"OK, boomer": 25-year-old lawmaker shuts down heckler during climate speech


Chlöe Swabrick, who belongs to the Green Party, silenced a fellow member of the U.K. Parliament by saying, “OK, boomer” – a phrase adopted by millennials to call out people from the baby boomer generation.

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  1. The global economy is going to crash right as boomers are retiring. Their savings are mostly in equitities. What happens when those savings are suddenly worth 60% less due to market crash and the boomers have to sell that 60% off to live on?

    Maybe they'll try to sell their houses. But who will buy them? Not broke millenials. And what happens when millenials take over politics and get rid of all the pensions and boomer aid?

    Boomers are going to feel the pain. Lonliness and pain is coming for them.

  2. There is literally no hard evidence that we have caused climate change. Maybe it's the most like theory but that's all it is now. I guess people are too busy groveling at Greta Thunbergs feet and believing we are on the brink of a mass extinction to actually try and find some undeniable evidence to support it. The quest for climate change isn't a scientific one, if it was, it would be lead by scientists and not by a child with no real knowledge or facts on the subject

  3. I’m 27, but this is age discrimination. “Okay boomer” is a put down based on someone’s age, this could open up yet more discrimination in other ways. People bugging this up and thinking she’s so clever are very shortsighted. The social media generation – where every example of bad manners and etiquette gains steam and becomes the norm. Oh, what a wonderful future we will enjoy when the young people plant wind farms all over our earth and insult each other. Stop the world, I want off.