Nearly 2 in 3 Voters Back Biden’s More Stringent Emissions Pledge


Predictably, Democrats had higher levels of support than the overall electorate, at 85 percent compared with just 4 percent opposed. And while fewer than half of GOP voters say they back the move (43 percent), those in support outnumber those who oppose (39 percent), albeit by a difference that falls within the subsample’s margin of error. 

A separate poll from Morning Consult and Politico found that 21 percent of voters had seen, read or heard a lot about the commitment, while 39 percent heard some and 19 percent said they heard nothing at all. Conducted in the days following Biden’s two-day international climate summit — before which Biden unveiled the commitment and encouraged similar pledges from the 40 world leaders he had invited — the April 24-26 survey found that a larger share of voters had seen, read or heard of the emissions pledge than of the event itself: 15 percent heard a lot about the event, 29 percent heard some and 31 percent heard nothing at all.

Regardless, a plurality of voters applauded both the scope of the commitment and the country’s move to reclaim the mantle of climate leadership. 

Asked to consider whether Biden’s 2030 emissions goal displays the right level of ambition, 42 percent of voters said it is “just right,” while 30 percent said it is too ambitious and 11 percent said it is not ambitious enough. 

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