Ok, Boomer is now a SLUR?!


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The Boomers have become aware of the term, and they think it’s terrible in ways you won’t believe. Also, Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.

Boomer Memes Cause Chaos with the Olds

Epstein Meme

Martin Scorsese

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  1. Oh yes! I remember it like it was yesterday, the meme started as the 30 year old boomer, making fun of people in their 30s for still hanging out in forums especially body building forums, people would make decrepit and balding wojaks, it was used to death and was already dead way before ok boomer.


    Scorsese and Coppola and their films need to be forgotten. There is blood on their hands… Not as much as John Landis, but close.

    You want me to take film criticism seriously, bring me someone I actually respect. Taika Waititi, Patty Jenkins, Christopher Nolan, Rian Johnson, James Gunn.


    And that whole "needs to be a franchise" thing is bullshit. Jordan Peele is doing just fine.

  3. So, as a big fan of the marvel movies myself, i can still sympathize with what Scorsese is talking about. When a film as unique and good as Jojo rabbit only gets a limited theatrical release, it becomes apparent theres a problem in the way films are screened. Theres nothing wrong with superhero flicks, but theres enough room (and i think demand) for a higher caliber of fims too, and it makes me genuinely sad that a living legend like Scorsese cant get a wide theatrical release because return on investments "isnt there". I think enough people would gladly pay to see one of his flicks on the big screen, and if im able i totally will, even having a Netflix account.
    I know its cheesy, but at times like this im reminded of the old, made for tv Disney movie "phantom of the megaplex" and Mickey Rooneys line "Theres always magic at the movies" something streaming a film from home just cant replicate.

  4. If y'all want a true epstein pedo hunting experience, you should listen to the TrueAnon podcast, it's on soundcloud. They go deep into the whole pedo network spanning british royals, the maxwell family, kevin spacey, chris tucker, and so on. But beware, you could get a serious case of the epstein brain .

  5. I enjoy Marvel movies. And like with everything else I enjoy i understand and accept that others may not enjoy it too. We are human we cant all like the same things.

    However claiming that Marvel movies (or just any movie or piece of art that you dont like) is not cinema, or is not art is a pretentious, egotistical thing to do. Making good or great movies doesnt make anyone the authority on what cinema is.

    This is not a personal opinion he was giving that was making an assertion.

    So if there are people online calling him out on it think it is justified.

  6. Maybe I'm a bootlicker but I don't think product placement is so bad specifically in this context. From the picture, the monster cans don't seem too out of place, they look like they are where you would expect to see them. and it gives the developers a little extra cash and who knows if that helped them make the rest of the game better. Idk