Newsweek blames the Baby Boomers 60’s generation for the fall of America


Newsweek blames the Baby Boomers 60’s generation for the fall of America
We need to depopulate the low life who cost Americans so much

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  1. Social Security is not an entitlement, unlike welfare. . if you pay into the program, you should be able to get it. Also, this guy is talking about taxing the middle class (who are already taxed to death) but says NOTHING about taxing the super rich more. .. you know, the ones holding the lion's share of the wealth?

  2. We're learning the hard lesson that human desire exceeds supply: one is unlimited, the other isn't. Politicians happily – and voters, stupidly – ignored the simple math at cost to all future generations. They still think that "what I want, now" is all that's needed to improve the world. What galls me is that most of these boneheads won't live long enough to find out how wrong they were; and, they aren't the ones paying the price.

  3. More republacunt propaganda: raising taxes on the middle class. There are no more taxes to be taken. The republaCUNT "national socialist" need to go to the communist welfare queen on wall street and corporate America for more taxes. Better yet, get rid of the FED and personal "income" tax and stop taxing me to buy 300oz. of silver wiring to put in cruise missiles, shit like that boomer cocksuckers.

  4. Yes you silly people. Keep believing people like this who are actually the people draining you. lol for heavens sake these stations are owned by the elites and want hate to occur between ALL of the human race.
    Some of us "baby boomers", have never had anything.
    Did you ever ask yourselves whether or not the baby boomers would have worked hard or earned a $ if they thought it would ruin the future of their children? I assure you they would not have done it
    The baby boomers were tricked just like you have been and are now being.
    It's the people at the top (the elites) doing this to you and not the boomers.
    The average boomer didn't send industry overseas or push Immigration to where most of us in our Western nations are now being crushed.
    Stop blaming the average boomer, THEY COULD NEVER HAVE KNOWN THIS back then.
    Instead of whining it's time to look and say OKAY so damage has been done and as much as I don't like it, I must do something about it for the next generation.
    If you don't make a stand now, then, you're no better.
    Perhaps you will one day sit on the net and watch your children/grandchildren's generation point the finger at you and accuse you of knowing and doing nothing to help them.

  5. Look around you. Seriously. Don't take my word for it – do a "self inventory". Take a look at anyone in your life who is 58-65 years old. Do an assessment of them. Trust your own judgements. As you examine them, ask 3 questions: Are they divorced? Are they hard workers? Would you TRUST them with your money? That's a big one. I mean, would you "trust" them with your personal, financial information? My parents are from the WWII generation, and they know everything about my income, my banking, my finances. They would DIE before they would ever betray my trust – that was just a part of their upbringing, having survived the Great Depression. They know the meanings of "trust" and "liberty". In MY opinion, this "baby boomer" generation was/is the worst plague on this country – and any country – that has ever happened, ever. They take, and take, and take. They are self-indulgent, self-absorbed, and self-serving. Their divorce rate is the highest we have ever seen, at over 50%. Why? Because they are selfish assholes. Now, they are choosing Social Security as an "early retirement" option, which it was never intended to be. They didn't save a dime, even though they thrived during the best economic times this country has ever experienced. They simply spent their futures, and now they are content to spend the futures of generations who haven't yet been born. Don't believe me…? Strike up a conversation about Social Security with one of them. Mention that when SS began, it was a 10-1 payer-vs-payee system, and now it's 3-1. Ask them if they are concerned about future generations. Trust me – you'll get an honest, eye-opening response. They don't give two-shits about anyone but THEM. The sooner they die-off, the better this country will be. And I know plenty of them that I will miss, on a personal level. But, die already! Just go away.

  6. Yeah, that's why we Gen X'ers need to parole violent convicts into nursing home jobs! The Boomers are going to be covered in bed bugs, bed sores & stewing in their own piss & sh*t if the X'ers have anything to say about it. Surely, Boomers won't care for Boomers…they are too selfish to care for infants, let alone the infirmed. LOL!!!

  7. being a millennial my self, my generation has witnessed the society bullshit you guys tried to pull (and some how got away with for decades) because "times were different" The only positive thing i got out of this pervious generation was my ability to kick someones ass, i just learned when and were to do it, un like you stupid old dinosaurs who thought it was a brilliant plan to fuck with all these other countries for nonsense reason. baby boomers are the sole reason i don't want to have kids

  8. Thank you for your service but you were sold a lie. Vietnam was never going to invade us and that would have been impossible. The government sold that lie to the boomers. Why do you think the hippies were protesting? Vietnam was and is a piss ant country 8500 miles from the US who was so poor they had no proper navy. How were they going to invade us as you postulate? Quit believing the lies your government fed you in the 60's. They never attacked us, the US went over to their country.

  9. For years, I had many boomer teachers drone on and on about how great they are instead of educating. They like to take credit for and co-opt everything claiming it as their own. A number of times they literally took credit for MLK and the March on Washington in 1963. Those teachers would have been between 3 and 11 at tops, yet they went on how big of an influence they had on what led up to the Civil Rights Movement. They are so shameless they take credit for what the Silent Generation did,

  10. Were they to know back then that this would happen. I think not. You're being led to blame them and you're following what you're being told. Honestly think about it are the youth any better these days with constantly wanting to spend their money on the newest gadgets, malls and partying? I think not. Get over it, you're the new baby boomers who want everything in sight.

  11. Several boomers have told me….I left high school, chose from one of several good paying jobs no experience or education required, bought a nice cheap house, drove new cars, had a summer cottage, and retired young with good pension and second home. Fast forward to today. To get a $9/hr job I have to urinate in a cup so a boomer can judge my character. They check my driving record, check my criminal record, check my race, my gender, my education. The boomers had it easy. They got theirs.

  12. If I was president, jail the baby boomers taking entitlements, seize their assets to pay down the national debt. Is it mathematically fair for future generations to pay for someone's else inability to save for retirement? Math doesn't add up. Add insult to injury the weak dollar and long unemployment is making it worse. Government needs to reduce college costs by law, then help them find jobs for new generation because the baby boomers are not going to give a damn that's for sure. Tax Boomers.

  13. Baby Boomers were handed a perfectly good country because of all the hard work of the WWII generation. What did they do with it? They spit on the WWII generation and then ruined this country for all the generations that are coming. Baby boomers are self righteous, self centered, and are always trying to look for what is best for them. All this from a generation that proclaims love and togetherness. Thanks guys!

  14. i get sick of hearing everyone blame the baby boomers for there problems maybe they arent the problem you are time to grow up and make alife for yourself life is alot easier now then what they had thats the problem you complaining brats get everything to easy

  15. @vabch848 We had nothing to do with the energy crisis in the 70s. Even in the late 70s the eldest of us were only in the 30s. However I DO notice how low the morals sank after that time period. As if the sex and hippies weren't bad enough, it got much worse when you kids decided to screw everything you could see in the 1980s. But I digress. Pensions are offered by son jobs sonny.

  16. Baby boomers have single handedly distroyed this country, you suck! First its free love, free everything, F the Gov, then you finally go to work and all a sudden greed is good,"larry the Liquidator and step on your mothers back for a buck" and now you want to bleed your grandchildren dry to pay for your retirement. I got 2 letters for you FU