Narcissism, OJ & The Baby Boomers



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  1. Liberals, right wing nazis either way its selfish, wickedness at least according to biblical terms. ( most right wingers are supposedly biblical only without actually reading or understanding bible, basically decieved or being deceived). Patriotism is statism just as hitler was a patriot. Hitler tried to conquer, usa aka daughter of babylon tries to conquer. Murder is murder not self defense. But they ( govt )arent murdering, they leave that to the willing servants who blindly follow. Its not the rich who do the work, they just reap the wealth off the backs of the poor willing to die for a bronz metal

  2. Meatnormous being happy OJ got off reminds me of when I was like 10 and my "parents" came home from voting, and I asked who they voted for. When they said Clinton, I remember being so disgusted….that they weren't able to see through that guy…smh….but now…NOW it makes sense!

  3. I remember being 11 during OJ Simpson chase and trial. My dad is an audio file and at that time every weekend was spent in downtown Vancouver for hours while he listened and researched speakers and stereo equipment. I was an only child still then and I didn't mind because I was stuck in my head a lot as a child and enjoyed the long drives into the inner city and listening to music. But at this one stereo store they had a room for people to wait (probably for wives and other people who were being dragged along and had no interest in it). They had leather recliners and these huge big screen tvs which were fucking huge back then. And it was the first weekend we started going that OJ was being chased. I was enjoying a "c-plus," beverage and watching it. Then the subsequent visits started getting boring because it was always just about OJ Simpson and CNN was almost 24hr. Daily coverage. I remember thinking "what's so important about this guy that we need to watch this every day – day in and day out and at eleven I had no idea who the fuck this guy was. It just seemed to drag on forever. Then when he was found not guilty I thought, ALL THAT for nothing. What in the actual fuck?!!

  4. I remember being in 5th grade when the verdict was read. People in my class were asking me what I thought (innocent, guilty, etc.). They kept insisting that he was innocent and I kept saying "yeah right he's fucking guilty". Then another teacher came in and told us he was found innocent. My classmates then started mocking me like the narcs in training they probably all were. And these were all the popular kids too. Go figure.

  5. I was born in 61 , right at the tail end of the boomer generation , but I didn't benefit from the boomer generation , I might have , but my narc father saw to it that I didn't benefit from anything , so it didn't matter what generation I was born in to.
    I remember watching O.J. play football ,he was great , that's why he stood out over the rest.
    When the whole O.J. deal went down I remember standing at the breakfast bar at my narc fathers house with my narc brother , we were talking about the O.J.murders , it took me by surprise how they both sided with O.J. , they could care less that he killed two people , they wanted him to get off.
    The same thing when 9-11 happened , they had absolutely no empathy for the 3000+ people who died that day.
    They looked at me as if I was the one who had the problem because I didn't see it their way.
    That was a big red flag wake up call for me , these guys were not wired right , now that I have woken up , I understand why that is.

  6. If you were in your 20's in 1994, you could still get bored. No real internet yet, but we had a thriving 24 hr news cycle – so you could have OJ all day if you wanted. Prevailing white baby boomer point of view (USC graduates in SoCal, prime example): He snapped. (trying to wax philosophical) This is a crime of passion. Oh he did it, but I understand why. if I were in his position, I might have done the same thing. (you know – like crimes of passion should be excused bc it's me, your handsome narc!) GenX response: crimes of passion are still crimes, you hippie-crite! (to ourselves) fuck, OJ is criminally insane! should I have seen that coming? (to each other) did he always seem fake to you, or does it just seem that way now?

  7. Why do you zero in on baby boomers? There are narcissists in every generation. I am 68, a baby boomer, and I am not a narc. But I was raised by a narc mother. When you say baby boomer, it feels like I'm being victimized by a fellow survivor. and P.S. I hated OJ and was appalled that he got off.

  8. I'm a baby boomer (b. 1960), and was really shocked to hear about all of this regarding Mr. Simpson back in '94. Before this, he just seemed to be some guy in a hurry who ran through airport terminals in Hertz Car Rental commercials on TV. Then as now, I didn't/don't follow sports events/celebrities. Even back in those days, I didn't watch much television other than the network news, generally during a major event. The narcissists were out in full force at that time, especially when Mr. Simpson was acquitted. My thinking at that time was that if he was judged by a jury of his peers, we MUST accept the verdict, regardless of what we thought.

  9. I'm a baby boomer and was very upset when OJ walked. However, I get what your are saying. There is a big strain of narcissism in my generation. These narcs tried to corrupt all boomers. A good many of us got out a little tainted, but still have our humanity intact.

  10. I remember the OJ saga but had never heard of him before. Didnt know he cut their heads off? Jesus thats fucking evil and how the F did he get aquitted. My take it on it is that what he did made US, ie general public feel better about ourselves. Ie but hes rich and famous. and.look at him now. In Australia we call Tall.Poppy syndrome. Now we have to listen to the OJ crap again…and he will probably benefit from it.. Also another tack to it the whole Fn OJ thing is that it was about race and the reason he got let off would have been the whole race issue . It would created a whole riot problem that who knows how the police would have handled.that. Oh yeah the meatnormous"s of the world would think it (a win)' against authority!. I remember watching the verdict….A bit of yelling at the TV went on. WTF! .

  11. Ollie,  it all has to do with getting ratings through race-baiting. According to a 2016 poll by the Washington Post, 83% of white Americans and 57% of black Americans believe Simpson was guilty of the murders. Plus lets not forget that with BLM not being the big news story like they were last summer and the summer before, the MSM desperately needed a racially themed issue to fill the gap. Race-baiting= ratings.