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  1. Excellent commentary Ollie,You might want to have a separate channel where you talk like this…like Ollie comments on the News cult-ure, etc, etc,fake or true, take on the Narrsistic Culture clash with GenX, we are about there with POTUSpushing hard.We need more StreetSmarter''s like you that can readily spot a fugazy.

  2. oh boy i did respond negative to the video, so mabey im a narc and an alienator and dont see it. what bugged me the most and triggered me was lack of reasons why they broke up, the yelling and expecting the mother to accommodate crazy visit schedules and be able to sleep and work.i did get too wrapped up with what i went through as a single parent who wanted help so i could go to work, and if the father found out i was gonna work during an agreed visit he wouldn't show up. then again that might have been god working in a way i couldn't see at the time, the guy abused me horribly, he did abuse my son to the lesser degree (abuse i didn't recognize as abuse until i was in my 40s) and i was after separation under the delusion the father would only abuse me and not my son, so maybe god was protecting my son using the narcs game of the no show trying to hurt my finances but in reality protecting my son.

  3. You’re absolutely right about the black mothers. Obviously, not all; however, the behavior is common in black moms. I’m a 57 yr old black female. I was born in Jamaica (lighter completion), but my mom squeezed my nose every day as a child. Until today, if anyone say I’m attractive, I don’t believe them…as if my mom thought I was ugly, then I must be ugly.

  4. Wow Ollie!
    I'm part of gen X and I think you are spot on. You missed music. I am currently in shock at the amount of artists from the 60s, onwards who became my musical icons who I thought were women who are actually trannies 😳
    It's like we have nothing left. What's interesting is we are the thinkers and questioners today. So I think you are right they NEED us gone. 😕

  5. That woman in the parental alienation video didn't sound like a person struggling with a traumatic situation. She sounded like she was talking about what she's going to make for dinner. Her voice didn't have any emotional resonance in it. Then she said weird things that didn't match up. She talked about being a doormat for a few months — she has been in that situation for 19 months and she didn't provide any information about acting like a doormat. She avoided the baby daddy at all costs – and stonewalled him.

    When she asked for advice on how to coparent, she didn't sound like she actually wanted advice, after all, she wasn't coparenting with the baby daddy — she was blocking him out of the baby's life. She didn't demonstrate any interest in coparenting with the baby's father.

    It's always helpful for those of us who've been in relationships with narcissists to hear a video from a narcissist and an analysis of the tools the narcissist is using to gaslight and distort reality.

  6. Yeah, they kind of are erasing us but I think what's even sadder is these newer generations are not going to have their OWN stories to ground themselves on, reminisce about or identify with. How difficult is it to find a new plot and some new characters to adapt Joseph Campbell's "the hero's journey" on to give younger generations some inspiration; that's what lucas based star wars on. But I think it all goes back to boomers trying to suck up everything they can, something new might not make as much money at the box office.

  7. Hey, I'm a feminist. I saw no misogyny in that Parental Alienation video whatsoever. You were just calling it like it is. And based on my own experienced with my narcissistic mother who totally alienated my father after their divorce, the woman in the video totally sounded like she was enjoying it. You could HEAR the smiling and laughter in her voice. She thought it was FUNNY. That's exactly how my mom talks when she's pulling that shit and it's fucking psychopathic. I remember my mom having that tone in her voice when she was attempting to drive my 13 year old sister to suicide. She stood in the door laughing and smiling as I held my sister in my arms when she was breaking down. That is the voice of a monster. And it only became more apparent as the video went on that she was GETTING OFF on telling you the story. She was truly gaining pleasure from it. Anyone who can't see this is fucking deluded or an abuse apologist.

  8. Ollie, I agree w/ you on 99% of what you say & post. Your life experiences have made you very insightful.
    I have found in my life that a disagreement of opinion is just that… It's not the end of the world; the end of a relationship; not the signaling of WWIII. We all come to a post w/ a different filter because of our different life experiences. And that's okay, in my book. We can't all be the same & shouldn't aim to be. How boring life would be.
    All this to say, I appreciate all you do & say though I do disagree occasionally. I know, as the honorable man that you are, that you can respect my position.
    BTW, not a Star Wars fan, but agree totally on the remaking & revamping of classic movies. Devaluing of men, parents, POC, people of faith, the sacrificing of one's personal desires for the greater good.

  9. Ollie….you just keep doing what you're doing. You help so many people and in doing so, you will make it yourself. There's always gonna be haters. I hate to agree with what you said about money influencing our kids but it's true. Money might not but happiness but it sure as Hell gives you power and control. That's just the truth. Unfortunately, the people that have it get the most respect even if they don't deserve it.

  10. Your daughter might enjoy being a flying monkey. She might be so alone that bonding against ppl suffices for real bonding. That's hard to wake up from, let alone fix. I got a family full of 'em that I rarely speak to. Their whole world is the family. They don't have any outside friends. She may not wake up until somebody turns the family against her.

  11. Fun about the re writing historie.. have you heard about the mandela effect? Ollie i know its wierd but..
    I love the movie "forest gump" and in Denmark we dont syncronice movies we subtitle them, so when i saw it a couple of years ago i was in chok that forest says life WAS like a box of chocolates in sted of IS!

  12. When I am ready to tell my story I know that Ollie will be !00% honest with me and that is a very good thing. Keep up the good work Ollie! I so appreciate all your hard work and the time you put into your videos. Listening to everyone's stories feels like therapy and has made me realize how many of us have suffered at the hands of monsters.

  13. I'm new to your videos so I don't know half of what you're talking about. I agree that trollers are not worth your time and energy. They are time and energy vampires (hmm…like my NM!). I'm so sorry to hear about the situation with your daughter. It's obviously painful for you. But 14 is very young. She may come around some day when she decides to be her own person. I hope so because I imagine you are a great dad. In the meantime, thank you for your videos, Ollie. Just keep being you. You help a lot of people. God bless you. ♡

  14. I really enjoyed this video.
    I had wanted to know what was going on with Erin but didn't like to ask so I'm glad you touched on that topic. I'm sorry. That's all there is to say. When we're in the situation of having a narc child (I have one), it's so easy to grasp onto every bit of attention she might give you in the future. Even as dead on accurate as you are about everything narc, Erin is your child and could slip into your life and wreak havoc in the future. As you say, when the channel is bigger and you have monetary worth.
    Be sure to listen to Charlene. I believe she can keep you grounded in a situation in which you're too close to see clearly.
    However, my ultimate hope is that Erin will do a complete turnaround in time and see the value of her father. I am impressed that you showed the same high ethical standards when you were dead broke as you show now. Yes, I saw it, and I'm sure others did too. It's rare to find someone who can't be bought.
    The parental alienation video was a real eye opener. My ex husband tried all those tactics with me during our divorce when our children were 6 and 13. He's a flaming narcissist with "a cluster of personality disorders" as a psychologist once told me. I'll do a video about him someday as I promised.
    p.s. William Shatner's home is in the part of the county where I was born and raised. He lives up in the Ky River palisades at the end of a locked gated community where there are several houses. He used to enter all the county fair horse shows but hasn't for a long time now.  I too liked the old Star Trek shows, but rumor is he can be quite a jerk at times.
    He thinks he's hiding up there and nobody knows where he is. Fact is, nobody really cares 😉
    Peace out, go feed that cat!

  15. I don't care much about Star Wars outside of the originals, as I grew up on them, but my heart sank when I saw this new one on Friday. It's pro-communist, anti-capitalist; pro-female, anti-male; pro-progressiveness, anti-traditionalism…. The list goes on. It pushes everything that has fucked up our society, and they're not even being subtle about it.

  16. I have always (since being quite young) been internally 'sad' and lonely for the REAL, physically missing children: the aborted brothers and sisters that are NOT here b/c of ROE VS. WADE. Those aborted ones could have been here to assist more brothers and sisters, friends, and narcissism could have been avoided altogether. However, it is the narcissists, most likely, that aborted, at least some of the millions of children, and we are in a vacuum of darkness because this crime continues with all its legal rights. Does this make sense?

  17. I would love to hear your thoughts on what is going to happen to this 'last' generation. The dumb-downed, common core educated youth with their heads in their Ipads. I honestly believe this world cannot go on another ten years. My heart is for the youth who are being hurt by these abusers. We are going to self destruct at the pace of our world today. Your thoughts?

  18. There's not much to disagree with here re: Hollywood.
    I am sorry that you have had to let your daughter 'go'.
    I hope the 'release' will give you some peace, but I truly believe all is not lost with her.
    In the meantime please have loving times with your friends and Charlene this Christmas.
    Happy times will attract more happy times X

  19. I just have to witness you in your work Ollie. I do believe I came across your channel as a result of doing a project on personality disorders for my masters in counseling. They(instructors) often say that personality disorders especially NPD. They also say that treatment for just individuals is rare because of course they dont want to address their own shit. Also they said family/friends/ people in their everyday life are better at diagnosising a narc and narc are identified more often not as their client but as a relative. So often as mental health professionals we wont see a true narc in the chair across from us. You are really empowering people and giving them them the tools and confirmation they are not the insane ones. I love your sense of humor and speaking of harsh realities. Keep up the good work, you are moving mountains of for your true followers. Slight sidebar absolutely love your 🐱. Cats are very sensitive beings. My cat does the same thing when I am spitting some truth in my spiritual coaching/healing business. I believe that it is just another confirmation you are in alignment with delivering what you are meant to and the fact you are all inclusive and drawing people from all corners of the world… Just shows me you are doing God's work. While I dont personally have any major narcs in my life(so blessed) i begin to notice those secondary characters of my life more. I just am able to cut them out of my life before they become too attached and suck me dry. I just watch to uplift you and be witness to the good you do. Also it is my small part to help with the analytics! Have a happy and healthy holiday season and best wishes of happiness,proseprity, and health in the new year!!! Thanks again!