Must Watch: Subverting the “BABY” Boomer’s to Bring in the NWO!


Note: If the Audio Variation between the video & my voice is to annoying, just Watch the video it self! A MUST Watch Video! Also Well Worth Subing to his Site, Before it’s Gone! BTW: Coast Guard is On my Ass for All my current video’s covering : China, the Ocean & Now the Subverting of America! Ask Yourself WHY?

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  1. The chamber of commerce, in every town, is the tail of the dragon. The churches are also infiltrated and subverted. If you try to wake up your neighbor they will-instead of waking up-seek a way to destroy you. Our country-the people-somehow seem to believe only what they want to hear. What their itching ears want to hear…

  2. Im an expert on the church infiltration. Well kinda. I filed an ACLU report. Its toilet paper now. C my playlists for fagan. Eustace mullins. Walter veith. Fritz springmeyer. Call for an uprisings good. Alberto rivera. Malachi martin. Albert pikes 3 wars. And for bible truth no one but me im aware of. Bill cur channel. 2 videos=180. C all 200+ comments. 155 item list. Great trib 2 part comment. Deborah tavares i name the players of the trib. State lots of 1sts youve never seen any man say. Ppl want their truth spread and neglect the truth. Opus dei. 666 trap. Satanicnetwork. 66 leo satellites. 5g. Jared kushner owned 666. Google glass elon musk forehead mark. If you study all i say your in line for life if you do matt 28:19,20. You guys have lots of reference ppl i dont. Its just chocolate or vanilla. Nsa hit lists of 120 million Americans. Mt graham lucifer telescope. Ron wyatt finding red sea crossing and noahs ark. Fdr shape shifter commie. Bush hitlers cousin. Reagan actors guild pres and main commie. Russel trust and skull n bones. Its endless.

  3. Deleted Comment about the Jews!  No surprise there!:          Are you really ready to face the " Enemy Within ? "

    Then you are gonna have to realize and face up to ((( Who ))) is behind the AGENDA to Destroy America ……

    They will tell you , to your face , what their AGENDA is ……

    How the ((( Enemy Within ))) has screwed up our college students ….

    ((( They ))) will tell you to your face of their INTENSIONS ( AGENDA ) ….
    GENOCIDE of ALL WHITE Western Nations !  …..

    If you are willing to ADMIT and CONFRONT ((( Them ))) , you must realize that there is over
    20 Million American Christian (?) Zionist , who are willing to watch America be DESTROYED ….. as long as the Zionist Agenda is accomplished  !

    A lot of the Ignorance and misunderstanding of the Threat " From Within " can be placed at the feet of the 501c3 TAX EXEMPT Christian (?) Church CORPORTIONS …. who have sold their souls and Faithful out to the " Enemy Within " for thirty pieces of Tax Free Silver  !

    Try and bring this subjects up in the weekly Corporate meetings , will only get you shunned and called a " Racist " and / or " Anti-Semite ! "

    Quote Voltaire , " Know ((( Who ))) rules you by ((( who ))) you can not Criticize  !Read more

  4. I don't have to ask WHY. I immediately KNEW why. As you know, at least read what I have written to you, I am, and have been in the past, TARGETED. I am fighting an UPHILL battle also….5-G on one side, and smart meters on the other. They're killing people, animals, fish, birds, and ALL plant life, while at the same time, building underground bunkers, which will NOT hide them from the LORD GOD anyway, they just don't know that. The LORD GOD will open them bunkers up like a can opener opening a can, and fill them with water!! Or fill them with SOMETHING they can't fight back. So, we just fight…. praising and praying to the LORD GOD all the while. YOU my friend are doing what you SHOULD do…. EXPOSING THE TRUTH!!!! KEEP DOING THAT! BE ENCOURAGED! When you can't get videos on anymore, either the LORD will open another door, or HE is saying your job is done HERE, I have something else for you now. In my case, it's sharing videos, and actually taking it to the streets, busses I ride, stores I go into, etc. Do I get persecuted? YES! But when asked why do I do it….my answer is…. because I am told to EXPOSE the evil….not to do nothing. Good job Cindy!!!!

  5. peoples MUST wakeup and start defeating this uncontrollable evil, if you tolerate and allow this evil into this world, we have reasons to believe they have already put their wicked agendas in place and are drawing their maniacal plans to destroy this earth completely. STOP the beast system!