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CUNY TV Special: Baby Boomers


Host Donna Hanover leads a roundtable discussion about how boomers affect society

Lisa Beth Kovetz looks back at the sixties and seventies..with interviews and historical footage

Mike Gilliam explores the aging brain and how to keep it healthy

Tinabeth Pina discusses baby boomer second careers

Andrew Falzon looks at how and where baby boomers will choose to live.

For more information:

Encore.org – http://www.encore.org

James Kunen – http://jameskunen.com

Milken Institute – http://www.milkeninstitute.org

Senior Planet Exploration Center – http://www.seniorplanet.org

Unassisted Living (by Jeff Rosenfeld & Wid Chapman) – http://livingunassisted.com/

NORC Services in NYC – http://on.nyc.gov/dftaservices

Samuel Field Y – Older Adult Services – http://www.sfy.org/older-adults-and-seniors/

Joni Mitchell on the “Failure of the Baby Boomers” on Q


Sitting comfortably with Jian in her Bel Air home, Joni Mitchell encapsulates the latter half of the 20th century and how it saw what she describes as the failure of the baby boomer generation.

Millennials Guide To Baby Boomers: A Response


Congratulations on your first new and exciting job, Millennial! We put together this brief guide to help you deal with Baby Boomers in and around the office.

See the Millennials Training Video that started the conversation: http://bit.ly/11YxUII

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Geração Baby Boomers


É considerado Baby Boomer quem nasceu durante a explosão populacional que ocorreu depois da Segunda Guerra Mundial: jovens entre as décadas de 60 e 70.

Nesse vídeo, produzido pela Oracle, veja a relação que a internet e o consumo tem com essa geração.

Saiba mais sobre outras gerações:

Geração X: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuYN7Vxhf-4
Geração Y: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj7MQ7YGcfQ
Geração Millenium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RDURFX88ac

Baby Boomer Trivia Quiz | Old Person’s Test | Test for Old People | MichaelWilliams67


How much do you know? Find out by taking this great test!

It goes by many names Old People’s Test, Test for Old People, and more.

With 20 great questions it is the perfect test to take when you have a few minutes. Find out the knowledge possessed by many senior citizens in America. It is pretty short and will not take too much of your time. Be careful, it may become frustrating and you will surely metaphorically kick yourself before you finish. In the end it will brighten your day and make you smile 🙂 You never know what you will learn.

Pass it on to the “old People” in your life!




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Tus Amigos Nuevos – NO SÍ SON – 03 – Baby Boomers


Descarga nuestro disco NO SÍ SON en iTunes
Download our album NO SÍ SON in iTunes


Producido por Roy Macdonald y Tus amigos Nuevos.
Mezclado por: Roy Macdonald, Manuel del Valle y Diego Ridolfi.
Ingeniero en Sonido: Marcelo Romero-Cors (a.k.a. Pan).
Edición de Voces: Diego Lorenzini.
Masterizado por: Roy Macdonald y Manuel del Valle.

Tus Amigos Nuevos son:
Javier Chorbadjian: Batería y voz.
Manuel del Valle: Bajo, guitarras y coros.
Diego Lorenzini: Guitarras, bajo y voz.
Leo Salinas: Bajo, percusiones, teclado, guitarras y coros.

Músico Invitado:
Fernando de Peña: Ruidos y programaciones en “Gato Negro” y “Tu Fiesta Vale Callampa”.

Todas las canciones compuestas y arregladas por Tus Amigos Nuevos, a excepción del remix de la canción “El No-Movimiento Chili Chili” realizado por Fernando de Peña a.k.a. Todofueunmalentendido y re-titulado “Un Poco Demasiado”.
Todas las letras escritas por Diego Lorenzini a excepción de “Edipo Rey”, escrita por Javier Chorbadjian junto a Diego Lorenzini, “El No Movimiento Chili Chili” escrita por Diego Lorenzini junto a Javier Chorbadjian y “Tu Fiesta Vale Callampa” escrita por Tus Amigos Nuevos.

Arte de portada: Javier Chorbadjian.
Diagramación: Diego Lorenzini.

Distribuido por Uva Robot.

Produced by Roy Macdonald and Tus amigos Nuevos.
Mixed by: Roy Macdonald, Manuel del Valle and Diego Ridolfi.
Sound Engineer: Marcelo Romero-Cors (a.k.a. Pan).
Vocals Edition: Diego Lorenzini.
Mastered by: Roy Macdonald and Manuel del Valle.

Tus Amigos Nuevos are:
Javier Chorbadjian: Drums and vocals.
Manuel del Valle: Bass guitar, electric guitar and background vocals.
Diego Lorenzini: Bass guitar, electric guitar and vocals.
Leo Salinas: Bass guitar, percussions, keyboard, electric guitar and background vocals.

Guest Musician:
Fernando de Peña: Noise Box in “Gato Negro” and “Tu Fiesta Vale Callampa”.

All songs composed and arranged by Tus Amigos Nuevos, but the remix of the song “El No-Movimiento Chil Chili” arranged by Fernando de Peña a.k.a. Todofueunmalentendido and re-titled “Un poco Demasiado”.
All lyrics written by Diego Lorenzini but “Edipo Rey”, written by Javier Chorbadjian along with Diego Lorenzini, “El No Movimiento Chili Chili” written by Diego Lorenzini along with Javier Chorbadjian and “Tu Fiesta Vale Callampa” written by Tus Amigos Nuevos.

Cover Artwork: Javier Chorbadjian.
Layout: Diego Lorenzini.

Distributed by Uva Robot.


Claudia de Breij – Hete Vrede – Babyboomers


Claudia de Breij over Babyboomers. Duidelijk.

Van haar show ‘Hete Vrede’.

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