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  1. I'm not proud to be a Baby Boomer, this is embarrassing!
    I am proud to say that both of my boys are working in there chosen careers , there successful moving forward and both live on there own.
    Both are in there 20's and Republicans by there choice. I don't interfere in there lives.

  2. (((((((SCHUSTERMAN))))))). One of my Instagram friends calls them "Busybodysteins". Damn Ollie–this made me realize what it is that rubs me the wrong way about this crap–about which my mother has been sharing posts daily–along with womens march crap. It's because the eternal boomer is actually behind it all. And I've been mulling it over for some time 2 questions you just answered: What is it about boomers, and what's with the apocalyptic plague of narcs and estranged families. And I was quite pleased how you tied it into 🍕gate. It truly shows they don't give 2 shits about children at all.

  3. Thanks Ollie for pointing out what should be obvious, but is not for a generation that thinks gaslighting is normal. Gen X needs to wake up. Because of your videos, I am now aware of boomer BS. I appreciate your candor and honesty and is what Gen X needs to hear.

  4. Thank you so much… It will take twenty yrs to fix what they f*cking screwed up. These are the same ppl that called troops coming home from nam baby killers, spread hiv like wildfire w their hippie orgy ways, did cocaine for ten years straight when it wasnt illegal, and talk shit on us. Assholes, its the pit of vipers, and they have collectively and abusively manipulated us gen x ppl and have no regard for our thoughts veiws. OLLIE YOU ARE 100 PERCENT RIGHT! I will rise up and deny these selfish peices of crap

  5. Boomers is the interfere , gen x lived there lives to please boomers, if they did what they wanted to do they probably would have done different things , this is the point he's making which is the same point t I've been making , people become narcs to please there narc parents , and the only way to become like the narc parent is to time travel back to things only the narc parents like , back in the baby boomers days they had wars , ww 1 ww 2 , which people were DRAFTED into NOT BY CHOICE , but that doesn't stop boomers from bragging about it and forcing gen x kids to go to service BY CHOICE , so after the boomers we're DRAFTED there were a lot of jobs available , so alot of people had jobs making weapons for the war , that's how the boomers got there big mini mansion like houses , but lack knowledge on how gen x can get houses instead of apartments , all boomers can say is get a job or go to service , they leave out the DRAFT , plus jobs were a NEWER thing back then which not alot of people were seeking and alot of people were hippies or crack heads back then , so boomers think gen x is gonna be hippies and crack heads , which is not true , crack was new then as well , now since boomers always say JOB JOB JOB GET A JOB GET A JOB GET A JOB to every gen x , ALL THE JOBS ARE TAKIN , JOBS ARE NOT NEW ANYMORE , EVERYONE HAS A JOB OR WANTS A JOB , so there are none , if any of us get one we get fired faster then the boomers days , gen x kids know this that's why we try to entrepreneur , but it's hard to do that because alot of GEN X KIDS WANT TO BE LIKE THE BOOMERS AND END UP NOT SUPPORTING ENTREPRENEURS , so that's how the narc spectrum works , but if the boomers life depends on the gen x there not going to push the job ~service ~colledge agenda , if it's life or death then there going to want the gen x to explore whatever option works , but this world can't move on to entrepreneur ideas till the boomers influence is takin out of the picture , which is gen x choosing to not listin to someone who has no idea what it's like to be in there shoes , life made a big jump from the 80's to 90's boomers still think TV's are new , while gen x can't even get computer advice from the boomers ,

  6. The same generation that stages sit ins in congress instead of doing their elected jobs to lead.
    Baby boomers can not die off quick enough. The older generations job is to lead, if they can't lead, get the fuck out of the way, they need to die. It is the natural order of our species. A natural order that boomers have systematically tried to get around at a cost of the 2 generations they brought into this world.

    Us gen exers had no chance with such malignant narcissitic parents the boomers are known for, i fear for the millenials, children of us gen exers, are going to have it far worse. And we're making it worse for them by scapegoating them like the boomers did, have done, and are still doing to us.

    We can break this cycle, it will take more work than most can fathom, however if we dont change, what fucking right do we have to expect younger generations to change.

    I live my life by 3 things.
    1: if you know better, DO better
    2: if you do better, you become better.
    3: if you become better, the world around you becomes better.

    Don't hope for change. Be the change and do your best to make sure it is good and beneficial change instead of just hoping for shit to get better.

  7. I'm Gen-X and grew up in the US. My husband and I don't recall protest movements during our youth. For whatever reasons, we didn't protest: parents who maintained strict control over us as youths? Having to work, do chores and go to school and not having the TIME OR MONEY to go protest? A culture that only seemed interested in having us work and consume? And that's basically what Gen-X did – worked, went to school, consumed.- just like we were told to do. And now we're being trashed for it? I'm glad I didn't have kids. (I'm not a republican)

  8. These boomers are happy to have anyone who disagrees with their ideology jailed.They were bank rolled by parents.And still saved no money.Now they have no problem having the government take over our lives .So they do not have to bank roll their children or grandchildren.Hate them.One of them not by choice.Tried to shame me when I stayed home with my children.Will not let the grandchildren call them grandma.Think they are sexy.

  9. These generations are beyond dangerous, wicked, and unrepentfully greedy & evil. Buying up all the media, stealing credit, lying about youth's accomplishments, and manipulating politics & religion purely for selfish gain; they have no interest in improving the system, but only their position within it. They spread ugly disgusting lies and hatred, blame the children, and drive people to suicide & stress to the point that they break them and make them feel broken, pathetic, disgusting, and spoiled for wanting health & respect. They have no love or interest in truth, or justice, damn near most or nearly all of them. Absolutely. They control the land, resources, and bash, ostracize, and hate the youth as they lust after them to boost their egos and enviously compete with them.

  10. Spot on! I'm a GenXer. I have been researching this issue of Boomers for about a year. Ever since I have started, I can definitely see a pattern with all the boomers in my life and also recognize how this has played out in society. It's tragic and fascinating at the same time.