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Baby Boomers and the Issues of Generational Differences in the Workplace


As the AgCareers.com video series on Generational Differences in the Workplace continues, we take a look at the Baby Boomer Generation.

Baby Boomers Facing Retirement Crisis


As part of our continuing series “Senior Moment,” Anthony Mason reports on the new crisis facing baby bombers that has ignited a debate on Capitol Hill: increasing the retirement age.

NEED TO KNOW | The new poor: Baby boomers in the jobless crisis | PBS


As part of Need to Know’s special report on joblessness in America, they present an intimate portrait of a baby boomer couple who built a life and a business together, only to see their world quickly fall apart. Need to Know airs Fridays on PBS. Watch full-length episodes of Need to Know at

Baby Boomers and Politicians


George Carlin talks about the “me” generation and where politicians come from…are we seeing the link here, folks? (Bonus message for Obama and company at the end)

Fox 5 News Report: Generation Y vs. Baby Boomers


I represented Generation Y in this debate. Our generation is leading the change and going global faster than any generation. The news report states that 35% of our generation is not in college and a large number live at home with their parents. That is misleading because we do not choose to live with our parents or not attend college. Some of us cannot get jobs upon graduation or pay for college because of the economy. The baby boomers got us into this economic mess and our generation has the duty and burden to save our country. Baby Boomers can’t create the mess and blame us as we are suffering from their mistakes. We will have to work even harder to raise our kids, pay for their college tuition, and provide the same standard of living that the baby boomers enjoyed. The sad truth is that some of the boomers are also caught in this mess and we must all work together as a country. All the generations need to stop pointing fingers and start working together as Americans to steer the country in the right direction.

We have a good start… Google. Facebook. Paypal. Enough said.

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Swaptak Das

Francis Beckett – What did the baby-boomers ever do for us?


Journalist and contemporary historian Francis Beckett explains why he believes the children of the sixties lived the dream and failed the future.

Funny Baby Boomers Song


Funny Baby Boomers Song

Post WWII Baby Boom Documentary ’10


baby boommm

Baby Boomers Tribute "Time After Time" San Fernando Valley 1970's – 80's


Baby Boomers Tribute “Time After Time” San Fernando Valley 1970’s – 80’s