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Bellamy Brothers – Kids of the Baby Boom – Lyrics


this is a video of the music with the lyrics and our 12 year old gold fish that has a bad eye as a background.

back in 1995 I saw the Bellamy Brothers live at the painted pony ranch in lake luzerne ny and they were great. the concert was done outside, just after the rodeo and it got so hyped up that many of the cowgirls were dancing in the bleachers.

El Impacto Economico De Los Baby Boomers


Raul Rodriguez expone el impacto y oportunidades que traen los baby boomers y como afectan la economia, su negocio, y su familia. www.aprendenegocios.com

Laziness, Greed, Entitlement – Baby Boomers Defined


From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web – http://www.freedomainradio.com

The Baby Boomer “generation will turn 65” in 2010 -41*_ true light of life.com


— _ Baby boomer: someone born during a period when a lot of babies were born, especially between 1946 and 1964 – Strength, Power, and the Baby Boomer: As we begin the new millennium, we face many challenges relating to the health and fitness of a rapidly aging society. Perhaps the greatest challenge is helping the “baby boomers” age gracefully, adding life to their years. The baby boomers are the largest generation in U.S. history, representing one-third of our present population. Around 2011 the first of the baby boom generation will turn 65. — By 2030, boomers will enter their seventies and eighties, doubling the number of elderly adults, with one out of every five adults over 65 years of age. Further, the “oldest-old” (those over 85 years) are estimated to grow from five million presently, to over 20 million. Baby boomers do not need to age quietly. Boomers have economic and political power as well as the power to reject the stereotype of ageism, frailty and inactivity. They can continue to pursue vigorous, active lives well into old age. Life extension is an admirable goal, but not at the expense of good health and quality of life. Crucial to the boomers’ enjoyment of their golden years are maintaining and improving muscular strength and power through resistance training. Whether performing daily chores or playing a round of golf, muscular strength and power significantly impact the boomer’s ability to function with vigor, enjoying

Millennials, Gen Xers, & Boomers


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Absolom – Fucking Baby Boomers (1997)




© Antler-Subway – 1997

B-kant van debuutsingle ‘Secret’

Absolom was Pascale Feront, Christophe Chantzis & Jimmy Goldschmitz

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Baby Boomer se refere a crianças nascidas no período de 1946 a 1964. O termo Baby Boom significa explosão de bebês. Hoje são sessentões e setentões e considerados pais da Geração X e avós da Geração Y e parte da Geração Z.
A toda essa geração que ajudou a mudar o mundo, minha homenagem neste vídeo que produzi em cima de um texto de Lisiê Silva.

Baby Boomers Retiring in Texas


Generation of retiring seniors flock to one American city more than any other.

keeping the beatles alive(the babyboomers)


we are the baby boomers..we are a new band,especially formed to keep the old songs alive……we cover songs of elvis presley,the beatles,everly brother chuck berry and more…..the band consists of three members…all are teenagers……