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Baby Boomer Seniors: Beyond the Rocking Chair


Beyond retirement and the iconic, stereotypical senior porch rocking chair, Baby Boomer seniors today are living longer and finding surprising, new ways to share their time, energy, and talents with others in their later years.

Do you remember watching your grandmother quietly knitting, while watching TV or listening to the radio for seemingly hours as your grandfather sat with her or puttered around the house? Well those days have passed as Baby Boomers and seniors all across the US are taking on new challenges, new roles, and new activities reflective of the fast paced times and economic climate we live in.

Today, Baby Boomer seniors are stepping out more than ever, even taking college classes in various areas of study and interest. In fact, proudly, some 20 years ago, my own mother graduated from the University of Maryland when she was 72 years old with a major in sociology, and a minor in linguistics. Yes, it took her 10 years, many buses and many, many late nights as she worked toward her lifetime goal of becoming a college graduate with her 4 year degree. To everyone’s utter surprise, she even successfully took algebra to get that degree. The course load was heavy, the time was well spent, and she was able to attain her lifelong goal… And it kept her young, alert, and active. My children, siblings and I will never forget them announcing over the loudspeaker that she was the oldest candidate that day at graduation!

With current statistics revealing that an astonishing 80 percent of seniors plan to work past age 65, and that one quarter to one half of them have not been able to save for retirement, things are bound to be different for the rapidly aging Baby Boomer generation.

It has been estimated that when the Baby Boomer generation reaches 65 years of age, the 65 and above demographic will be twice what it is today. With these unprecedented, massive numbers of seniors depending on Social Security for retirement, and working late into their senior years to supplement their Social Security income, Baby Boomers are in the prime, financial position to need to work longer- at least part-time- into their later years.

With that said, they will continue to be one of the busiest generations ever, as they balance working into their later years to earn extra income, help their children with their grandchildren, volunteer in their communities and churches working with the homeless, youth programs and literacy programs, register for college courses, join senior centers to take art classes, exercise and other classes, and the list goes on.

With this generation of Baby Boomer seniors putting aside the rocking chair in exchange for a more central role in American culture and society, many Baby Boomer seniors will be in the position to share their lifelong, valuable experiences, expertise, and the wisdom of their years with many people in and outside of their homes. Striving to make a meaningful difference in the world around them, these dynamic, active Baby Boomer seniors will be in the strategic position to positively impact people of all ages and backgrounds in unprecedented ways.

Future Thinking launches results of Baby Boomer study 11 January 2016 – Research Magazine


UK — Future Thinking is launching the results of Ageing Well, a study of Baby Boomers ( 50-70 year-olds) in the UK, France, Spain and Germany. 

The online study, in conjunction with marketing consultancy Seniosphere Conseil, gathers views from 1,600 Baby Boomers on what they do to age well, where they get advice, their physical and mental wellbeing and spending priorities, among other issues. 

“In recent years the 50+ market has become increasingly important to brands,” said Julian Kenway, commercial director at Future Thinking. “Our Ageing Well study, in association with Seniosphere, helps to understand the effects of ageing and the evolving needs of the baby boomer generation.”

Findings will be presented at two breakfast seminars in February. More information can be found here

Baby Boomers About to Retire in Their Multi Millions


The first of January 2011 was the first birthday of Baby Boomers. That is, they have reached an age where they are starting to retire and they are retiring in their multi millions.

Baby Boomers were first born in 1946, just after the war, and at that time couples were so happy to have peace again. Young men returned from War in 1945 and young women were pleased to see them – well you know what happens when young couples are happy and have not seen each other for a while. Lots of babies were born.

In my country of New Zealand, the population is only over 4 million and yet over 100,000 baby Boomers will be retiring this year. It will keep increasing each year after. In the states the number retiring this year is 10,000 per day.

This all begs the question, who is going to look after them (us) in our retirement, financially speaking. I am not there yet but only 5 years away.

We once looked to the age of 65 as retirement but all that has changed rapidly over the last 3 years with the credit crunch. Economically most of us have suffered, with loss of equity in our houses, plus it is not as easy to sell a house if that Baby Boomer wishes to downsize.

Later generations are choosing to have less children so there are not as many youngsters out there earning the money to support our superannuation.

In New Zealand a number of well educated youngsters have left to work overseas where they can command higher paying jobs. Can you blame them?

In the next 20 years in NZ there will be over 1 million people over the age of 65 and the working population is expected to drop.

Who is going to look after the Baby Boomers financially? My answer is ourselves. We just can’t rely on the Government for payments and can’t rely on the younger generation to produce enough income for us to retire on.

Somehow we have to find income that will support us in our retired years. We will have to keep working longer but usually our employers do not want to keep us after 65. In the States the 401k scheme has drastically been whittled away so retirement funds are not what was expected.

We Baby Boomers do not feel old at 65 so we can do something, perhaps not too physical, something that will not involve a boss (we had several of those and a lot of us have been bosses). We don’t want to drive to work or take public transport to a job so that leaves working from home.

Now that the Internet is on the scene, we Baby Boomers have many online income opportunities. If we take that path we can retain our financial dreams and go on holiday as planned.

Why Start a Baby Boomer Home Business Online?


The baby boomer generation is retiring — some voluntary and many more forced into retirement due to downsizing and layoffs. Personally, I un-retired myself before I even retired… knowing I cannot stop working after retirement.

Isn’t it time to start the perfect baby boomer home business? Something “perfect” for you… geared totally towards your interests, your skills, your life?

That is where a home-based business comes into the picture. There are so many options to work online nowadays… seriously. It’s not that difficult either so don’t let your negative mind talk you out of something that can help you get out of your little world, find creativity in your retired life, find new friends online, and earn an income while you have fun.

I’ve had website income for ten years now, and yet, I am still learning new ideas and techniques. I love learning! I also attend website/blogger conferences – and when you love what you do, and find people who speak your language (depending on what your niche topic is), it’s simply a wonderful lifestyle!

You might simply choose a topic to blog about and write about it… details, details. Add some advertising and produce an income. Sounds simple, and it really is — though you do need to write many articles. Once you get into the flow of writing on one topic, it gets easier and easier. You write a Kindle book based on all your articles, and upload to Amazon. Visitors ask questions, another article is written. Boom… done!

You might also sell on eBay or Amazon. People earn large incomes doing both… totally amazes me when I meet someone at a conference and hear their story. Did you know you can supply Amazon with the items they sell? Many do! Families are supported using these websites, and you can do the same. You simply need to put the time and effort into learning the ropes, like others have done, and Just Do The Work.

Another idea is working for others online. Many online businesses outsource work to others. I wear many hats as a website owner and some jobs are better left to someone else, while I do more strategic or personal jobs. These businesses hire writers, people who transcribe audio files to text files, researchers, graphic artists for images and logos or headers, and video editors. If you don’t have these skills, take a class to learn and then earn!

You might even start a local home-based business… dog walking, gardening for busy working moms, watching kids for 2 hours (maybe from 3:00 to 5:00 pm) after school, cleaning homes, sewing unique items for sale at different local outlets. Seriously consider what you enjoy doing and how you might turn that into a small business. There are so many possibilities if you open your mind to them… people will pay for conveniences in their busy lifestyles.

So many possibilities if you only open your heart and mind to them!

The Effects of the Baby Boom on Society and How Baby Boomers Affect the Future


If you were born between the years of 1946-1964, you are officially a baby boomer – part of the generation which was born during the post war years when there was a large increase in the population of the western world. The reason for this increase of the population is due to the social pressure which was placed on people in the 20 years before 1946 not to start a family. This been due to the Great Depression and subsequent world war, upon which during that time, most people (and ultimately the government) couldn’t afford to keep large families going. Yet in-between 1946-64, the global economy took a turn for the better with post-war repairs and growth, hence more child births.

Fast forward to nowadays and the children born during that era (maybe yourself included) are either starting retirement or facing retirement within next 15 years or so. In other words, every year for the next 15 years will see the number of retirees jump up by a certain percent. Whilst this in itself is perfectly natural and right (you worked all your life, you deserve a decent retirement) the problem is that the economy is in a not-so good shape. Nearly all the countries in the world are up to their eyeballs in debt, with some (like Greece) having already gone under.

Can our economy as well as most other economies in the world, upon who each have their own baby-boomers survive? I would like to say yes but I can’t honestly see this happening. Since the Great Recession of 2008, the global economy as a whole has being creaking – struggling. Whilst it is true that some countries’ economies are doing better than others, none seem to be out of the woods and with the growing excess demand which is going to be put on the governments each year for the next fifteen years via increased state pensions, the outcome doesn’t look too positive.

As you probably gathered from the title of this article, it is highly likely that an economic crash of some sort will occur. Many economists in fact say that one should already have occurred but due to all the central banks printing money (commonly known as Bailout Packages or Quantitative Easing) the crash hasn’t being prevented, just delayed. Or better way to put it, forfeited for a bigger crash in the not-to-distant future.

So as a pensioner (or soon to be pensioner) what can you do to protect yourself if the worst were to happen? How bad can things actually get? Well if there is an economic crash, the one thing which the governments of the world will probably do on a one-by-one basis is reduce state pension (if your country has one) as well as go after what funds you have in any other pensions you’d have in the form of tax. And your savings won’t be safe either.

Therefore now is the time to prepare. I don’t mean to sound like a doom-monger but if you want to survive the coming storm, now is the time to start building some sort of financial life raft. Whilst the governments can take your pensions, savings, what it seems they won’t be able to get hold of are any income producing assets you owe – especially those which are online! Despite all the government regulations, the internet is still a relatively free domain – a bit like the old Wild West. At present, most politicians aren’t even aware of these assets, let alone how to create laws in order to confiscate ones website, info product, etc from one for the general good of society (a saying most bankrupt governments make when they want your money)!

Health Opportunities Await the Baby Boomer Generation


Sure, we all have seen and read about how health conscious the Baby Boomer Generation is these days. However, if you take a closer look, you may be quite surprised by health statistics for this demographic.

Medical research studies have revealed that the Baby Boomer Generation is not nearly as physically fit and healthy as their reputation would have us believe, when compared to the previous generation. The good news is that abundant health opportunities await those willing and able to make lifestyle changes for better health.

According to a study of 54 year old Baby Boomer participants published on February 4th, 2013 by the Journal of American Medicine, also known as JAMA, “Boomers were less likely to report excellent health and to suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other maladies… ” than their counterparts in the previous generation. That is, many suffer more from conditions and illnesses related to poor lifestyle choices such as low-quality dietary intake, over consumption, being overweight, and even sedentary.

This study revealed that though many Baby Boomers today are doing a good job helping their respiratory and cardiac systems by not smoking, and have subsequently less reported emphysema, and fewer heart attacks, preventable lifestyle diseases have taken a major foothold in this massive generation.

Statistically, they are much more apt to require a cane or walker to assist them in walking than their parents at the same age of 54 years old. There is 25 percent more obesity in this generation than their predecessors, and many suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes, all considered “lifestyle conditions.” To complicate matters, moderate alcohol consumption has risen from 37 percent in their predecessors at the same age, to 67 percent in the Baby Boomer Generation.

Good News for Baby Boomers

The resounding answer to this statistical health storm is found in a single phrase: Lifestyle Adjustment. Lifestyle adjustment, or changing one’s lifestyle, in many cases, is all that is needed to fight common diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity and yes, even diabetes. With your doctor’s help, simple self-help changes such as eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and subsequently, antioxidants, low in fat, low in salt, in combination with an active lifestyle, and limiting alcohol consumption may be exactly what is needed to help yourself to ‘get healthy.’ Also, monitoring and learning new ways to deal with the stress in your life through activities and exercise are yet other healthy alternatives in striving to enhance your health through self-help.

Together, with their doctors, and through self-help initiatives, Baby Boomers all across the country are finding that making needed changes in lifestyle is allowing them to not only live longer, but to live happier, healthier lives allowing them new freedom and energy for their grandchildren and friends. They are finding that volunteering, walking with a friend, joining the local senior center or church, shopping smarter and eating better are all simple things they can do to add to the quality of their lives through the promotion of overall better health and wellness.

Hey Baby Boomers! Add to Your Retirement and Change The Lives of the Next Generation


What if you could take all your experience, all your wisdom and your business and inter-personal skills and share those with people in their teens and twenties? Who would benefit more? You both would!

This is what I have been doing since 2001 as a part time vocation and full time since 2011. I have to tell you that nothing I have ever done (and I have had a great deal of successful endeavors in my life) has ever felt as good.

What is this job called? A Life Empowerment Coach. Not a life coach. Not a therapist. Not a pharmaceutical dispenser but a Mentor. Someone that has been in the life of clans, groups and tribes for thousands of years until mid-1900’s, a person of a certain age, not tied up in the day-to-day drama of a young person’s life but someone who can help guide them on their own personal path.

This system is simple, powerful but requires a new way of thinking.

What do you tell a young person who is smoking pot 5-6 times a day and wants to do well in school?

How do you respond to a person who tells you that everything they have been telling you for the last six months was untrue but now they are ready to move forward?

What do you do when a person tells you they are thinking of stopping to use their psychiatric meds?

In each of these cases the answers would probably shock you but they worked in helping these young people stay on track and move forward.

The secret is a daily routine comprised of whatever the client wants (to begin with) and eventually includes something self-reflective, something physical and something creative. As they struggle with all the things that stop them from pursuing their goals each and every moment, they learn how to make the medium term goals (they are not ready for long term) and to work on the slow burn.

If this is something that interests you, talk to us about your desire to be this sort of Life Empowerment Coach. You will be required to rise above one to three personal challenges first and see how the system works for you and then learn how to transpose that system for the many different learning styles that there are.

And then you will change people’s lives in a way that is long-lasting, adaptable to all the challenges and opportunities that will come their way and you will have become a true Mentor.

Baby-Boomer Weight Crisis is Crushing Millennials With Taxes and Debt – Triple Pundit (registration) (blog)


Bill Roth, author of The Boomer Generation Diet“Telling it like it is,” was sports journalist Howard Cosell’s mantra, which he breached to the baby boomer generation that joined him in making Monday Night Football a national party night. In the spirit of “telling it like it is,” this is what the numbers now say say about the baby boomer generation: Medicare (which baby boomers are signing up for in record numbers to avoid soaring health care costs) is projected to spend 72 percent more for the remaining lifetime of a typical 65-year-old in 2030 than a 65-year-old in 2010. Obesity is a major reason why. Almost twice as many baby boomers will suffer from obesity in 2030 compared to 2010.

Reducing the national debt and government fiscal responsibility is a major baby boomer focus. Yet Social Security and Medicare now represent two-thirds of the annual federal budget. Medicare alone equals about 25 percent of all government spending. The “tell like it is” numbers are squarely pointing the finger at the boomer generation as the cause of spiraling government expenditures. Their lifestyle, and its unintended weight-related health consequences, is the greatest threat to our country’s ability to balance its budget and the future prosperity of our children and grandchildren.

The baby-boomer weight crisis

Today 72 percent of boomer men and 67 percent of boomer women are overweight or obese. By 2030, this generation will experience almost double the incident of having all three chronic conditions of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. These three chronic health conditions are tied to this generation’s weight gain. The boomer generation is in a weight crisis that is about to go over the health care cliff.

Baby-boomer health care is creating a national financial crisis

The baby-boomer weight crisis is rapidly moving past their burden of buying plus-size clothing. Modern medicine will keep them alive longer than previous generations even with their increased need for care due to their weight gain. Their increased health care cost will push America into a debt crisis. One driver will be paying for extended medical care to medicate the life choices made by the boomer generation. The second driver will be the increased gross amounts the boomer generation will be paid from Social Security by living longer.

Here’s “the tell it like it is” projection for Medicare costs. Medicare spending is projected to grow four times faster between now and 2024 than it grew between 2010 and 2014. Medicare spending is projected to grow almost a full percentage faster than our country’s economy.

The boomer generation’s lifetime of weight-gaining choices will force the millennial generation to pay higher taxes to sustain government spending. This tax burden will be a significant negative factor in terms of economic growth and a burden on the millennial generation’s ability to realize their American Dream.

What millennials must do to preserve their future

The numbers are stark. For the next 30 years, it is not enough for the millennial generation to adopt sustainable best practices. Their actions will push our national policy and economy toward sustained economic growth, improved human health and environmental sustainability. But to actually realize these results will require boomer generation engagement.

This is because the boomer generation continues to be large in numbers with behaviors that are still too unsustainable. The reality is that sustainability for our economy, human health and environment cannot be achieved without boomer generation engagement. What every millennial must do is engage the boomer generation to help them adopt sustainable life choices.

It can be done. My millennial generation kids did it for me. But it was not easy. We boomers are very sure of ourselves and self-focused. Appreciating how hard it will be for my generation to change, I wrote “The Boomer Generation Diet Book.”

Market researchers define the boomer generation as the “have it all” generation. The Boomer Generation Diet explains, in their terms, how they can lose weight, have fun and live more+. Here’s what Jen Boynton,  editor in chief of TriplePundit, says about the book:

“Written in Bill Roth’s lovable, relatable tone, ‘The Boomer Generation Diet’ is a must-read for any boomer who is looking to jumpstart their health and have fun at the same time. I hope my parents read it!”

Millennials, you have tried taking them to Chipotle. You have tried lecturing them about not drinking Diet Coke. Keep trying, but consider giving them a book written for them by one of them. It will open their eyes, and hopefully their hearts, before it is too late for them and for you.

Image credit: Bill Roth

Baby Boomer Defined – 3 Ways To Identify Baby Boomers


A baby boomer is a person who was born during the post Second World War years, an age marked by an unusually high number of births and a rise in economic prosperity. An estimated 79 million babies are believed to be baby boomers.

In the United States, the term “baby boomer” also refers to people whose date of birth comes prior to the Vietnam war and after the Second World War. Therefore, baby boomers in America might belong to one or more generation. “Baby boom” is a special term that embraces not just the population, but also the American culture.

1. Classifying Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are classified in a number of ways. Steve Gallion, author of Boomer Nation, puts baby boomers into two categories: those born between 1945-1957 and “Shadow Boomers” born between 1958-1963.

Many people don’t consider “Shadow Boomers” as an apt term to be used with reference to baby boomers. Instead, they prefer the term “Echo Boomers.”

William Strauss and Neil Howe, authors of Generations, opine that those born between 1961 and 1964 impact political as well as cultural patterns, just like those born between 1955 and 1960.

The writers also mention a “thirteenth generation,” called “Generation X” or the “generation of Cold War” referring to people born between 1961 and 1981.

Some are of the opinion that the generation of baby boomers originated during the Vietnam war. At the same time, many people believe that musical groups such as the Beatles, Hippies, and the Motown Sounds are characteristic of the age of the baby boomers.

2. Explaining the Baby Boomer Phenomenon

The Great Depression and the Second World War created great fear and uncertainty. A number of unmarried people were forced to put off their marriages. On the other hand, married couples had to delay giving birth to a baby.

After the Second World War, the economy of the country improved. The period between 1950 and 1960, marked as it was by economic prosperity, was the right time for the birth of a number of babies, which led to a “Baby Boom.” Baby boom is also simultaneous with a boom in the construction of buildings such as houses, schools, and shopping malls.

The rise in population and the growth of families prompted mass migration of people from cities to suburbs during the years that following the Second World War. National culture also received an outlet as reflected in the appearances of baby boomers when they entered into their youth. The culture of the nation was defined by the way they dressed, wore their hair, their political ideology, and even the type of music they preferred.

As the baby boomers grew older, their purchasing power grew, and a variety of companies could make large profits. When they reached the age of retirement, the resources of the public were almost depleted.

3. Baby Boomers in their Old Age

We have an interesting assortment of highly educated, spoiled, lazy, immoral, hippie, and many more types of baby boomers. All of them are now aged fifty or above and can be considered as senior citizens.

According to the ABC News report of January 10, baby boomers have succeeded in redefining the term “aging.” Compared to the generation that preceded them, baby boomers are better educated and healthy and have a unique passion for life. They are expected to live to a ripe old age of 80 or even beyond it.

Undoubtedly, the age of the baby boomers that began with a raised birth rate and a heightened economy during the post Second World War period is remarkable.

Impact of Baby Boomers on American Society


Demographers’ defined the baby boom as a birth surge started in 1946, after the World War II and reached its peak in 1957 and continued until 1964 because of the postwar prosperity. Most people uses “generation” as their term but demographers precisely referred it as “cohort” (group of individuals experiencing a certain event within a specified time). This reveals that social changes interconnect with the life of every baby boomer.

There two groups of baby boomers. The babies born from 1946 to 1955 were called early boomers. Those who were born from 1956 to 1964 were called as late boomers. The last set were born during the first tour of Beatles in America and the first early ones was approximately 18 years that time. They are were noticeable because of their big populations. They crowded junior high, elementary schools, high schools, labor market, and colleges.

Studies show that the impacts brought about by the society where baby boomers grew up contributes a lot in reshaping the society. They never think like their parents. Because the population of these cohorts is unprecedented during the 20th century, their beliefs and behaviors are then predicted to dominate things.

But there is also a great discrepancy in terms of economic status between early and late boomers. Compared to the energetic job market and emerging economy laid beneath the feet of early ones, late boomers needs adjustment on economic shifts. It is due to the rapid growth of service sectors, jobs for middle class became less stable, changing locations of workers, and career market adjustments.

Most are considered economic security as an elusive thing. They are the people who were born after the era of civil rights. Conducted studies even reveals income differences according to ethnicity, race, and birthplace creating ethnic classes. It was because one third of the population are Hispanic, African-American, or Asian besides the black and white Americans. Take for instance, the black boomer’s generation are considered inferior than whites, although the generation were rated the best in terms of education.

It is a fact that the life was accompanied by postwar transformations changing the American society. The ideas about sexuality, gender, and family were altered profoundly. Likewise, parenthood changed, old age and retirement was redefined, and labor forces were transformed. Even in their old age, they seize opportunity to stay involved and active like staying in their work force to meet the responsibilities of supporting their children.

The changes in the society were never brought solely by the stereotype but also the conservative types like Seth Grossman. They expressed themselves through street protests while the conservative use other forms such as leaflets, student newspapers, and forums. Although their actions did not attract the attention of media but they achieved their success when they forced a referendum which resulted in the withdrawal of Duke students from the National Student Association.

Conservative may not be a part of the projected boomer’s image but they became a strong force in making their way silently. They are not even in the front page of the newspapers because they still attend their class while others were boycotting. Nevertheless, they have supported conservative politicians like George Wallace in 1968.

One third of the populations of early boomers served during the Vietnam War. Other made a name in different fields throughout history. Joyce Johnson was an African-American who belongs to the stereotype her activist work in her graduate school. When she entered Duke School, she sought for advancement not only for herself but her entire race. She belongs in the Afro-American Society involved in the iconic events in the Duke campus during the 60s. Grossman and Johnson are baby boomers who contributed great change in their society.

Deep understanding about the baby boom generation is very important as they advanced on to their old age. It should be more of demographic curiosities because if demographic bulge move continuously on the system, then economic differences also persists. They once do their best in shaping the society providing significant impacts on the lives of many people besides themselves.