Narcissistic Baby Boomers & Media Denying You The Last Word



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  1. I’m so glad you wrote this too! They need to stop protecting / enabling these narcissistic people. My older sister, who’s narcissistic, abused me as a kid & majority of my life which is why I have little to do with her. My mom enabled it and never stood up for me. Earlier this year, my Narc sister had the nerve to say to me “I’m removing you from my will so don’t expect anything from me since you supposedly make good money. I’m leaving everything to our brother and his kids, and also Mom. All I want you to do is be responsible for speaking positively about me at my funeral service “. My sister is nuts! She literally wants to abuse me even after she dies, by having me lie to folks in a funeral/ her church. I don’t care if she doesn’t leave me anything but if I do speak at her service, I’m speaking the truth & exposing her! One of my cousins said I would be wrong for doing that.

  2. I just let my narcopath dad back in my life after years and years of no contact after a near death experience and invited him to my house, well my house sucks my car is ugly and white and my boat is a waste of money and I should save all my money turn it into silver so I can buy insulin in the end times. Oh man not even me literally dying and struggling to come back he witnessed me in a effing coma and still no change. Id probably still do a nice obit though at least generic

  3. I think we should start suing our parents for poor parenting. The fact that parents can traumatize their children for 18 years behind closed doors, then let those children fumble through life less of who they were meant to be, at best, means that ALL parents, especially narcissist parents, know they won't be held accountable for their behavior.

    Bravo to these children who told the truth about their narcissist mother who abandoned them in childhood.

  4. As an obituary expert, I guess, she didn't have to take psychology at all. If she did, I guess, she didn't pay very good attention. Probably didn't get involved in the basics of things, like cycles of abuse.

    Thank God for spell check and all the other automatic "know your grammar" programs out there. I bet, she was really bored in literature, as well.

    The facts, are the facts!! These people that Express their true experiences, absolutely should not be invalidated/devalued. Somebody's dead does not change the facts. The survivors, being silenced, only continues the problem.

    It seems, when somebody dies, our ancestors never forget what they went through, with her ( untreated, mentally ill ancestors, before them). This awareness/acceptance, changes the cycle of abuse for down Generations. Yet, they just keep knocking their offspring around emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

    We have come way too far in medical advancements, for cluster B personality types, so we don't have to hurt our children. All we have to do is take responsibility. I'm very first step. Our most important part is coming to grips with our realit. Knowing our truth. Giving a voice to our stories. Is very important, for validation and to stop the crazy making process.

    I think the "going too far" movement in this article, is more properly described by Ollie, as the "gaslighting movement.

    The theory of don't speak ill of the Dead, is more like, keep your family secrets, from my point of view, which is very unprofessional. I don't have any medical background, outside basic psychology and the whole lot of recovery.

    Knowing the truth and telling my story, has been pivotal. Taking away somebody else's voice, is not on my list of things to do. It took me far too long to, refined mine.

    And I have to tell you, thank you, mr. Matthews, for all you do for us.

    I'm no legal expert, but I do have lots of questions for the other adults, in these situations that have allowed continued years abuse, in their families/communities/schools/churches/ect. Where does they're liable, come in?

  5. Here's the THING, you narc x 'parents', it's gonna be like wack-a-mole!
    If one truth-bearing obit gets taken down, there's 10 MORE that's gonna go up in its place. We will be RELENTLESS.
    They'll be peppered all over the media…on obit sites, in blogs, on YouTube, on flyers that keep mysteriously showing up in the narc's favorite hang outs, near & in their CHURCHES, in the church…left casually on the pews, notice boards, in grocery stores, country clubs, in mail boxes &, of course …replenished on regular basis, laminated there on the headstone of your GRAVE while you lay there rotting in your dirt nap.
    Everyone is going to be BRIEFED on what demented, evil assholes you were.

  6. soon all the cunting baby boomers will be DEAD and we can at last be free of them. fucking dogs every one of them. fuck the dead. fucking dead beats in life. dead beats in death good riddance BB turds and as for the lying media if you can kill a journalist do it.

  7. Makes me sick when a person dies and family members paints the parent as saint with the eulogry or obiituary when they were nothing but evil . Reap what you sow . If children have been abused by their parents the chidren have every right to say what they want .

  8. Hey, I have an idea! Let's brainstorm & start an online obituary website called TRUTHFUL OBITUARIES & contact some powerful, high-profile people who'll talk about the site like HOWARD STERN. Get it all over the Media & on YouTube & get People talking about it EVERYWHERE so it's a website referenced a LOT.

  9. Well Gen X are masters of the Alternative Press and the Undeground. From Underground/Alternative Scenes to Zines to Flyers to Websites to Low Budget Documentaries and Films, Crowdfunding and now YouTube channels, we can get the word out without mainstream press and have been doing it for decades. For one – by printing articles like these against what the kids tried to do, they are spreading knowledge of what she did to them and what a POS she was. So their extra attention to the obituary is having the opposite effect, I"m sure no Baby Boomer POS wants there to first be an anti-obituary, but then have a big controversy re: the obituary that spreads the knowledge even further. So if your alternative obituary is pulled/contested, never fear – GOOD, because it's just hammering your point home more than ever. So all the more reason to do it – HOPE that it gets pulled because then it will get even more attention. Second, there are far more ways to get the word out than the mainstream press. If possible, in response to this repression, the kids should buy a billboard right in the middle of town and list every one of her misdeeds towards them and other people – so that aaaaallll the cars going by and all the people walking by will see it, and the news channels will all cover it and spread knowledge of what a POS she was to all the 4 corners of the Earth. If they can't afford that, maybe they could design posters and put them up on all the free bulletin boards all over town, and light poles, places to put flyers about events and so forth. Have posters and flyers printed up and replenish them weekly. Have a route and devote one evening per week to replenishing the flyers and posters so that they don't go away for MONTHS. Also hold events like the REAL Funeral that SHOULD have happened in which all her misdeeds are listed one by one in a performance with people acting out her misdeeds in small vingettes playing the roles of mother, kids, etc so that everyone in the crowd can understand what happened. And a big party at the end to celebrate her not being on the Earth any more, complete with dancing, bands, a DJ and so forth. All these things can be either crowdfunded or funded on a shoestring budget. So, it just depends on how much money they have and how far they are willing to go. In my situation, I was thinking of creating a "rap sheet" with all my parent's crimes, printed up like a real rap sheet and have their pictures photoshopped with signs saying what they really are like "child abuser" and so forth underneath their faces, and putting that all over town and on my YouTube channel, or holding a mock "trial" for them in which the "prosecutor" could riff on what they did and destroy the "defense attorney" who would make lame excuses like "well I'm not from this country so I didn't know what was going on" and other lies. It's all up to them. You can get as creative as you want to in the Alternative Press 🙂

  10. 🎶 Accentuate the positive. Eee-eee-liminate the negative 🎶
    "Adolf Hitler was a good painter, he kept a tidy mustache, loved dogs and was a real go-getter. He set his mind on a project & got it done. He was an organized thinker and kept meticulous lists.
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    His further interests included…
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  11. Oh I'm so glad you're covering this one. The rejection of this is also yet one more thing liberals do: deny that there's a thing called "judgment" by God. They just can't handle the truth. Also, these jerks want to deny the last word of these adult-children who may have been cruelly denied their inheritance by the narc. witch!

  12. To generalise is an ugly thing, to put together baby boomers and narcissism as if all baby boomers are narcissistic by nature is also a generalisation. One too many times, a generation is the fall guy for the elite who are actually the real narcs, those who do the laws, who do the dirty business of contaminating the world, who put generations against each other while they laugh all the way to the bank. How easy they got it when instead of pointing the finger toward the elite or ruling class, who are the true movers and shakers, we point the finger toward a generation. There are many kind of narcissistic persons, from the young ones to the older ones, and many shades of narcissism. And yes, totally agree that if these children wrote the obituary, paid for it, why on earth would anyone ban it? make no sense to me. Believe me, it won't hurt the dead a bit….take care

  13. Firstly, you can say whatever you want about your own relatives, without any checkpoints by the media and the public. They’re your family, your victimizers, and you know them better than anyone. People who criticize the obituary and seek to muzzle the adult children who write it have stepped out of their crease.

  14. I will NOT miss you your EVIL,MAD and CRUEL mother from HELL…,you EVIL "daughter of a bitch"''
    You stealed my childhood,life,my 2 children and my men..
    I say FUCK YOU mother,I hope you will rest in HELL and GOD may forgive you for all the suffering ,betrayal and you left me when I was only 1 years old ..And go to this criminal motorcycle guys for to have "fun"'
    You betrayed and hurt my father too..,and cause his dead 75 year old autumn 2015.'
    And you use gaslightning,flying monkeys,rumours,criminality,stealiing and use my younger brother as a GOLDENBOY and as pudle..And you indirectly for several time tried to starving me to dead,push psychopat violent criminal men into my life..
    Id swindel,fraud,and conspirate against me for to destroy and kill me slowly.
    You are a LOSER and a IDIOT mothet😡

  15. Genuinely wouldn't have an issue my children writing what they like upon my passing..

    I also wonder where the rights are to the people that are going against the grain & writing their truth in the obituary, the people complaining have their rights addressed & the people who have passed have their rights addressed but not those who have been victimised.. Writing something as simple as they did isn't a problem, it's madness!
    I absolutely believe it's narcs complaining about this, they're always a step ahead of the game & on to next one while we still hunt for the instructions to wtf is going on.
    Bollecks to that article…

    I doubt I'd be able to do this in the UK.. I'll come here instead.. 😂