my children and grandchildren what kind of life they’re going to have when our representatives are not even acknowledging climate change and if they do they’re notPushing for change hard enough. I pray Bernie wins and I hope AOC supports him.

  5. This baby boomer want change first term limits, campaign finance reform, corporate welfare, fair taxes for everyone. We need too fix climate change, increasing wages, and health care benefits for everyone. This boomer didn't vote for Reagan, hate republicans think they should be a illegal party. This independent says they are corrupt, traitors to the American People. Both parties are worthless assholes. But people in this country are a fucking asshole loser and they only care about themselves and have their fucking in their phones. Hey you fucking stupid assholes nobody on this fucking planet is that important so get over yourselves assholes.

  6. I agree I'm sick of these close minded baby-boomers..they hate me.. okay I admit I'm a baby boomer..but I'm an independent liberal..I tell all the old haters it's the young that will save this country..I see everything you are saying..I'm just sick of all of it.. Reagan that's the beginning..I'm a good boomer..besides pissing the oldies off..with my opinions. What can I do.

  7. Born also in 1959, this baby boomer is completely fed up with what has happened to my country and the Democratic party. We don't have time for incremental change anymore. Besides, the DNC and anyone supporting the centrist, incremental thinking isn't thinking enough.

    This election, like 2016, was less about right versus left than it was about establishment versus populist. In 2016, it wasn't Martin O'Malley who set the crowd on fire – it was Senator Bernie Sanders, the populist, who was polling to beat Trump, and by a larger margin than HRC. We have lost over a thousand seats nationwide over the past decade by running – guess what? – centrist Dems! And one look at the various rallies and it is pretty obvious who is attracting the largest, most energized crowds, and it ain't Biden or Harris.
    If they don't understand and finally, FINALLY actually start listening to the people and give the proper priority and energy to policy's that are important to US and not their campaign donors, they WILL be handing Trump another term. And I think we need to send every damn centrist Dem a cheap little mirror immediately after the general when Trump beats whatever worthless neolib is chosen by the DNC. That way, the second that they start blaming "Bernie Bros" or Russia or third parties or progressives, we can respond universally with just four words – "look in your mirror"……….