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Pilates, Baby Boomers, & Neurodegenerative Disease PREVIEW


In this workshop aimed at Pilates teachers, see how the mind/body connection is critical to the ever growing Baby Boomer population. Since her diagnosis with ALS, Mari Winsor has used her experience to educate and help others. In this invaluable workshop she explains how Pilates has provided her strength, positivity and courage in the face of her illness. Mari demonstrates ways to work with clients with neurodegenerative diseases like ALS, Parkinson’s, or Muscular Dystrophy, including appropriate and safe exercises to promote circulation. She also explains what to listen and feel for when you’re assisting a client and leads a complete workout that can be done with a client in a chair. Visit Mari at her website, www.WinsorFit.com. This workshop was filmed at the 2015 Ft. Worth Classical Pilates Conference. Our thanks to host Laura West Strawser and her team. For info on future events, visit Ft Worth Classical Pilates.

Women Oakville Baby Boomers – Sorry Plight Exposed


America, and also the countries surrounding it, comprise a vast population of baby boomers. Irrespective of their location, all baby boomers now face a common situation, old age and retirement. Like baby boomers in other parts of the world, those in Oakville, Ontario are also experiencing age-related problems.

Women baby boomers can be classified into two categories–those who hold jobs and a small minority that are not employed. Each category faces its own problems with life.

Women Boomers in Careers

Employed women baby boomers are less likely to retire in spite of reaching the age of retirement. The jobs held by women baby boomers include short hours and lesser traveling hours. Some women have changed jobs often, and most of them take up a job that promises flexible hours. Women usually tend to take such jobs to get more time to manage their responsibilities at home. In addition, they also have duties toward friends, family, and other people. These women baby boomers hardly get any time for themselves.

Statistics have revealed that women live more than men. Due to this, they often run out of their life savings and resources. Since they are now close to the age of retirement, they seek more ways of securing their future by making a number of insurance and health plans.

Unemployed Boomer Women

A minority of women baby boomers who are not employed anywhere will probably continue to live a life fraught with difficulties. Currently, they are struggling with life. Since they do not hold a job and have selflessly taken care of their families all their lives, they cannot retire and enjoy the benefits of retirement savings. They live below what is commonly termed as poverty line. Moroever, they suffer from poor health and poverty. Even the usual government aid will not be of much help to them in the years to come.

Biased Social Structure

Due to social, political, cultural, demographic, and economic factors, many women baby boomers can’t have a secure retired life. Most of the public and private sectors are male dominated, which means that most policies favor men. Women baby boomers, therefore, have no guarantee with regard to employment, healthcare, pension, housing benefits, and retirement benefits.

The country should understand the needs of women baby boomers. Public and private sector policies should be modified in recognition of the changing structure of the family and to meet the requirements of single parents. It is high time that workplaces eliminated discrimination on the basis of gender and age.

Nature of Boomer Women

In spite of the fact that many women baby boomers suffer from age-related health disorders, they are also a happy-go-lucky people. They enjoy shopping and are also beauty and health conscious.

They pay special importance to their looks. Now that they are getting older, they would like to look younger. Many of them, therefore, color or dye their hair to hide the fact that their hair is turning gray. About seven percent of the baby boomers dye their hair to hide the presence of gray hair. Some of them do their beauty treatments at home while others prefer salons. Soon they realize the utter futility of hiding the aging process and learn to accept themselves as they are.

Here are some facts about women baby boomers:

They have discretionary incomes; however, they are more worried about their financial conditions.

They do not inherit any wealth; average women baby boomers receive only 25-50K.

Several women baby boomers are members of AARP.

They do not really bother about brand names.

Older women baby boomers purchase more perfumes, jewelry, furnishings, computers, watches, and luxury cars.

Middle-aged baby boomers have more parents than children.

A number of baby boomers have become grandparents.

They believe that they can outsmart salespeople.

In spite of being old, women baby boomers still impact society in several ways. Their advent into the world was quite noticeable. Now that they are aging in large numbers, they are once again creating history. The generation of baby boomers is indeed unique in this sense.

Yvon Deschamps Les baby boomers


Yvon Deschamps, né le 31 juillet 1935, à Montréal, est un monologuiste et humoriste québécois qui s’est grandement illustré depuis les années 1960 par son humour social. Possédant une vaste carrière s’étendant sur de nombreuses années, il est un des premiers et un des plus grands humoristes québécois, sans doute le plus connu du Québec actuellement, autant par les plus jeunes que les plus âgés. Il fait figure de pionnier car il a ouvert la voie à plusieurs autres humoristes. Il a souvent rejeté ce titre de pionnier voyant plutôt Clémence DesRochers comme étant la pionnière dans ce domaine



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Retiring Baby Boomer – How They Take It


Baby boomers have led such active and eventful lives that they feel retirement is quite absurd. Yet retirement has become a reality, more so now that the baby boomers are in their fifties and sixties. Now it is time to seriously think about retirement and its significance for us.

Traditionally, people consider retirement with relief and joy. Most people look forward to living the rest of their lives comfortably and peacefully. The vision of sleeping late, participating in sports such as golf or fishing, taking up hobbies that they had put off for a long time, and living a leisurely life is alluring indeed.

Retirement can also bring a lot of fear and anxiety. If a baby boomer is drawing close to the age of retirement and has not yet done anything to prepare himself or herself financially for retirement or has still not reached his or her career goals, retiring is not a pleasant idea.

We have seen two extreme visions of retirement. Both have been fed by equal doses of reality and myth. Baby boomers, however, are quite adept at redefining myths as well as reality. Now that they are moving closer to retirement, baby boomers are about to redefine the very concept of retirement.

Baby boomers like to be prepared for everything; they hate being caught unawares. They did not have the privilege of working under employers who were loyal to them and wanted to keep them employed for long years. Naturally, they cannot expect a hefty retirement packet from their employers. But, thanks to their nature of preparing themselves for everything, they have prepared well for their retirement.

Many of them are members of the AARP, which offers a number of opportunities and resources to enable baby boomers to create a more financially secure future for themselves. The fact that they received absolutely no benefits from previous employers, therefore, does not make much of a difference. For baby boomers, however, becoming financially secure is not the be-all and end-all of life.

A popular myth that surrounds retirement is that it marks the end of a person’s productive life. The idea of living leisurely, allowing younger people to provide for us, is neither appealing nor healthy. People are happiest when they are creative, productive, useful, and when they are trying to achieve a goal. It has been observed that if a senior citizen retires and ceases to participate in life, his or her will to live declines. Their life, therefore, ends sooner than it is intended to end.

Many baby boomers are still financial set back, which might require them to work well beyond their retirement age. This could actually be a blessing in disguise. It will give baby boomers an extension on life and enable them to live a longer, healthier, and more productive life. Baby boomers who actually retire have dreams of a second career more suited to their taste and age. Besides, a second career would also bring in a steady stream of revenue.

If you are a retired baby boomer, you could revive your interest in a cause that you have felt strongly about. Throught their lives, baby boomers have fought for one cause or the other. The best way for most of them to spend their retirement years is to become activists and work toward creating a better world. After all, they had done the same in their youth, when they were pursuing their college degrees.

Baby boomers will make the world a wonderful place to live in only if they remain active and productive all their lives.

Door closing on Social Security strategy for baby boomers – The Seattle Times


A tactic that can increase Social Security income is nearing its expiration date, and some officials are mistakenly turning people away already.

CHICAGO — If you are married, and you or your spouse will soon be 66 years old, you might be able to increase your Social Security by thousands of dollars, but there’s a catch: A popular strategy known as “file and suspend” will be shut down for new participants after April 29.

As people rush to file paperwork before the doors close, Social Security’s field agents are so confused by the process they are mistakenly turning people away who should be eligible.

The strategy is a way for couples to collect some Social Security in their mid-60s while waiting to get bigger payments as they approach age 70.

The strategy has been a favorite among savvy financial planners for clients near or in retirement because it increases retirement income significantly for couples. For affluent people, the strategy can mean about $60,000 in extra Social Security, said Laurence Kotlikoff, a Boston University economics professor and president of MaximizingMySocialSecurity.com.

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Financial planner DeDe Jones, of Lakewood, Colo., said she’s been struggling to claim the benefit for a couple who could get $30,000 more in Social Security using the strategy. A Social Security agent in a Colorado office told the couple they didn’t qualify, but they should have, Jones said.

“Telling people no seems kind of illegal,” Jones said. “They are denying people benefits to which they are entitled.”

Her complaints are widespread among advisers helping clients with Social Security claiming strategies.

“There is rampant confusion in Social Security offices,” said Russell Settle of SocialSecurityChoices.com.

The offices are attempting to implement changes that were incorporated in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 after file and suspend was criticized as a benefit for the rich.

Kotlikoff at the time challenged the law, pointing out that by ending file and suspend, low- and moderate-income spouses and divorced women wouldn’t get a necessary boost in retirement money.

Recently, he has been blogging on the mistakes Social Security offices are making as they turn away people who should qualify before April 29.

After getting numerous complaints from advisers and individuals throughout the U.S. during the past few weeks, the Social Security administration issued a statement Feb. 24 to better inform its agents. A Social Security spokesman said the administration will be using interactive videos this month to train staff on the new rules.

Under file and suspend, when a person in a marriage turns 66, he or she can claim Social Security but then ask to hold off on getting paid benefits. It’s usually a husband. The reason: By taking the official action of claiming the benefits, he sets in motion a rule in which his spouse can then claim what are known as “spousal benefits.” Those benefits are a portion of what the husband would receive based on his own working years.

The spouse can claim spousal benefits at age 66 as long as he or she was at least age 62 on Jan. 1, 2016, and the couple starts the process with file and suspend and a “restricted application” before the deadline runs out.

With spousal benefits coming regularly to one spouse, a couple has some Social Security income while they wait to claim their full Social Security benefits years later. Each year they wait after age 66, the benefits increase about 8 percent — a large number that financial planners point out is more than an investment can guarantee. If they wait until age 70 to draw their full Social Security benefits, those benefits will be 32 percent greater than if they started getting the benefits at age 66.

While either spouse is eligible to claim spousal benefits, usually it’s the one whose earnings over a lifetime tend to be smaller. Letting the higher earner’s Social Security benefits grow until age 70 provides the greatest advantage. As time goes by after filing for file and suspend, a couple can decide they need Social Security before age 70 and can change their mind about waiting. But their monthly payments will revert to age 66 levels, Kotlikoff said.

A common mistake in Social Security offices has been to tell couples that a spouse can’t get the spousal benefits under file and suspend unless someone is 66 on April 29. Yet, while the person suspending Social Security must be 66, the spouse can be 62 as they start the process. To qualify, the spouse should have been born in 1953 or earlier, Settle said.

“I’m getting phone calls every day,” he said.

Anyone who used the file-and-suspend practice previously, or gets in under the wire by April 29, can keep making use of the provision. And in the future, any individual will still be able to wait up to age 70 to start collecting his or her own Social Security. Waiting just won’t allow the spouse, who didn’t meet the 1953 birthday cutoff, to get spousal benefits while allowing his or her own Social Security to get larger as years pass.

“It’s hard for a normal person to figure this out, and it’s unfair to send a person to battle the bureaucracy,” Jones said.

Rather than dealing with field offices, she said people should do file and suspend and a restricted application on the SSA.gov website. In the remarks area of the application, she said, people should “explain what they are trying to do.” Her hope is that a written application will be reviewed internally by people well-versed in the law, and by filing online the couple can prove that they met the April 29 deadline.

Senior Independent Living For Active Baby Boomers


Baby boomers were raised to be action takers, not the kind of people who are content just to sit around at home waiting for life to come visit them. That is why senior independent living places are so very popular with the baby boomers at large.

This kind of retirement community is one where when you walk down the street and look around; there is no way to tell that you are in a senior retirement village. Well, you probably can tell that because everyone around you appears to be of retirement age, but as far as what is going on in the community, you could never tell.

People are riding their bikes down the streets, running by in their jogging outfits, playing tennis, walking on their way to the pool for a few laps, driving in golf carts to the clubhouse for a drink and a snack before their round. There is so much going on; it is as if, you are standing in the middle of a resort complex, instead of a place full of retirees.

This type of facility is so widespread and so in demand by baby boomers, that more and more of them are being built each day. Just turn on your TV during the afternoon talk shows sometime and count how many commercials you see in an hour which are selling spots in an active senior community.

This is not the world of your grandparents’ retirement, this is a new stage of life that is just waiting for the new breed of retiree to come and take part in it.

True enough there are some people who are not in the kind of physical and mental shape that they would need to be in to participate in an independent community like one of these. But for those folks, there are alternative housing options. It’s just that nowadays, more and more people are staying healthier and invigorated for more and more years of their lifetimes.

You see all kinds of people who are officially at the retirement age starting new businesses, entering politics for the first time or even not retiring but instead taking on new careers. The mindset of the baby boomers in retirement is very different from the old stereotypes. Many of those ideas are gone and good riddance to them.

Senior independent living communities are here to stay. Full of youthful thinking baby boomers, the only thing that is going to happen with these facilities is that more and more of them are going to be built. And that will certainly benefit everyone when it is time to find a retirement place to live.

Top Occupations for Baby Boomers – Builder Magazine


Ever wonder what your buyers do for a living? It’s important for a builder to know. By finding out more about a customer, including his or her occupation, a salesperson can better tailor the marketing pitch and land a sale.

This list from Demo Memo sheds some light on the top occupations for Baby Boomer consumers, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From judges and crossing guards to farmers and ranchers, you might be surprised to find out the most popular jobs for older Americans.

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Benefits of Baby Boomer Health


With baby boomers retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day well into 2029, we all need to step it up in the natural healing arena. Information I am getting from several different reliable sources says that drugs (statins more specifically) are ruining an otherwise good retirement. Last February, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration placed a warning label on all statin drugs stating that they may cause diabetes, muscle disorders and cognitive problems such as memory loss and confusion.

The best advice is to get off statins if at all possible. There are alternatives to lowering your cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol and your doctor has you on Lipitor, Crestor or Zocor, you may want to get another opinion. Only about two percent of people are helped by these drugs.

If you are concerned about cholesterol levels, take some time to educate yourself about cholesterol. The liver produces about 75 percent of cholesterol, while 25 percent comes from food. It is only slightly water soluble, so it is carried through the bloodstream via lipoproteins, a blend of proteins and lipids (fats).

You do not get elevated cholesterol from eating fat. Dietary cholesterol (from food) accounts for no more than ten percent of blood cholesterol. Cholesterol is so important, the body produces 3,000 to 4,000 mg of it each and every day. Ancel Keys, the “father” of the cholesterol-heart disease hypothesis, said in 1997, “There is no connection whatsoever between the cholesterol in food and cholesterol in the blood, and we’ve known that all along.” Makes one go hmm, doesn’t it?

The medical profession generally defines hypocholesterol as being below 160 mg/dL, but recent research suggests that people with cholesterol levels below 200 are unhealthy. A range of 175-275 should be considered within normal, non-pathological levels. The dangers of low cholesterol include: depression and suicide; violence and neurological disorders; cancer; infertility; and death by heart attack or stroke.

If you’re a baby boomer, review your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight and glucose levels with your doctor. Ask if you would benefit from taking niacin supplements to raise your good HDL cholesterol. You should also consider these health tips.

Get serious about your diet.

Lose weight for good.

Exercise is crucial. Try to get in a good hour-long walk each day.

Get a least eight hours of sleep each night. Don’t get into sleep debt.

Add cholesterol-lowering foods to you diet. Fiber-rich foods, oatmeal, almonds and fish (at least once or twice a week) are all good. Also, plant sterols, flaxseed, organic grape juice, apples and other foods that contain pectin can help.

A good vitamin and mineral regimen will greatly improve cardiovascular protocol.

Vitamin C to bowel tolerance-titrate, up to a range of 5,000 to 10,000 mg per day.Collatrim – three capsules three times per day to prevent plaque formation.

Niacin (B3) – one capsule at lunch and two capsules at bedtime. Gradually increase based upon risk assessment to decrease production of Lp.

CoQ10 – 100 mg twice per day to strengthen the heart muscle.

Magnesium complex – two capsules three times per day, reduce to bowel tolerance if necessary. A natural balancer to help the body regulate cholesterol needs and demands for repair.

Customer Service Worker – PSA – (Don’t Be A Bad Boomer) – Baby Boomer Complains


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